PCW Extreme Political TV on P-SPAN

PCW Extreme Political TV
Wesbanco Arena
Wheeling, West Virginia
Saturday November 7th
Host: Johnny Suave

*10 bell tribute to the troops at Fort Hood who were murdered this week*

Suave goes through the PCW Rankings…

PCW WORLD CHAMPION: ‘Hollywood A-Lister’ Stone Chism (Progressive Alliance)
#1- Starz N. Stripes (Progressive Alliance)
#2- Khalid-El (Axis of Evil)
#3- Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych (Independent)
#4- ‘The King of Old School Gimmicks’ Baron Von Munchke (Old School Kings)
#5- Newt Tron Bomb (American Patriots)
#6- American Trucker (American Heartland Coalition)

PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS:  ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and Starz N. Stripes (Progressive Alliance)
PCW TAG TEAM TELEVISION CHAMPIONS: Big Oil and Big Electric (Public Utilities)

#1- A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb (American Patriots)
#2- Midnite Rockin’ Xpress- Bobby Ricky Michaels/Marty Gibson-Lane (Old School Kings)
#3- Jack and Bull Schett (Ron Paul’s New Libertarian Army)
#4- NCISF’d
#5- Extreme Weather Network-Steve Abrams/Mike Bettis (EWN)
#6- The Goatbusters (Island of Misfit Wrestlers)

Tonight on PCW Extreme Political TV:
The Goatbusters vs. The Green World Order
Jack and Bull Schett vs. The Extreme Weather Network
Rough Justice vs. A-Bomb and H-Bomb
PCW’s Latest Rookie Sensation Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych vs. PCW Television Champion SNAFU for the TV Title.

In the ring, Suave talks to A-Bomb and H-Bomb and their new manager, General R.C. Patton.  Patton calls Public Utilities a bunch of pansies after using Rough Justice: D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice- two former police officers fired for their extreme brand of justice, to give them a numerical advantage Tuesday night.

REPLAY: PCW TAG TEAM TELEVISION TITLE FINALS A-Bomb and H-Bomb (American Patriots) vs. Big Oil and Big Electric (Public Utilities) vs. D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice aka…Rough Justice
Justice bounces A-Bomb off the barricade while Ruff clotheslines him.  Ruff is back on his feet. Big Oil lifts A-Bomb into the air. Holds him and drops him into the chair!! Big Oil sucks chants start in the crowd. Ruff throws A-Bomb back into the ring. Big Oil and Ruff also move back into the ring. Big Oil picks up the chair….Big Oil slams the chair into A-Bomb’s face!! A-Bomb is busted open! H-Bomb in the ring.  Big Oil chops H-Bomb. Big Oil sucks chants start in the crowd. Big Oil choke slams A-Bomb who looks to be out cold!  Powerbomb by Big Oil on the chair!!! The ref starts the count. …1 …2 …3.

Patton: “Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.  Public Utilities, you’re cowards.  Stop hiding and come out here and give A-Bomb and H-Bomb the title shot they deserve.”

Rough Justice, Public Utilities (Big Oil and Big Electric with Texas Tex), and Extreme Attorneys Felcher and Felcher come out.  Texas Tex accepts the offer.  But then Felcher and Felcher produce a contractual agreement that states that as a condition of their employment Rough Justice will defend Public Utilities.  Texas Tex then tenders the defense to Rough Justice.  It’ll be Rough Justice vs. A-Bomb and H-Bomb later on tonight.

Suave then runs through the highlights from The Goatbusters-GWO match earlier in the night.

The Goatbusters w/Movie Classic (Island of Misfit Wrestlers)
GreenPete and ‘Extreme Vegan’ Brock Cole Lee (Green World Order)

The GWO already in the ring. 

*Spooky music begins followed by a funky beat*

Charlene Ann: “…The GOATBUSTERS!”  The Goatbusters appear and begin to dance down the aisle.  Movie Classic accompanies them.

If there’s something grazing
In your neighborhood
Who you gonna call
If you see a herd
And it don’t look good
Who you gonna call

I ain’t afraid of no Goat
I ain’t afraid of no Goat

If you’re seeing horns
Running through your yard
Who can you call
If you have a goat
Sleeping in your bed
Oh, who you gonna call

I ain’t afraid of no Goat
I ain’t afraid of no Goat

Who you gonna call
If you’re all alone
Pick up the phone
And call

I ain’t afraid of no Goat
I hear it likes the girls
I ain’t afraid of no Goat
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna call
If you’ve had a dose
Of a freaky Goat
Maybe you’d better call

Let me tell you something
Bustin’ makes me feel good

I ain’t afraid of no Goat
I ain’t afraid of no Goat

Don’t get caught alone, oh no
When it comes through your door
Unless you just want some more
I think you better call

Who you gonna call
Who you gonna call
Ah, I think you better call

 The Goatbusters, Peter Jenkman and Ray Scantz climb into the ring…

…Lee applies an arm wrench to Jenkman.  Jenkman reverses and gets back to his corner to make the tag to Scantz.  Scantz out in a house of fire…swinging neckbreaker to Lee.  Body slam by Scantz.  Lee desperately throws Scantz to the floor.  Lee chops Scantz.  Lee then eats a spinning back kick by the Goatbuster…

…Brock Cole Lee moves back to his feet.  Bulldog to Scantz.  Lee pulls Scantz back up…neck breaker.  GreenPete sets a table up as Lee climbs to the top rope…Shooting Star Press puts Scantz thru a table!  Lee pins Ray Scantz with a rolling cradle. Referee Davey Keels makes the count. …1 …2 …3

WINNER: The Green World Order in 10:30

Suave: “So a big victory for the Green World Order as they knock off the Goatbusters.  We’ll be back after these messages.”




Taking Women’s E-Wrestling to a Whole Different Level


Turmoil 9/3/2009

Every Thursday Night from our friends at High Octane Wrestling


The PCW Tag Team Champions ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and Starz N. Stripes come to the ring. 

REPLAY from 10/31-PCW EXTREME POLITICAL TV ON P-SPAN: Starz N. Stripes- PCW Champion ‘Hollywood A-Lister’ Stone Chism confrontation
Starz calls for a microphone and Charlene Ann Beckworth, the ring announcer, hands him one. Starz: “Chism, let me get this straight.” Escondido turns him to face Chism. Starz: “Oh…Chism, let me get this straight.  After you took me out a few weeks back and then my tag team partner and co-holder of the PCW Tag Team title, Chris Escondido, you still expect me to do the j-o-b for you?  Hell no!”  The crowd cheers; Chism throws a fit…

…Escondido takes the Tag Team Title belt and blasts Chism in the mush with it.Suave: “ESCONDIDO JUST DECKED THE CHAMPION!”  Immediately, the Hollywood Left pour out to the ring: George Clooney, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Matt Damon, and Alec Baldwin.  They attack Escondido. Suave: “SEVEN AGAINST ONE!  HOW FAIR IS THAT?”  No one notices Starz N. Stripes slowly unwrapping the gauze from his eyes.  Suave: “WAIT!  HERE COMES THE AMERICAN HEARTLAND COALITION!”  American Trucker, Dave the Mechanic, Average Joe, SNAFU, and Tequila Sheila race down.  Starz’s eyes are totally unwrapped and he calls for a chair.  Tequila Sheila obliges and slides it in under the bottom rope. Suave: “WAIT!  STARZ CAN SEE!  STARZ CAN SEE? *CLANG*  CHAIRSHOT TO GEORGE CLOONEY.   *CLANG*  CHAIRSHOT TO TIM ROBBINS!  *CLANG* CHAIRSHOT TO MATT DAMON!”  Trucker, Dave, Joe, and SNAFU whip Michael Moore into the ropes.  Tequila Sheila pulls the top rope down and Moore goes Ric Flair over the top rope except he misses the ring apron and crashes to the floor…

Starz announces that he and Escondido are leaving the Progressive Alliance and joining the American Heartland Coalition.  Starz then adds that he will be known from tonight forward as ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott. 

Obama aide Anita Dunn comes out with the A.D.D. (Anita Dunn Disciples) accuses the PCW Tag Team Champions of being corrupted by the evil lies of Fox News.  Escondido tells her the actions of the Progressive Alliance in the video replays just shown speak for themselves.  Dunn then suggests that Escondido and Scott should vacate the titles because they were won when they were members of the Progressive Alliance.  Scott tells Dunn *they* won the belts; not the Progressive Alliance.  If she wants the belts, come on down and try and take them.

The A.D.D. do just that but immediately American Trucker, Tequila Sheila, 
Dave the Mechanic, Average Joe, SNAFU, and Dawn McGill of the American Heartland Coalition run down and makes the save. 

Suave then runs through highlights of the Jack and Bull Schett/Extreme Weather Network match from earlier.

Jack Schett and Bull Schett w/Horst Schett and Hans Gruber- the Extreme German Schnauzer (Ron Paul’s New Libertarian Army)
Steve Abrams and Mike Bettis w/Jim Frascantore, Jen, Steph, and Kristina (Extreme Weather Network )

Suave: “The usual introduction for the Schetts with Ron Paul and Aimee Allen leading them to the ring.”

Wake up! Wake up!
Good morning America!
Rise and Shine.

Ron Paul! Save our constitutional rights
Ron Paul! We’re not gonna give up the fight
Ron Paul! Start a revolution
and break down illegal institutions

…Running neckbreaker drop by Abrams takes Bull Schett down hard.  Abrams slaps the sleeperhold on Bull.  Referee Davey Keels asks Bull if he quits.  Jack Schett in the ring with a forearm to the back and Abrams breaks the hold.  Jen in the ring?  She punches Jack repeatedly.  Jack just throws her down.  Abrams makes the tag to Mike Bettis.  Bull goes right for Bettis and hits a reverse neckbreaker.  Bettis back to his feet and catches Bull with a spinning DDT and planting his head to the mat.  Bettis stomps Bull’s head.  Table set up in the ring by Abrams.  Bettis puts Bull through the table with an elbow drop from the top rope!   Bettis covers.  Abrams blocks Jack from interfering.  The ref counts…1 …2 …3.

WINNER: The Extreme Weather Network in 7:11

Suave: “Another mild upset here tonight as the Extreme Weather Network rebounds from a tough loss to NCISF’d to get the win over the Schett’s tonight.”

Suave does a quick story on the exploits of one Dawn McGill who debuted this past week on High Octane Wrestling’s Turmoil show…

(courtesy of High Octane Wrestling)
REPLAY: ICON Champion Max Kael vs. Dawn McGill
Referee Matt Boettcher steps in and takes the ICON title from Max, presenting it to the crowd as the ICON champion paces on the far side of the ring. As the ICON title is handed off Boettcher ensures that Dawn sets her cane outside the ring before he signals for the bell.

Max smirks at Dawn as he struts into the center of the room and holds up his left hand as if to challenge her into a test of strength. She moves forward and shakes her head at Max before knee him in the groin, a perfectly legal maneuver for a female to utilize against a male!

The ICON Champion’s face goes pale as he drops down to his knees before he gets a knee to his own face from his challenger. Dawn keeps up the advantage, dropping a series of elbows across Max Kael’s chest before rolling him up for a pin fall!

1!  2!  Kickout!…

Slipping out of the ring after Dawn he flips off Matt Boettcher who yells at the ICON Champion to get back into the ring. Max grabs a steel chair and begins to stalk Dawn who is still slightly disoriented. Lifting the chair Max swings down toward Dawn as the crowd boos loudly!


Dawn rolls out of the way as Max strikes the steel pole of the ring causing him to drop the chair as the shock of impact causes his bones to shake! Boettcher yells at Max who is completely aware as Dawn grabs her cane, turning toward him. As Max slowly rises to his feet..


The cane shatters across the side of Max Kael who slumps to the ground in a heap! Matt Boettcher turns his head at the last moment apparently willing to let Max take the shot after he was treated poorly by the ICON Champion! The fans cheer loudly as Dawn tosses her cane to the side and rolls him into the ring where he lays still.

Climbing in after him, Dawn grabs him by the head and hoists him up…


The limp body of the ICON Champion is carefully cradled into a pinning position by Dawn!

1!!  2!!!  KICKOUT!…

Groggily both fighters manage to get to their feet at about the same time and turn toward eachother!

Dawn with a right hand across Max Kael’s face sending him stumbling into the ropes..

Max answers back with a forearm smash which sends Dawn into the ropes!

Dawn answers back with another stiff right hand!

Max with a Forearm!

Dawn with a right hand!

Max seems dazed as Dawn fires another right hand! And another! And Anoth-

Max ducks and hits a quick knee to Dawns gut!


Driving his hand into Dawn’s temple, Max collapses on Dawn and hooks the leg! Matt Boettcher drops down!

1!!  2!!!  3!!!! 

Suave: “So, McGill in her first match takes the ICON Champion Max Kael to the max before losing in just over seventeen minutes.  Next, the Rough Justice- A-Bomb/H-Bomb match…”

Rough Justice: D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice- two former police officers fired for their extreme brand of justice. (Public Utilities)
A-Bomb and H-Bomb w/General R.C. Patton and Daisy Cutter-Bomb (American Patriots)

…Hy Drogen Bomb knocks D.B. Ruff into Davey Keels taking out the referee. H-Bomb goes up top and hits a frog splash on Ruff.  H-Bomb follows with a corkscrew legdrop.  Big Oil and Big Electric come to the ring.  Big Oil clotheslines H-Bomb.  Big Electric lifts H-Bomb for an Electric Chair Facebuster.  A-Bomb jumps in and cuts Big Electric’s legs out from under him.   Daisy Cutter-Bomb in the ring…she clotheslines Ruff.  Daisy mule kicks Big Oil.  General Patton cracks his horse whip on Justice’s back.  Daisy lifts Ruff…Daisy Cutter Power Bomb!  Big Oil sends Hy Drogen Bomb to the corner of the ring. Big Oil chops Hy Drogen Bomb.  Keels backs up.  A-Bomb knees D.B. Ruff and rolls back to his feet.  H-Bomb rolls up and goes to the top turnbuckle.  A-Bomb pulls Ruff up and hands him to H-Bomb.  Top rope powerbomb by H-Bomb aka BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA!  Ruff is out cold!  Referee Davey Keels makes the count. …1 …2 …3

WINNER: A-Bomb and H-Bomb in 8:22

Post match, General Patton again calls out Public Utilities.  Patton: “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.  Public Utilities, I challenged these men to raise their game and they have.  Now, I challenge you.  Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory.  Or in other words, get your asses out here and stop hiding behind the skirts of your Corporate Attorneys.”


Mayhem 9/7/2009

Every Monday Night from our friends at High Octane Wrestling


Dream Wrestling Federation


Suave: “PCW CEO Barack Obama won a victory in his quest to give the PCW workers universal health care.  But will the first step forward continue to be overshadowed by his association with jailed High Octane Wrestling owner Lee Best?”

REPLAY: High Octane Wrestling Turmoil
Joe Hoffman:
Folks welcome to Thursday Night Aceldama and folks we are starting off tonight’s show with a bang…..Lee Best live from jail!!

Joe’s mic is shut off as the lights in the arena go out and only the first few rows nearest the entrance ramp are visible as the HOV is the only source of light in the arena.

Knowing that he is now being aired live on HOTv and inside his own arena, Lee smirks before beginning his address.

Lee Best:
Tonight I come to you bound and shackled to a chair that is not my own, inside a room that is not inside my house, and by actions not done by me, but by my own brother….Michael Oliver Best.

The crowd pops at the mention of the new sheriff in town.

Lee Best:
You cheer the man that has put me behind bars? The man that turned his back on his own family just to get into a position of power himself? You cheer my BROTHER??

The crowd erupts into a MIKEY chant and the sound of thousands of High Octane fans chanting his brother’s name is too much for Lee and he begins to thrash about in the chair as the crowd continues…




Lee Best:

Lee is literally frothing at the mouth as he spits venom at the crowd inside the arena that bears his name.

Lee Best:
Do you idiots not understand that you are sitting in MY ARENA…..attending a show I CREATED…on a network I STARTED?? DO YOU NOT GET IT???

The crowd turns from a loud MIKEY chant to a loud BOOOOOO as Lee is literally leaning towards the camera as far as his restraints will allow.

Lee Best:
I am the GOD of HOW…I am the master and you are all my puppets…..but yet you naïve fuckers think Michael is there to save you from …ME?

The crowd now cheers in approval of the notion that Mike has indeed saved them from the tyranny that was Lee.

Lee Best:
Fine…believe and feel how you want but I know the truth and trust me the truth of what is going on here is a lot uglier than anything I have ever pulled. Michael is pulling your strings and he has pulled the wool over the eyes over each and every HOW superstar in the locker room….but Michael knows he hasn’t fooled me. He KNOWS that the only way he would become relevant in his life was to try and out do me….he thinks by one upping me that his life will take on some form of a higher meaning…that folks is LAUGHABLE….

The crowd lets Lee hear it as they boo louder and louder and Lee just sits back and smiles and motions to a man off camera to bring him something and we see a bailiff open up a folder and lay it on Lee’s lap and Lee looks down and just shakes his head in amazement…

Lee Best:
Do you fuckers want to hear the charges or not?

The crowd instantly clams up as they and the rest of the world have been waiting for this moment..

Lee Best:
I thought so…You see folks I have no problem letting the world know what idiotic charges my brother has brought forth on me as I have no doubt in my mind that none of these charges will stick…

Lee pauses and then begins to read off the charges..

Lee Best:
I, Lee Best, have been charged with 104 counts of Aggravated Battery,  look up the rest..etc..etc.

The crowd cheers as Lee finishes up the list and looks up at the camera and smiles..

Lee Best:
And not one fucking charge will stick and you know why? Because this is professional wrestling and this is all an act…a fucking entertainment show….none of this shit really happened…NONE OF IT….so this whole dog and pony act is just something for Michael to get his face on the fucking camera..none of this is….


The crowd erupts as Mike Best comes out from the back and stops at the top of the entrance ramp and stares up at his incarcerated brother.

Mike Best:
Is that what you are implying Lee? That you stabbing Mindy Smith in the eye didn’t happen? That you didn’t hire Michael DeNucci and his thugs to kill Mindy before her book came out? How about the fact that a living and breathing CHILD was killed here in HOW….was that fake? Let’s ask Barbi Kostoff that question huh? What about the fact that you have committed adultery several times on LIVE Television..or the fact..

Lee Best:

Joe Hoffman:

Mike Best:
Are you kidding me Lee….you think any of the people are buying the “its not real” crap. You have destroyed people’s lives and in some cases ended their lives…all in the name of what….huh tell me and the millions watching and the thousands standing right here in the arena named after YOU…WHY DID YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DID!!!??

Lee just stares at his younger brother and instead of answering Lee motions towards the bailiff and after a few seconds another bailiff appears on the other side of the Lee and the two men unshackle Lee and grab him firmly by the arm and lead him out of the room leaving everyone to stare at an empty chair.

Mike Best:
That’s it Lee..run away….run away like you do every time something goes wrong in your own little world…RUN AWAY LEE…..BUT WHEN YOU COME BACK AND WE KNOW YOU WILL…I WILL BE RIGHT HERE…WAITING……WAITING!!!!

Suave: “Obama continues to distance himself from Best and his spokesperson Robert Gibbs deflected all questions during his press briefings.  But Anita Dunn spoke out and again blamed the influence of Fox News for ‘inflaming’ passions over the Best arrest and again accused Fox of being an arm of the American Patriots.  The PCW Television Title match is next.  Stay tuned.”


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November 8th, 2009

All Championship Titles Will Be On The Line!

Bishop Steele vs. Remy Leroux

Jay Price vs Zero

Shot at the Title Match
Mad Max vs. Marshall

MVW-DWF Womens Championship Unification Match
MVW Champion Miss USA vs DWF Women’s Jill-Berg

DREAM Tag Team Championship Match
The eGG Bandits vs Brothers of Prophecy

Ultimate Jeopardy Caged Hell Elimination Match
Mike Polowy vs. Cancer Jiles vs. Jak Nemesis (c) vs. Doozer (c) vs. 501 vs. Daymare vs. Chris Bladez (c) vs Tyler Straven vs Upton Osgood vs. Travis Williams (c) vs. Lupin Cy vs. Adrien Cochrane

12 Men. One Steel Cell. Last man standing leaves DREAM Champion. Second to last man standing leaves DWF World Champion. Third leaves “You Call It” Champion.

Link: Dream Wrestling Federation


MAIN EVENT-PCW Television Title Match:
Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych (Independent)
PCW Television Champion SNAFU (American Heartland Coalition)

Ring Announcer Charlene Ann Beckworth in the ring. 

Charlene Ann: This match is for the PCW Television Title. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 235 pounds, from Rose City, MI, Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych!!!

Ridfych slaps hands with the fans on his way to the ring.  Ridfych gets a broom and meticulously sweeps out  his corner before bending down to remove a piece of debris. 

Charlene Ann: “His opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds, from Norway, Maine, a member of the American Heartland Coalition and accompanied by Dawn McGill, he is the PCW Television Champion- SNAFU!!!”

McGill leads SNAFU to the ring.

Suave: “PCW Latest Rookie Sensation Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych in his sternest test yet against the PCW Television Champion, SNAFU.  SNAFU, as you all know, learned much of what he knows about wrestling from watching SABU DVD’s.”

(the bell rings)  Suave: “And here we go…Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych versus SNAFU.  Ridfych and SNAFU lock up in the middle.”   SNAFU Russian Leg Sweeps Ridfych and takes him off his feet.   Both men slug it out mid-ring with forearms.  Ridfych wins the exchange.  He comes off the ropes and runs into a back elbow by SNAFU.  Fireman’s carry by SNAFU, Ridfych slides out and takes SNAFU down.  He gets an ankle lock!  SNAFU grabs the ropes and the referee calls for the break.  Ridfych charges but SNAFU catches him with a kick.  Dragon screw takes Ridfych to the ground.  SNAFU locks in the figure four.  Ridfych fights his way to the ropes and the referee again calls for the break.  SNAFU breaks on the 4 count. 

A pair of leg trips by SNAFU.  He covers and Ridfych kicks him off.   SNAFU with a roll up.  1…2…Ridfych reverses and covers.  1…2…SNAFU kicks out.   Ridfych catches SNAFU with a boot and a high knee strike.  He goes for the dragon suplex but SNAFU drops down and rolls him up.  1…2…kickout.  SNAFU up and goes behind.  Standing switch by Ridfych.  He tries the dragon suplex again.    SNAFU drops down but Ridfych kicks him in the back. Crucifix by Ridfych.  He covers.  1…2…no.  Another kickout by the Television champion.   Ridfych throws a stiff right hand.   Crowd: “FASTBALL!”  And another…  Crowd: “FASTBALL!”   And another… Crowd: “FASTBALL!”   Right hook… Crowd: “SLIDER!”  And then winds up and decks SNAFU… Crowd: “F-FFFFFASTBALL!”  Cover.  SNAFU makes the ropes.

Both men to their feet and again they exchange forearms. SNAFU with a series of open-hand slaps, he comes off the ropes into a STIFF right hand by Ridfych.   Crowd: “FASTBALL!”   Ridfych goes to the ropes but SNAFU catches him with an elbow and stops him in his tracks.  Dawn McGill slides him a chair.  Triple Jump Moonsault on the way!  Chair…top rope…moonsault lands.   Cover…1…2…shoulder up.  Cobra Clutch by SNAFU.  Ridfych reaches for the ropes but SNAFU reels him back.  SNAFU releases and hits a German Suplex! 1…2…no!  Back to the Cobra Clutch, now with added grapevine action! SNAFU is able to make it to the ropes.  The referee makes SNAFU break the hold.  Roll up by the Television champion.  1…2…no!  Tiger suplex by SNAFU.  He covers…1…2…kick out.  SNAFU goes to the top, Ridfych crotches him!  Ridfych is up this time, BACK SUPERPLEX!!! 1…2…no!  Ridfych again with the pin! 1…2…NO!!! Rights by Ridfych but now SNAFU will not go down. 

SNAFU clotheslines Ridfych.  SNAFU opens up the chair…Ridfych is thrown into the ropes…Drop Toe Hold onto the open chair!  SNAFU gets up. They lockup. SNAFU sends Ridfych to the corner of the ring. Ridfych bounces SNAFU off the ropes and hits him with a jumping clothesline. SNAFU is back on his feet. Indian deathlock applied by Ridfych.  The referee checks on SNAFU…SNAFU escapes.  SNAFU to ringside.  Ridfych follows and takes SNAFU down with a knee.  Ridfych takes SNAFU off his feet a second time with a short-arm clothesline.   Ridfych picks up SNAFU and delivers a bone crunching shoulderbreaker.  Ridfych hits a headlock takedown and stomps away at SNAFU.  Ridfych back to the ring.  SNAFU and McGill confer.  SNAFU back in and he punches Ridfych.  SNAFU gets a side headlock…DDT!  SNAFU climbs to his feet.   McGill slides another chair in.  SNAFU turns and blasts Ridfych with the chair… SNAFU climbs up top…Shooting Star Press onto the chair!  SNAFU hooks Ridfych into a suplex position.  Hooks the leg..Fisherman Suplex on the chair!!   Now SNAFU with the chair…Arabian Facebuster!  Cover…1 …2 …3.





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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: November 09, 2009

Extreme Political TV on P-SPAN: Anita Dunn v. Fox/Palin v. Johnston/NCIS v. Weather Channel/

From the
Kokomo Civic Theater
Kokomo, Indiana
HOST: Johnny Suave

PCW Champion ‘Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism confronts Starz N. Stripes
-Movie Classic returns
-A battle between television giants: NCISF’d vs. The Extreme Weather Network
PCW’s latest rookie sensation Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych in action against former PCW Television Champion ‘King of Old School Gimmicks’ Baron Von Munchke
-The WWR’s A. Kuluha Bacardi has an announcement
-Review of
PCW Tag Team TV Tournament
-Khalid El of the Axis of Evil in action
-Hunter the Hunter and NRA (SarahPAC) vs. The Green World Order

Johnny Suave stands in the ring with the PCW Champion ‘Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism. Crowd: PCW!…PCW!…PCW!” Suave: “WELCOME TO PCW EXTREME POLITICAL TV…ON P-SPAN!  I’M JOHNNY SUAVE AND IT IS MY PLEASURE TO INTRODUCE TO YOU, THE PCW CHAMPION, THE HOLLYWOOD A-LIST, STONE CHISM!”Crowd: “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Chism: “How?  How can YOU boo ME?  I’m a star!  You love me.”Crowd: “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Suave: “I’m sure it has nothing to do with this.”

“Now, before we have this six man tag team match here tonight.  I want Starz N. Stripes to come out here so we can have a little man to man talk.”  Starz walks out a few seconds later.  Chism: “Starz.  Look, I know you’re a good wrestler.  I’m glad you’re on my team.  But there can only be one ’star’ leading the Progressive Alliance and, well, that’s me.  You need to do the right thing on October 18th at PCW-MVW Lock and Load 4.  Now, I was going to show the ‘I Pledge’ tape to you again tonight.  But instead, I’ve come up with something better.  This is what I want you to do, Starz.”

Eva Mendes comes to the ring.  Mendes: “I pledge to lay down in support of Stone Chism.”  Mendes lays down.  Chism: “See?  It’s that easy.”  Cameron Diaz is next.  Diaz: “I pledge to do the right thing and lay down for Stone Chism, the PCW Champion.”  Diaz lays down in the ring.  Courtney Cox climbs into the ring.  Cox: “I pledge to do the right thing.  I will lay down for our PCW Champion Stone Chism.”  Cox lays down.  Next, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.  Suave: “Okay, I think I’m going to be sick now.”  Kutcher and Moore: “I pledge to be a servant to our PCW Champion.   Kutcher: “And don’t forget all mankind.” Moore: “Oh…right.”

Chism: “So, Starz.  What’s it going to be?  All you have to do on October 18th is…lay down.  One.  Two.  Three.”   Starz simply stares at the PCW Champion and doesn’t respond.

‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido, Starz N. Stripes, and ‘Hollywood A-Lister’ Stone Chism (Progressive Alliance)
Midnite Rockin’ Xpress-Bobby Ricky Michaels and Marty Gibson-Lane and ‘King of Old School Gimmicks’ Baron Von Munchke (Old School Kings)
Chism clotheslines Starz N. Stripes.  Suave: “CHISM JUST ATTACKED STARZ AND STRIPES!”  Chism grabs a waist lock and Belly to Belly Suplexes Starz down onto the chair!!  Suave: “HOLY CRAP!”   Chism sets the chair up.  Pedigree!   Chism smashes Starz’s face right into the chair!

Marty Gibson-Lane sets a chair on Escondido….450 Splash onto the chair! The ref starts the count. …1 …2 …3

Chism: “Oh…that.  Look, people.  The reality is that in life, people have their places.  Your’s is sitting out there.  Mine is…well…right here being your PCW Champion.  And Starz N. Stripes?  It’s laying down for a fellow member of the Progressive Alliance.  So, Starz?  If you’re in the building.  Here’s your chance to do what’s right.  Come on down.”  The crowd gasps when Starz, eyes wrapped in gauze, is slowly led to the ring by his tag team partner ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido.  Chism waits expectantly as Escondido helps Starz into the ring. Chism: “Now, Starz.  Everyone feels bad about what happened to you at the hands of the Axis of Evil.  But it still doesn’t relieve you of your obligation to pay proper homage to me, the PCW Champion.  So, even in your blinded state, you can do the right thing now and lay down for me.”  Starz calls for a microphone and Charlene Ann Beckworth, the ring announcer, hands him one. Starz: “Chism, let me get this straight.” Escondido turns him to face Chism. Starz: “Oh…Chism, let me get this straight.  After you took me a few weeks back and then my tag team partner and co-holder of the PCW Tag Team title, Chris Escondido, you still expect me to do the j-o-b for you?  Hell no!”  The crowd cheers; Chism throws a fit.

Chism: “No, no, no.  That’s not the way it’s supposed to go.  *I* am a member of the Hollywood Elite.  I am the PCW Champion.  I am a star.  You, are just a Captain America wannabe with none of my charisma or star power.  No one cares that your poor eyes got burned.  What they do care about is making me happy.  And nothing would make me happier than you accepting your place in the food chain and-” Escondido takes the Tag Team Title belt and blasts Chism in the mush with it.Suave: “ESCONDIDO JUST DECKED THE CHAMPION!”  Immediately, the Hollywood Left pour out to the ring: George Clooney, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Matt Damon, and Alec Baldwin.  They attack Escondido. Suave: “SEVEN AGAINST ONE!  HOW FAIR IS THAT?”  No one notices Starz N. Stripes slowly unwrapping the gauze from his eyes.  Suave: “WAIT!  HERE COMES THE AMERICAN HEARTLAND COALITION!”  American Trucker, Dave the Mechanic, Average Joe, SNAFU, and Tequila Sheila race down.  Starz’s eyes are totally unwrapped and he calls for a chair.  Tequila Sheila obliges and slides it in under the bottom rope. Suave: “WAIT!  STARZ CAN SEE!  STARZ CAN SEE? *CLANG*  CHAIRSHOT TO GEORGE CLOONEY.   *CLANG*  CHAIRSHOT TO TIM ROBBINS!  *CLANG* CHAIRSHOT TO MATT DAMON!”  Trucker, Dave, Joe, and SNAFU whip Michael Moore into the ropes.  Tequila Sheila pulls the top rope down and Moore goes Ric Flair over the top rope except he misses the ring apron and crashes to the floor.

The Innovator of Extreme Broadcast Excellence Rush Limbaugh leads a charge down the aisle with Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, The Queen of Extreme Ann Coulter, and Glenn Beck right behind him.  They go right for the PCW Champion and begin to stomp away at him.  Beck gets a couple cheap shots in on Baldwin, Starz turns and blasts Beck with the steel chair.  *CLANG* Down goes Hannity.  *CLANG*  Ann Coulter.  *CLANG*  Limbaugh.  *CLANG*  Ann Coulter again.  *CLANG*  *CLANG*  *CLANG*  Ann Coulter again.

PCW Security flock to the ring to break up the brawl. Suave: “LET’S GO TO A COMMERCIAL WHILE THEY TRY TO CLEAN THIS MESS UP!”


Mayhem 9/7/2009

Every Monday Night from our friends at High Octane Wrestling


Dream Wrestling Federation




Charlene Ann Beckworth in the ring. Charlene Ann: “In the ring already, from the Axis of Evil, accompanied by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he is KHALID-EL!”  Khalid-El glares at the crowd. Charlene Ann: “And his opponent, coming to the ring.”  Jobber the Hut and Movie Classic literally have to drag Dick Van Dam to the ring. Charlene Ann: “He is DVD, DICK VAN DAM!” Crowd: “CANNON FODDER! (clap clap clap-clap-clap), CANNON FODDER! (clap clap clap-clap-clap).”

Dick Van Dam w/Movie Classic (
Island of Misfit Wrestlers)
Khalid-El w/Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Axis of Evil)

Suave: “So, it’ll be Khalid-El versus a slightly reluctant Dick Van Dam in our first match of the night.  Jobber the Hut has a death grip on DVD’s arm and won’t let go.  Movie Classic climbs into the ring. Movie Classic: “DVD.  I totally understand why you don’t want to face this monster over there.  But don’t do it for me.  You see, the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid? We have been assured, Sir, in the Sacred Writings, that ‘except the Lord build the House, they labor in vain that build it.  Were my soul trembling on the wing of eternity, were this hand freezing to death, were my voice choking with the last struggle, I would still, with the last gasp of that voice, implore you to remember the truth: God has given America to be free.  And whereas it is the duty of nations as well as of men, to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions, in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon; and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.  Let us look forward to the time when we can take the flag of our country and nail it below the Cross, and there let it wave as it waved in the olden times, and let us gather around it and inscribed for our motto: ‘Liberty and Union, one and inseparable, now and forever,’ and exclaim, ‘Christ first, our country next!’”

DVD: “Fine…I’ll do it.”  Suave: “Hell, after that stirring rendition of famous quotes from Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, Abe Lincoln, and Andy Johnson, I might even climb inside the ring!”  The bell sounds.  Khalid-El walks to the middle of the ring.  Kick to the stomach of DVD.  Lift.  F-5.  Cover.  One…two…three.  Suave: “On second thought, maybe not.”


Suave: “At least we got a good speech out of it.”



Cut to Paige McGillicutty in the back. 

Paige: “With me now is Anita Dunn, head of the A.D.D. movement.  Anita, you want to refute some charges that have arisen over the past week about PCW CEO Barack Obama’s connection to High Octane Wrestling’s Lee Best, who’s right now sitting in a Chicago jail.”  Anita: “Yes, Paige.  I just want to reiterate that everything that’s being alleged is…totally Fox News’s fault.  That’s right, instead of wasting my time and the PCW CEO’s time, you should be investigating Fox News.”  Paige: “Um.  What does Fox News have to do with Obama’s friendship with Lee Best?”  Anita: “Fox News isn’t even a real news organization.  They’re the propaganda arm of the Republican Party.”  Paige: “Oh.  Like MSNBC is for the Democrats?”  Anita: “What did you say?”  Paige: “Never mind.  So, what you’re arguing is that we should ignore any possible connection between a man sitting in jail right now and the PCW CEO simply because you don’t like Fox News.”  Anita: “That pretty much sums it up, Paige.”  Paige: ‘Okay.  I’m Paige McGillicutty in the back.  Let’s send it to Johnny Suave.”

Suave: “Thanks Paige.  A. Kuluha Bacardi of the World eWrestling Rag is also in the back with our own Gina Ramsey.  Gigi?”


Gina: “Thanks Johnny.  With me is A. Kuluha Bacardi who is here to make a big announcement.  A?  Go ahead.”  AKB: “Thanks Gigi.  I am here tonight to announce that the WWR will be holding it’s second supershow on December the 20th from the Island of Puerto De Macoris.  We’re hoping to get attract wrestlers from many different federations for this show.  PCW will have a match or two.  I’m sure the Missouri Valley Wrestling Association will have a match.  I’m hoping that this time we can branch out a little farther.”  Gina: “Okay, so in less than two months, the WWR holds its second supershow down at the Island of Puerto De Macoris.  Johnny?”  Suave: “Thanks, Gina.  The first supershow was a huge success.  I can’t wait for the second one.  Back to the ring.”

Hunter the Hunter and NRA w/’The Alaskan Pitbull’ Sarah Palin (SarahPAC)
GreenPete and “Extreme Vegan” Brock Cole Lee w/PeaceNick and Peta from PETA (The Green World Order)

The bell rings.  Hunter the Hunter and NRA hit stereo corner clotheslines on their opponents.  Double team lift…double sidewalk slam on GreenPete.  Lee charges.  SarahPAC sidesteps a charging Lee and sends him to the floor.  Hunter on the apron. He rushs and nails a running kick to the chest and face of GreenPete on the floor. Sounded very painful indeed. Hunter climbs to the top turnbuckle.  Lee goes over and pulls Hunter down.  Top rope bulldog by Lee to NRA.  Lee pounds away at him while GreenPete holds off Hunter.  NRA is back in and whacks GreenPete in the back with a chair.  NRA facelocks Lee while Hunter goes top turnbuckle.   Lee runs NRA into the ropes and in the process, crotches Hunter.  GreenPete on the offense.  Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on NRA, Russian leg sweep by Lee on Hunter, snap mare and chinlock by GreenPete to NRA and a basement dropkick to Hunter by Lee.

Suave: “Fast paced action here.”  GreenPete climbs the turnbuckle now while Lee matches up with Hunter.  Sarah Palin up on the apron and pushes GreenPete off, NRA helps him up and then flings him through the ropes to the floor.  Double team on GreenPete. NRA puts GreenPete iupside down in the corner.  Suave: “HE’S TIED TO THE TREE OF WOE!”  Palin in the ring with a chair.  She runs towards GreenPete.  A younger man hits the ring and clotheslines Palin.  Suave: “HOLY CRAP!  THAT’S LEVI JOHNSTON!”  Johnston kicks away at Palin.  Hunter forearm shivers him from behind.  He puts him in a superplex position.  Wham!  GreenPete back in the ring and hits a sit down slam on Hunter.   GreenPete gets a boot to each member of SarahPAC.  Springboard missile dropkick by Lee to Hunter!  SUPERKICK to Lee by NRA! DRAGON SUPLEX by GreenPete!!  Enziguiri by Hunter to GreenPete, followed by a tornado DDT! STIFF clothesline by Lee to Hunter!  Superkick to NRA. Double team inverted powerbomb/Cutter by GreenPete and Lee.  GreenPete slaps on a Boston Crab to Hunter.  NRA in to break the hold. Springboard clothesline/powerbomb combo by SarahPAC.  Palin crawls out of the ring.  She grabs Hunter’s bear trap and puts it in the corner.  Johnston gets up and starts yelling at Palin.  Hunter pushes him from behind and *SNAP*  Suave: “BEAR TRAP!  BEAR TRAP!”  Johnston screams out as the pain shoots up from his foot.  PeaceNick and Peta are horrified and immediately come to Johnston’s aid.

Lee also distracted by Johnston’s plight.  NRA slips in and scoops Lee up.  Suave: “GUN RACK!  GUN RACK!”  NRA puts max pressure on Lee’s back.  GreenPete gets atomic dropped by Hunter.  Lee taps out.

WINNER: NRA and Hunter the Hunter in 9:14




Taking Women’s E-Wrestling to a Whole Different Level


Turmoil 9/3/2009

Every Thursday Night from our friends at High Octane Wrestling


Andrew DiNozio and Jim McGee w/Larry Jeffrey Gibbs (NCISF’d)
Steve Abrams and Mike Bettis w/Jim Frascantore (Extreme Weather Network)

Suave: “This ought to be fun.  NCISF’d debuted over the weekend on PCW House Shows and looked very impressive.  The Extreme Weather Network has taken offense as they claim to be the premier TV based Tag Team in PCW.”

(the bell rings)

Suave: “It’ll be DiNozio and Bettis to start.”   They circle.  Lock up.  DiNozio tries for a Ace Crusher but Bettis blocks.  DiNozio turns to McGee.  DiNozio: “You try, proby.”  McGee: “What?”  Gibbs: “Just get in the damn ring!”   DiNozio tags in McGee. Bettis punches McGee repeatedly. Bettis makes the tag to Abrams. Bettis with an exploder suplex on McGee. Bettis executes a spinning DDT, planting McGee’s head in the mat. McGee gets bounced off of the ropes and hit with a backdrop diver by Bettis.  McGee Russian Leg Sweeps Bettis.  Bettis bounces right back up and puts McGee in the double underhook position.   Double underhook backbreaker.  Bettis sucks chants start in the crowd.  Bettis throws McGee to the floor.  Zavida Zavid over.  She karate chops Bettis.  Side headlock into an inverted DDT.  McGee is back on his feet and takes advantage by punching Bettis repeatedly.  McGee puts his hand on Bettis’s forehead.  Suave: “CLAWHOLD!”  Gibbs: “Clawhold?”  DiNozio: “Really.  That move is so 1950′s.  Back in your time, Gibbs” *WHAP*  DiNozio has been Gibbs’d.   Bettis back on the ring apron.  He nails McGee with a huge slingshot sommersault splash.  Zavid over to help again. Steve Abrams goes top turnbuckle.  Senton on Zavid!  Crowd: “PCW!…PCW!…PCW!”  Bettis drags McGee up the aisle.  An ardent Weather Network fan hands him a chair.  *CLANG*  That pisses off the NCISF’d fans.   Gibbs directs DiNozio to give McGee a hand.  DiNozio claps.  *WHAP*  DiNozio gets Gibbs’d again.  DiNozio with a chair.  *CLANG*  Bettis down.  DiNozio drags McGee back to ringside.  Abrams sneers at DiNozio as he goes up and helps Bettis back to the ring. 

Bettis and McGee both back into the ring.  Bettis stomps McGee’s head. Suave: “Abrams, who did absolutely nothing save a Senton on Zavida, tags back in Bettis for Extreme Weather Network.  And Bettis has been doing all the work.”  Double axhandle chop from Bettis.  Suave: “And proby…I mean McGee really needs a tag.  Wait!  McGee’s back up  He’s got a side headlock on Bettis!”   McGee DDT’s Bettis.  Bettis comes right back.  He scoops McGee up… running powerslam!  McGee rolls out to the floor.  Gibbs turns to his team.  Gibbs: “Do I have answers yet on how to beat these guys?”  Abby is feverishly working away on the forensics side.  Darryl Dukey Malliard offers a couple hypothesis’s.  Meanwhile, McGee gets a huge gutbuster on Bettis.  They lockup. McGee sends Bettis to the steel barricade.  McGee hits a spinning leg lariat on Bettis sending him over the barricade into the crowd.  One of the Weather Network fans throws a cup of beer in McGee’s face.  Abrams over…he lifts and nails a front-layout suplex on McGee.  Bettis is up and climbs over the barricade.  Zavida over to hit him with a back fist.  Suave: “Wild action back and forth.  AND WAIT A MINUTE!  THE ULTIMATE, THRILL-SEEKING, DEATH-DEFYING, LAY IT ALL OUT THERE, JIM FRASCANTORE IS ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!”  Frascantore jumps.  Zavida greets him with a thrust kick that nearly takes his head off.   Suave: “Well, so much for that.”  

Zavida German suplexes Bettis thru a table!  McGee gets back to his feet and climbs in the ring.  Zavida kicks Bettis in the groin and drags him back to the ring.  McGee tags in DiNozio.  DiNozio comes from behind and bulldogs Bettis.  Bettis back up and tries to line him up for a cradle suplex.   DiNozio reverses.   Bettis reverses right back and wraps his legs around DiNozio’s neck.  Suave: “Figure-four sleeper. Ron Martin is checking for a tap out.”   Gibbs finally has enough and stomps on Bettis making him  break the hold.  Bettis back to his corner and brings in Abrams.  Abby and Dukey run up to Gibbs with the solution.  DiNozio puts Abrams in an arm grapevine.  McGee goes airborne and hits Abrams with an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle.  Abrams is back on his feet. DiNozio tries for a tilt-a-whirl suplex but Abrams escapes out.  DiNozio takes Abrams down with a knee.  DiNozio wraps his arms around Abrams for a belly-to-back suplex but Abrams sits out and blocks it.  DiNozio tries for a springboard DDT but Abrams slips out of the side headlock and whips him to the ropes.  Gibbs again jumps in and clotheslines Abrams.   Gibbs kicks Abrams in the stomach and executes the sitdown face slam.  Zavida does a cartwheel and kicks Abrams in the face.   DiNozio tags in McGee.  McGee mule kicks Abrams. Abrams is up again.  McGee makes the tag back to DiNozio. Abrams gouges DiNozio’s eyes.  Bettis in the ring- he superkicks DiNozio. Gibbs in again.  He flattens Bettis with a clothesline.  DiNozio sends Abrams to the corner of the ring.  Zavida clocks Abrams from behind and sends him back out towards DiNozio.  DiNozio thrust kicks Abrams in the head. DiNozio covers Abrams hooking the leg.  Ron Martin makes the count. …1 …2 …3

WINNER: NCISF’d in 16:33

Suave: “An impressive statement made by NCISF’d.  And it looks like Gibbs has something to say.”  Gibbs: “Let it be known that if you mess with NCIS, you’re going to get ******.”  Gibbs throws down the microphone and leaves.



PCW WORLD CHAMPION: ‘Hollywood A-Lister’ Stone Chism (Progressive Alliance)
#1- Starz N. Stripes (Progressive Alliance)
#2- Big Oil (American Patriots)
#3- Khalid-El (Axis of Evil)
#4- ‘The New Rookie Sensation’ O’Beck Bahama (Progressive Alliance)
#5- A. Tom Bomb (American Patriots)

PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS:  ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and Starz N. Stripes (Progressive Alliance)
#1- Midnite Rockin’ Xpress- Bobby Ricky Michaels/Marty Gibson-Lane (Old School Kings)
#2- Extreme Weather Network-Steve Abrams/Mike Bettis (EWN)
#3- Jack and Bull Schett (Ron Paul’s New Libertarian Army)
#4- Cadillac and Jaguar (Total Eliminators)
#5- Grizzly Adam/Hunter the Hunter (SarahPAC)

#1-’The King of Old School Gimmicks’ Baron Von Munchke (Old School Kings)
#2- Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych (Independent)
#3- Newt Tron Bomb (American Patriots)
#4- American Trucker (American Heartland Coalition)
#5. NRA (SarahPAC)


11/4- PCW House Show
11/7- PCW Extreme Political TV on P-SPAN
11/11- PCW House Show
11/14- PCW Extreme Political TV on P-SPAN
11/18- PCW House Show
11/21- PCW Extreme Political TV on P-SPAN
11/25- PCW House Show
11/28- PCW Extreme Political TV on P-SPAN


Dr. Bill in the ring to a loud symphony of boos.  Dr. Bill: “SHUT UP!  IT’S NOT ABOUT YOOOU.  You don’t make filet magnon and expect it to taste like meatloaf.  SNAFU, you are not filet magnon by any stretch.  If it weren’t for your meddling manager Dawn McGill, and those criminal reprobates and from High Octane Wrestling Lee Best and Kirsta Lewis, Baron Von Munchke would still be the PCW Television Champion.”  Crowd: “FRIEND FOR DINNER! (clap clap clap-clap-clap), FRIEND FOR DINNER! (clap clap clap-clap-clap)”  Dr. Bill: “OH SHUT UP!”

Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych (Independent)
‘The King of Old School Gimmicks’ Baron Von Munchke w/Dr. Bill (Old School Kings)

Suave: “Big match here.  If Bird can pull off a win here, he’ll get a shot at the PCW Television Title.”  (the bell rings)  Suave: “Here we go.”  Ridfych comes out quickly and short lariats Von Munchke.  Ridfych measures Von Munchke up and throws a closed fist.  Crowd: “FASTBALL!”  Ridfych with another punch.  Crowd: “FASTBALL!”  Ridfych winds up and throws a wicked hook.  Crowd: “SLIDER!”  Now Von Munchke takes charge with his own right hand.  He spins Ridfych around- inverted atomic drop.  Ridfych is clotheslined down by the former champion.  Suave: “Von Munchke drags Ridfych to the floor.   Neck snap to Ridfych.  Von Munchke nails Ridfych with a belly-to-back suplex.”  Von Munchke throws Ridfych into the steel barricade.  He hits Bird with a splash.  Von Munchke drags him up and sets him for a dragon suplex.  He lift Ridfych up.  Ridfych flips through.   

Ridfych legsweeps Von Munchke.  Ridfych move back into the ring.  Ridfych gets caught with an elbowsmash to the face. Von Munchke punches Ridfych in the head.  Von Munchke puts Ridfych on the top rope.  Superplex attempt is foiled. Ridfych pushes Von Munchke off the top turnbuckle.  Ridfych goes for a pin. The ref starts the count. …1 Von Munchke escapes.  Ridfych climbs to the top turnbuckle.  Dr. Bill over…chops Ridfych.  Ridfych gets drilled with an inverted back breaker.  Ridfych stands up. Ridfych nails Von Munchke with a belly-to-back suplex. Ridfych gets back to his feet. Ridfych covers Von Munchke hooking the leg. The ref starts the count. …1 Von Munchke escapes.  Ridfych with a right hand.  Crowd: “FASTBALL!”  And another.  Crowd: “FASTBALL!”  Again, he winds up and drops the hammer on Von Munchke.  Crowd: “FAAAAAST-BALL!”  Ridfych gut-wrenchs Von Munchke.  Ridfych thrust kicks Von Munchke in the head. Ridfych goes for a pin. Referee Ron Martin makes the count. …1 …2 …3


Suave: “He does it!  Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych defeats former PCW Television Champion Baron Von Munchke and he will get a title shot against SNAFU.  That’s all for this week.  I’m Johnny Suave.  We’ll see you next Saturday.”


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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: November 02, 2009

Tonight on PCW Extreme Political TV

More on the Obama-High Octane Wrestling’s Lee Best controversy.

Bird ‘The Mark’ Ridfych vs. former PCW Television Champion Baron Von Munchke.  Dr. Bill returns for the first time since the ‘hoax’ about his allegedly eaten left arm.

The new tag team NCISF’d debuts on Extreme Political TV tonight against the Extreme Weather Network.  Can Gibbs, DeNozio, McGee, and company find success inside the PCW ring?

Anita Dunn blames everything on Fox News.

Two other matches.

PCW CEO Barack Obama makes an announcement.

And the next WWR Supershow is revealed.  All this and more tonight on PCW Extreme Political TV.


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