Obama, Romney Sound Off on ‘Ted’

In the aftermath of the debut of new PCW star…

Ted E. Dangerously

…both PCW CEO Barack Obama (D-IL) and the man who wants to be the next CEO Mitt Romney (R-MA) both commented on the oversized (five and a half foot tall), foul mouthed, stuffed talking bear to PCW’s Investigative Reporter Woodward Bernstein.

Obama denounced Ted’s ‘cheap attack’ on the PCW Champion The Sanderman (D) Monday night on PCW Extreme Political TV that sent him to the hospital for stitches.  The PCW CEO said that bashing people in the head with beer bottles was not the direction he wanted to take PCW in.

When Bernstein asked him about Bain’s (D)…

Bain- a business created by Bain & Company, uses its extensive network, sector expertise and business screening capabilities to identify attractive small to mid-cap investment opportunities for its private equity investment partners.


Bane- (legally trademarked character of Marvel Comics)

…numerous run-ins at PCW Red Brand shows over the weekend where he took out several Republican wrestlers, Obama said, “No, that’s a totally different thing.”

Romney also complained about Ted but even had harsher words for the PCW Television Champion Dawn McGill…

PCW Television Champion Dawn McGill

…after she used a kendo stick on the testicles of Corporate Might’s Big Oil (R) and sent him to the hospital as well.  Romney said these unprovoked attacks against people who create jobs has got to stop and blamed Obama’s leadership for the patently anti-business atmosphere in PCW.

When asked by Bernstein about Big Oil calling McGill out and starting the conflict Monday night, Romney responded, “Well, that’s just a totally different thing.”

Charlie Blackwell of the American Heartland Coalition told Bernstein that if the big boys can’t play in the bingo halls and armories that the independent contingent of PCW has been cosigned to without crying when things don’t go their way, they can always stay in their limos and fancy arenas.


We know that both parties are going to try real hard now to get the Television Title away from Dawn McGill and the Women’s Title away from Miss USA so ALL of the belts will be in the hands of the Democrats and Republicans.  We know that both parties want to shut down access to independent wrestlers to their big shows.  We know that both parties care more about advancing their agenda than they do for everyone in PCW.

If there is anything that will unite us, it’s any attempt by either party to take the belt away.  And mark my words, an independent may not be in the running for the PCW CEO job; an independent may not get the opportunity to wrestle for the PCW Title at Extreme Election Night in November- but independents will be the ones who will make the difference in the end.

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