Tanaka Leaves PCW: Blames ‘Wrestling Politics”

Three-time PCW Champion and current PCW Red Brand titleholder Yamamoto Tanaka abruptly left Political Championship Wrestling it was announced earlier today.

Yamamoto Tanaka (R)

Tanaka was to have wrestled current PCW Champion The Sanderman Wednesday night at Night of Champions for the title when this took place:

During the introductions, William Daniels Bryan and Charlie Blackwell lead a group of Independent/Non-Affilated political wrestlers including Mike the Mechanic, Mitch Thomas, and Brad Company to the ring.

The Sanderman immediately flees from the ring leaving Tanaka.  Tanaka looks to the referee- he shrugs and then leaves the ring too. 

Tanaka, enraged, charges into the group and brawls with everyone. 

Tanaka laid out several members of the group before Republicans came out and ushered him to the back.

The 3 time champion cited ‘wrestling politics’ and noted that he was screwed out of the title three different times in his tenure in PCW.

1. He was stripped of the title thanks to a boycott of PCW’s Kingman, Arizona house show by the Democrats over Arizona’s enaction of a controversial immigration law.  Tanaka no-showed the event per the Democrat‘s edict and under PCW rules forfeited the title to Average Joe.

2. At June’s PCW Loose Cannons Unleashed 8, PCW Champion The Sanderman (D) came out to the ring and then refused to wrestle, walking back to the locker room and giving Tanaka the count-out win.

3.  Wednesday night, The Sanderman again went to the back after the Independent/Unaffiliated group invaded and the match was called off.

Tanaka reportedly is headed back to Japan to work at a promotion there.

PCW Red Brand Title Up for Grabs
Republican Leader Reince Priebus announced that with Tanaka dropping the title the new Red Brand Champion will be determined at the Republican Convention in Tampa, FL.

PCW Blue Brand Champion Triple R Challenges PCW Champion
With Tanaka out of the way and out of PCW, Blue Brand Champion Triple R (D) now wants a shot at The Sanderman (D) at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

No word from PCW Executive Committee Chief Harry Reid (D-NV) or Democratic Leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) on whether Triple R will get his shot or not.

Obama aide de camp Joe “The Big F’n Deal’ Biden Sent Home
Following his ‘chains’ remark Wednesday night, PCW CEO Barack Obama’s aide de camp Joe Biden (D-DE) was sent back to Delaware for a little R and R.

Comments re: Dawn McGill’s attack from Wednesday night’s show:

Code Pink (D)
“Dawn McGill is a classic product of the military complex.  It’s clear this uneducated and ignorant barbarian should be barred from PCW.”

Preibus (R)
“There were VIP’s backstage who were attacked by Ms. McGill.  We simply can’t have loose cannons like that attacking important people, who’ve spent a lot of money to be there, with steel folding chairs.  We can’t have that.”

Wasserman-Schultz (D)
“What McGill did was unacceptable.  Many of these people were important constituents and financial supporters and she knocked them down as if they were just the common person on the street.”


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