And so it begins…the run-up to Miss USA v. KRC heats up.

by PCW Correspondent Gina Ramsey

When all is said and done, the Miss USA/Kathryn Randall Collins match Wednesday night at Night of Champions may prove to be one of the biggest matches in PCW’s four plus years.


Ever since her arrival in PCW  two weeks ago, Miss USA has kicked up quite a storm.  She has the Progressive Alliance and the American Patriots wooing her.  She has the American Heartland Coalition and the Island of Misfit Wrestlers protesting her.  And she has the locker room up in arms over her accelerated path to a title shot against the PCW Women’s champion, Kathryn Randall Collins on Wednesday.  Given the fact that Miss USA left the Dream Wrestling Federation with much controversy and signed briefly with High Octane Wrestling, also resulting in a messy departure, you’d think she’d try to lay low. 

But in two weeks, Miss USA has proven herself quite capable in the ring.  Wednesday night, she finds herself matched with an opponent who’s seem a lot of things in her tenure here in PCW.  Kathryn Randall Collins came in as a protegee of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  KRC had a cup of coffee as the PCW Women’s Champion for two weeks during the winter of 2008.  She’d have a fallen out with the Progressive Alliance later on and end up employed with the McMann Corporation/Domination Inc.

Miss USA

KRC won her second PCW Women’s title at Extreme Election Night 2008 as the representative of Domination Inc.  She had a three month title reign before Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl Tessa Martin defeated her for the title belt at a house show in March.  KRC found herself unemployed from Domination Inc. shortly therafter and eventually rejoined the Progressive Alliance.  KRC defeated Martin last month as the Pizza Delivery Girl was on her way to the Missouri Valley Wrestling Association to become a three time PCW Women’s Champion. 

Over the past week, Collins has been uncharacteristically vocal, speaking out on what she called ‘preferential treatment’ of Miss USA.  The Progressive Alliance have found themselves in a ticklish situation.  KRC is the standard bearer.  Successfully bringing Miss USA into the fold would cement the image that the Progressive Alliance moved closer to the center.  On top of that, PCW CEO Barack Obama’s proclaimation that either the Television title or Women’s title may be dropped has raised tensions in the locker room.  Many see Miss USA’s arrival as a sign that Obama plans to keep the women’s division and dump the television title. 

Wednesday night may prove to be a watershed event for PCW. 



SNAFU (c) w/Dr. Bill (Independent)
‘The King of Old School Gimmicks’ Baron Von Munchke
(Island of Misfit Wrestlers)

WWR Tag Team #7 Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit (c)
(Dick Cheney’s Extreme Neo-Con Alliance)
‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and Starz N. Stripes
(Progressive Alliance)

WWR Womens #17 Kathryn Randall Collins (c)
(Progressive Alliance)
WWR Women’s #10 Miss USA w/Dawn McGill (Independent)

WWR Mens #16 O’Beck Bahama w/Justin Sufferable (c)
(Progressive Alliance)
The Right Reverend Randy Richardson (The God Squad)


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