Democrats and Republicans Choose Leadership

The Democrats announced earlier today that Nancy Pelosi had been elected Minority Leader of the PCW Competition Committee and Harry Reid Majority Leader of the PCW Executive Committee.

Republicans elected John Boehner to be the leader of the Competition Committee, Eric Cantor as the Majority Leader, while Mitch McConnell returns as the Minority Leader of the PCW Executive Committee.

Heath Shuler (D) held a press conference with Blue Dog D (D) and said: “We’ve obviously come off the Democrats biggest loss ever and to go back and put the exact leadership into place is probably not the right thing for our group.”

American Heartland Coalition member Charlie Blackwell…

Charlie Blackwell

…blasted the moves.  “I was under the impression this whole thing was about change,” Blackwell said with the rest of the American Heartlanders nodding in approval behind him.  “But with the exception of Pelosi and Boehner switching positions and Cantor becoming the new Majority Leader, what’s really changed?  It’s the same people.”

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2 Responses

  1. And Chucky Boy Schumer is still the towel boy in the men’s locker. Okay, I know, the visual is sickening.

    Pass the home brew.

  2. [...] in the House of Representatives and will run for the position of Minority Leader. The majority of Democrats are screaming for Pelosi to go home back to California. She just won’t take the [...]

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