PCW Extreme Election Night 2012- Part 4

PCW Extreme Election Night 2012- Part 4

Match 5: Sherrod Brown (D-OH) vs. Josh Mandel (R-OH)

Six years ago at Extreme Election Night 2006, Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was the outsider taking on entrenched Mike DeWine (R-OH) for a berth on the PCW Executive Committee.

Now the tables have turned and Brown is the insider trying to fight off the challenge of young Josh Mandel (R-OH) and keep his seat.  Can Brown’s experience and guile overcome Mandel’s youthfulness?   The run up has been harsh and contentious and the match at PCW Extreme Election Night 2012 promises to be the same.

Former PCW Tag Team Champions Big Union: Big Labor and James the Jeep Worker (D) at ringside and they taunt the young Mandel before the bell rings.

Brown immediately on the offense and places Mandel on the turnbuckle.  Front-layout superplex.  Mandel tries a spinning leg lariat on Brown who ducks it.  Brown hits Mandel with the double arm DDT into the mat and then connects with an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle. Brown climbs to his feet and covers Mandel hooking the leg …1 …2 Mandel kicks out.  Brown grabs Mandel and applies an arm wrench.  Brown covers Mandel. …1 …2 Mandel kicks out again.  Brown hits the German suplex on Mandel. He knees Mandel and rolls him out of the ring into the waiting arms of Big Union.

Big Labor and James the Jeep Worker work Mandel over.  Brown joins in and elbows the midsection. Big Labor lifts Mandel up…powerbomb through a table.


Big Labor rolls Mandel back into the ring.  Brown makes the academic cover…1..2…3.

WINNER: Sherrod Brown (D)

Big Labor gets on the mic and tells PCW Tag Team champions Scott Walker‘s Rangers that they can expect the same thing later on tonight.

Nate Silver runs out and shouts that “he was right,” “he was right.”  Suave reminds everyone that we won’t know until later on who will be the PCW CEO.

MATCH #6  Claire McCaskill (D-MO) vs. Todd Akin (R-MO)

In Missouri, Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is defending her spot on the PCW Executive against challenger Todd Akin (R-MO).

Early on, the conventional wisdom was that McCaskill was vulnerable.  However, once Akin opened up a big can of controversy over his ‘legitimate rape’ remarks, McCaskill has climbed back into the contest.  Can McCaskill close the deal or will Akin somehow manage to overcome his own missteps to win a spot on the Executive Committee.

McCaskill walked out, kicked Akin in the balls.  Akin to the mat.  McCaskill nailed him again in the balls.  Cover…1…2…3.

WINNER: Claire McCaskill (D)

Once again, Nate Silver runs out and shouts “I told ya!  I told ya!”

MATCH #7 Tim Kaine (D-VA) vs. George Allen (R-VA)

George Allen (R-VA) lost a tough match six years ago at Extreme Election Night 2006 to James Webb (D-VA).

Next week at Extreme Election Night 2012, Allen looks to return to the PCW Executive Committee as he takes on former Democratic Leader Tim Kaine (D-VA).  This will be another bellwether match to gauge whether the Republicans will regain control of the Executive Committee and there’s a lot riding on the result.

Not happening.  Kaine rolls through and defeats Allen to take the seat.

Nate Silver again runs out to proclaim that “he was right.”

Match #8 Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) vs. Scott Brown (R-MA)

Warren continues to assist the downward spiral of the night by defeating Brown and taking his spot on the PCW Executive committee.

And yes, Nate Silver again runs out and…yeah.

Match #9 PCW Tag Team Title Match: Scott Walker’s Rangers: John and Ronnie Walker (R) vs. Big Labor: Big Union and James the Jeep Worker (D)

With the Republicans in full panic mode now, the Walkers faced off against the increasingly confident Democrats and simply got steamrolled.

Halfway through the match, Johnny Suave wondered what happened to the Independents?

In the back room, Heartland Champion William Daniels Bryan, Charlie Blackwell, Mike the Mechanic, and the rest of the Independents were sprawled over the floor with the Chicago Boss Squad and the Department of Justice  standing over them.

WINNER AND NEW PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Big Union: Big Labor and James the Jeep Worker (D)

Nate Silver again…

MATCH #10 PCW TITLE MATCH: Triple R (D) (c) vs. P.M.C. Banks (R)

By this point, Banks didn’t want to be out there.  Triple R tore through Banks in quick order to retain the PCW title.

PCW CEO: Barack Obama (D) vs. Mitt Romney (R)
PCW Owner Bubba Jackson emerged from his office and went to the ring to make the announcement.  He congratulated both men on a hard fought campaign but in the end- Barack Obama would be the PCW CEO for another four years.

The Democrats all ran out to celebrate and Nate Silver continued to point at his charts and sheets as the show ended.


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