Linda McMahon (R-CT) vs. Chris Murphy (D-CT): PCW Extreme Election Night 2012- Part 2

PCW Extreme Election Night – Part 2

Outside PCW Owner Bubba Jackson’s Office
Two guards stand outside.

Suave- Four years ago, Bubba Jackson announced to the political wrestling world that Barack Obama would follow George W. Bush as the next PCW CEO.  Tonight, will he keep Obama on for another four years?  Or will he choose Mitt Romney?  Stay tuned.  Let’s go back to the ring.

Match #4 Linda McMahon (R-CT) vs. Chris Murphy (D-CT)

Two years ago, Linda McMahon (R-CT), wife of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon  took on Dick Blumenthal (D-CT) at PCW Extreme Election Night 2010 for a spot on the PCW Executive Committee.  Despite McMahon’s wrestling pedigree, she would come up short in the political wrestling arena when her son-in-law, world famous pro wrestler Paul Levesque(Triple H in WWE) accidently clocked her with a sledgehammer.

Now, McMahon is back and this time Vince McMahon himself will be on hand to finish the job his son-in-law couldn’t two years ago, get Linda McMahon on the PCW Executive Committee.

In her way, Democrat Chris Murphy.  Can he overcome the forces of pro wrestling’s most dominant personality- Vince McMahon?  Or will the McMahon family roll past Murphy?

Vince McMahon, Paul Levesque, and Stephanie McMahon-Levesque join Linda McMahon at ringside.  Vince immediately starts talking to the referee as the match begins.  Linda tries to connect with a knee but Murphy moves back.  McMahon knifehand chops Murphy.  Murphy throws McMahon off the ropes and hits a diving shoulder block.   Murphy goes to follow up but Vince McMahon trips him up.

Suave- Are here we go.  I still can’t believe that the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, is here in PCW.

Murphy moves back to his feet and glares at McMahon.  Murphy goes for a body slam but McMahon slips out.  Murphy puts McMahon in the hangman submission.  Vince in the ring and pulls Murphy off.   Vince clocks Murphy with a closed fist and the referee literally has to pull him off.  Vince is sent out of the ring but he stays on the apron and continues a running dialogue with the referee.

Suave- I think he’s saying that’s not how they do things in the WWE.

McMahon hits Murphy with a elbow smash to the face.  McMahon knees Murphy and lifts him for a powerslam- but she’s not strong enough to lift Murphy.  McMahon goes for a hiptoss but is unable to lift Murphy.  McMahon bites Murphy’s arm.  Vince throws a chair in the ring.  McMahon opens up the chair…Murphy into the ropes…drop Toe Hold onto the open chair! McMahon stands up.  McMahon with an armdrag.  Murphy powers up and then they lockup.  Murphy whips McMahon to the corner of the ring.  Meanwhile, Vince McMahon continues a running commentary to the referee who appears to be getting tired of it.

McMahon jabs Murphy.  Murphy comes back with a swinging DDT and covers. 1…2…Vince in and makes the save.  Vince with the chair.  *WHAP*  Murphy’s down.  Linda’s not in a position to make the cover.  And the referee stops the match.


The crowd roars and Vince is livid.  Levesque in the ring and he lets the referee have it.  Finally, PCW security intervenes and escorts the McMahons to the back.

Suave- Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Murphy clotheslines Linda McMahon.  He then goes with a double underhook and piledrives her right into the mat.  Cover…1…2…3.

WINNER: Chris Murphy (D)

Suave- Chris Murphy with the win here and…WATCH OUT!

Vince McMahon is back and he decks the referee.  PCW security again swarm to the ring and McMahon is escorted out of the arena.

Suave-More Extreme Election Night after this.


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