The Reason Why There Was No Bill Clinton’s Hot Tub Last Night

Clinton and PCW Champion ‘Hollywood A-Lister’ Stone Chism relax inside the hot tub.  Chism’s challenger this Sunday night at PCW-MVW Lock and Load 4, Starz N. Stripes, stands outside the hot tub, fully clothed.  Clinton: “Aw, come on.  Why won’t you get into the hot tub?”  Starz: “No.  I’m not playing the little game here tonight.   I’m not getting in the tub with two grown naked men.  I’m not going to lay down for you, Stone Chism, Sunday night.  I’m not playing the game.”  Chism: “I’m disappointed, Starz.  I thought you were a team player.”  Starz: “I am a team player, Stone.  But I have more respect for the PCW title than you do.  I will not dishonor the title belt by deliberately throwing a match just to satisfy your overly inflated ego.”  Clinton: “Now boys, let’s not let this get out of hand.”  Chism: “Overly inflated ego?  You’re just jealous that you couldn’t get Tom Cruise or Demi Moore to do a video for you.”   Starz: “Right.  Forget it.  I’m not doing this.”  Starz walks away. 

Chism: “He’s going to be a problem.”  Clinton: “Well, you need to touch base with Rahm Emanuel.  He’ll make sure everything goes the way it’s supposed to Sunday night.”  Clinton leans back and closes his eyes.  Clinton: “Well.  So much for having a show tonight.”  Female voice: “Why don’t you let me guest on your show.”  An older red-headed woman in a white terry cloth robe walks over to the hot tub.  Clinton: “Maureen Dowd?  What the hell are you doing here?”  Dowd: “I thought I’d join your little show.  I mean, you did have Sarah Palin on last week.”  Clinton: “Yeah, but…”  Dowd whips off her robe.  Clinton covers his eyes.  Clinton: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  Chism: “AAARGGHHHHHHHHH!”

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