6/19-Political Championship Wrestling Newsline

PCW Newsline with Gina Ramsey

-Special Thanks to High Octane Wrestling’s Kirsta Lewis
-Recap of PCW Extreme Political TV
-PCW Ring Announcer Charlene Ann Beckworth Update
-PCW Rankings, Upcoming Schedule

Hey y’all. It’s Gina Ramsey here with this week’s PCW newsline.


First off, Political Championship Wrestling owes a big thank you to this performer…

…HOW’s Kirsta Lewis who did a cameo for us Wednesday night on PCW Extreme Political TV- she is the first wrestler from another federation to appear on PCW TV. PCW appreciates that Kirsta agreed to appear and our writers had an absolute ball putting that last part of Wednesday night’s show together. PCW hopes you enjoyed it as much as we did in writing it.



Red Shirt Guy vs. Andy Dooney
This match gets spread out throughout the show.  Red Shirt Guy is a Star Trek knock off.  He takes control of the match and then inexplicatively leaves the ring.  He’s last seen getting in a limo.

A quick special announcement about PCW re-signing with P-SPAN for their Sunday night shows.

Keith Olbermann’s Super Special Comment
Olbermann comes out and vents his spleen over the whole David Letterman/Sarah Palin matter.  Def Leppard’s ‘Rock, Rock Til You Drop’ suddenly plays and PCW’s answer to ECW’s 911, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, comes out and chokeslams Olbermann.  Then for good measure, WTF puts KO through a table.

Red Shirt Guy exits the limo and boards a waitng plane.

Trailer Park Sweetheart’ Tanya Hardy w/The White Trash Posse and Trailer Trash Barbi def. Hallie Burton w/’The Mastermind’ Karl Rove (Dick Cheney’s Extreme Neo-Con Alliance)
Burton controls the early part of the match.  But outside interference from Trailer Trash Barbi and the White Trash Posse turn the match around.  Hardy takes advantage of some well place baton shots by the WTP and gets the submission win with a figure four leglock.

Red Shirt Guy’s plane takes off for some unknown destination.

Quadruple R w/The God Squad (Dick Cheney’s Extreme Neo-Con Alliance) def. Al Cahall w/Nic Koteen and ‘The Princess of Political Incorrectness’ Andrea Doria (American Heartland Coalition)
Quadruple R is in born again mode with the God Squad ringside.  In a match that features interference from Rev. Robertson (using the ribbon you’d find in a hymnal to keep your place to choke Cahall), Rev. Rick Warren (uses his book ‘Purpose Driven Life’ as a weapon), and Rev. Falwell Jr. (distracts Cahall), Quad R hits the Quadruple Plex and gets the win.

Red Shirt Guy’s plane lands at Cape Canaveral.  He quickly boards a NASA vehicle and it speeds away.

Joe Biden Promo/THE ULTIMATE HIGH SPOT complete with special cameo by High Octane Wrestling’s Hellcat Kirsta Lewis
Biden addresses the High Octane Television situation and comments made by Lee Best on HOTv’s site.  He then offers up a defiant defense of PCW stating that ‘in PCW, titles aren’t won, they’re earned.” 

Jake Tapper asks him a question and then Biden’s train goes off the rails.  He references Best’s 40 foot fall from a helicopter at High Octane Wrestling’s War Games PPV last week and said that PCW could do one better.  Apparently, the Red Shirt Guy vignettes were a set up to what Biden terms ‘the ultimate high spot’- from the space shuttle.

Red Shirt Guy jumps from the shuttle and burns up in the atmosphere.  There’s a pretty light show and a cameo appearance by HOW’s Kirsta Lewis. The show ends with everyone going out for a beer.


PCW’s long time ring announcer, Charlene Ann Beckworth, is home after giving birth to a bouncing baby girl earlier this week- Regina Allison Beckworth. Both Mom and child are doing very well and we hope to see Charlene Ann back with PCW in August.



PCW WORLD CHAMPION: ‘The New Rookie Sensation’ O’Beck Bahama (Progressive Alliance)
#1- A. Tom Bomb (American Patriots)
#2- Starz N. Stripes (Progressive Alliance)
#3- The Right Reverend Randy Richardson (Extreme Neo-Con Alliance)

PCW WOMEN’S CHAMPION: Kathryn Randall Collins (Progressive Alliance)
#1- Kalee Jones- The Eskimo Queen (SarahPac)
#2- Mercedes (Independent)
#3- ‘Trailer Park Sweetheart’ Tanya Hardy (Independent)

PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit (Dick Cheney’s Extreme Neo-Con Alliance)

#1- Cadillac and Jaguar (Independent)
#2- ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and Starz N. Stripes (Progressive Alliance)
#3- Hunter the Hunter & Grizzly Adam (SarahPAC)

#1- Newt Tron Bomb (American Patriots)
#2- American Trucker (American Heartland Coalition)
#3- Dave the Mechanic (American Heartland Coalition)


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