All Sides Tone Down Rhetoric Over the Weekend After Aurora Shooting: PCW Update

In the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado shootings, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all ratcheted down the rhetoric at the various house shows this weekend.  All the shows began with a 10 bell tribute to the 12 dead and 59 people injured in the shooting.

Here are the current PCW Rankings:

#1 SINGLES CONTENDER: Yamamoto Tanaka (R)
-The Sanderman is still smarting from Independent Ted E. Dangerously’s attack last week and it appears we will not see the PCW champion back in the ring until August 15th’s PCW Night of Champions.

PCW BLUE CHAMPION: ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism (D)
-Chism is in the cross-hairs of Triple R (D)- the darling of the hardcore Democrats who don’t think Obama is going far enough in taking on the Republicans.  Triple R is the #1 contender and that sets up what could be an epic match up with Chism for the Blue Brand title this week.

PCW RED CHAMPION: ‘The Japanese SuperDestroyer’ Yamamoto Tanaka (R)
#1 RED BRAND CONTENDER: Starz N. Stripes (R)
-Tanaka was the odds on favorite to get a crack at his fourth PCW title run but now the return of the Original Rookie Sensation and PCW Hall of Famer Starz N. Stripes (Kevin Scott) has murkied the waters a bit.  But with Mitt Romney (R-MA) and the Republicans under attack from newcomer Bain (D), Tanaka and Starz have put their rivalry on hold as they go up against the Democrats behemoth.  However, this Thursday on PCW on P-SPAN it’s the Red belt on the line as Tanaka and Starz battle for the title.

PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Scott Walker’s Rangers: John and Ronnie Walker (R)
#1 TAG TEAM CONTENDER: Big Union: ‘The Self Described Savior of the Middle Class’ Big Labor and James the Jeep Worker (D)
-Big Union desperately want to get their rematch with Scott Walker’s Rangers and it appears they will do so at Night of Champions.  Expect Eric Holder and the Department of Justice (D) to clear out any and all challengers to give Big Union a clean road to a title shot.

-Two words- Jill Berg.  With the elimination of the PCW Women’s title, Ms. Berg (R) move her focus on the PCW Television Title.   Democrat Code Pink believes the road to the Television Title is painted with the color pink.  Look for Republicans and Democrats to come to an agreement on a #1 contender’s match shortly, probably August 2nd.

Tomorrow night on PCW Extreme Political TV:
-PCW CEO Barack Obama announces another Executive Order
-Republicans Corporate Might: Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit (R) w/Gordon Guyko take on Charlie Blackwell and Mike the Mechanic from the American Heartland Coalition in an elimination match with the winner facing Democrats Big Union: Big Labor and James the Jeep Worker to become the #1 contender for the PCW Tag Team belts.

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