The Final Road to PCW Extreme Election Night 2012: PCW Hotline

PCW Hotline
With ‘The Voice of PCW’ Johnny Suave

Johnny Suave

PCW gears down for the next couple of weeks as the Republicans and Democrats hold their conventions.  Let’s see where we’re at with PCW Extreme Election Night 2012 two and a half months away.  We’ll start with the unofficial PCW Heartland Title.


For Dawn McGill, the past few weeks have been eventful.  She lost a title consolidation match to Republican Jill Berg- who wasn’t even booked in the match to begin with.  She declared herself the Heartland Champion that night and then at Night of Champions paid Berg back in kind.

McGill’s Heartland title has not been officially recognized by PCW.  Now with the former Daniel-San now William Daniels Bryan also joining the Independent/Unaffiliated movement, PCW is now at a crossroads.

The Republicans and Democrats now control all the belts and have made it incredibly difficult for an Independent to get a chance at the title- essentially disenfranchising over half the PCW roster.

The Republicans and Democrats are already touring seperate from the main PCW group to put on their own shows.  With McGill and Bryan striking back against the powers that be in the past couple of weeks, will the building unrest within the Independents/Unaffiliated factions cause the Democrats and Republicans to make that split official?

This promises to be the number one storyline as PCW heads towards Extreme Election Night in November.

PCW WORLD CHAMPION:  The Sanderman (D)

With the departure of Yamamoto Tanaka from PCW and the Republican ranks, the #1 contender slot is wide open.  Enter the ‘Angry Highway Warrior’ Triple R (D) who’s long believed that the Democrats aren’t ‘extreme’ enough when dealing with Republicans.

Triple R demanded and apparently will wrestle PCW Champion The Sanderman (D) for the title at the Democratic National Convention even though PCW CEO Barack Obama’s aides are split on whether to actually allow the match to take place.

The overriding question is who will step up for the Republican side now that Tanaka has departed.

PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Scott Walker‘s Rangers: John and Ronnie Walker (R)
#1 TAG TEAM CONTENDER: Big Union: ‘The Self Described Savior of the Middle Class’ Big Labor and James the Jeep Worker (D)

The Walkers defeated Big Union at PCW Night of Champions to solidify their hold on the PCW Tag Team belts.  Will there be a third match at Extreme Election Night?  With Eric Holder‘s (D) Department of Justice clearing out the tag team competition, chances are Big Union will get another crack at the Walkers.


Code Pink couldn’t win back the PCW Women’s belt for the Democrats at Night of Champions.  Now it appears the Democrats have brought in another female wrestler to challenge Berg- former Hooter’s waitress C.J. Lewis.

Lewis, a single mother, arrives in PCW from modest beginnings and will have to fight her way past the NOW supported Code Pink and Emily S List to move her way up to a title match against Berg.

#1 BLUE BRAND CONTENDER: ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism (D)

With Triple R gunning for the PCW title, all has been quiet on the PCW Blue Brand front as ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ has taken a step back for the moment.

However, should Triple R somehow win the big title, Chism will certainly return to the spotlight.  He’ll certainly look to regain the PCW Blue Brand title.

#1 RED BRAND CONTENDER: ‘The Original Rookie Sensation’ Starz N. Stripes (R)

Former champion Yamamoto Tanaka is back in Japan for good.  The Republican National Convention just days away and soon we will know who will become the next PCW Red Brand Champion.

Will it be ‘the Original Rookie Sensation’ Starz N. Stripes?  Or will it be the newcomer to the Republican team, P.M.C. Banks?  Banks debuted last weekend and made a very favorable impression on the Republican Establishment.    But Starz N. Stripes has been there before.  And no one will ever forget his epic match against O’Beck Bahama at Extreme Election Night 2008.

We will know by next week just what direction the Republicans will go.

Stay tuned.  PCW returns September 10th for the final act of the 2012 PCW CEO battle between ‘The Natural’ Barack Obama (D-IL) and ‘The Massachusetts RedBlood’ Mitt Romney (R-MA).

Matches signed to date for Extreme Election Night:

Ohio- Sherrod Brown (D) vs. Josh Mandel (R)
Virginia- George Allen (R) vs. Tim Kaine (D)
Massachusetts- Scott Brown (R) vs. Elizabeth Warren (D)
Connecticut: Linda McMahon (R) versus Chris Murphy (D)
Missouri: Claire McCaskill (D) vs. Todd Akin (R)

Akin is under heavy pressure from the Republican establishment to drop out of the McCaskill match but has picked up support from Mike Huckabee (R-AR) and the God Squad: Rev. Oral Hinnrich (R) and Rev. Buddy Flambe (R).

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