Aftermath of Thursday Biden v Ryan Showdown: PCW Hotline

Lost in the shuffle over the Biden-Ryan battle and the Beach Boys breakdown Thursday was the announced, but not televised Women’s #1 contender’s match between Democrats Kathryn Randall Collins and C.J. Lewis.

After the show, KRC held a news conference to proclaim herself the #1 contender based on her years of experience in PCW.  However, Lewis flew out of nowhere and tackled the former 4 time PCW Women’s champion.  Democrats tried to separate the two women but Lewis, a former Hooters‘ waitress with experience in dealing with big crowds and difficult situations, dragged KRC back into the arena and down to the ring.

C.J. Lewis (D)
and 4 time Women’s Champion
Kathryn Randall Collins (D)

Bonus Coverage- #1 contender’s match for Women’s title:
Kathryn Randall Collins (D) vs. C.J. Lewis (D)
KRC tries to beg off and claims she has senority over Lewis and doesn’t have to wrestle her.  Lewis attacks hers, a referee shows up, and the match begins anyway.

Lewis hits a DDT and covers KRC for two.  Lewis briefly gets an ankle lock on KRC but the former champion fights out of it. They brawl to the outside as KRC limps.  Lewis DDTs KRC on the floor but gets doubleteamed by Code Pink and Emily S. List (D).  They send her to the railing and use a chair on Lewis’s leg.

Suddenly, a male bolts in from the back- ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism (D)?  Chism pulls Lewis up and holds her for Code Pink’s Glitter Bomb.  Blinded, Lewis stumbles around and KRC follows with a DDT of her own on the floor.

The crowd roars when Brendan Irving (D), feuding with Chism the past few weeks over the whole senority thing, runs down and gets into it with the One Man Hollywood A-List.  List jumps on Irving’s back but the young Democrat kicks her to the curb.  However, Code Pink kicks him square in the balls.  Chism takes out the ref and wipes out both Irving and Lewis belly to belly suplexes.

KRC makes the cover but there’s no ref to see the pinfall.  She attacks the former Hooters’ waitress again and covers- gets two.  KRC kicks a chair in Lewis’s face and covers again- two.  KRC hits an atomic drop on a chair and a clothesline.  Cover.  Two.  She gets pissed off and shouts “WHY WON’T YOU GIVE UP?” at Lewis.  KRC goes for the Political Personal Destructor and Lewis turns it into the Last Call onto a chair to win.

WINNER: C.J. Lewis @ 6:49

Lewis will now face PCW Women’s Champion Jill Berg (R) for the title at Extreme Election Night 2012.

Also, two more matches have been added to the supershow.

Arizona- Jeff Flake (R) vs. Rich Carmona (D)
Montana- Denny Rehberg (R) vs. Jon Tester (D)

These matches are added to the following;
Ohio- Sherrod Brown (D) vs. Josh Mandel (R)
Virginia- George Allen (R) vs. Tim Kaine (D)
Massachusetts- Scott Brown (R) vs. Elizabeth Warren (D)
Connecticut: Linda McMahon (R) versus Chris Murphy (D)
Missouri: Claire McCaskill (D) vs. Todd Akin (R)
Plus, the decision- Barack Obama (D-IL) or Mitt Romney (R-MA) for PCW CEO

PCW Rankings


PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Scott Walker’s Rangers: John and Ronnie Walker (R)
#1 TAG TEAM CONTENDER: Big Union: ‘The Self Described Savior of the Middle Class’ Big Labor and James the Jeep Worker (D)


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