David Cameron New Leader of PCW-England

Earlier tonight in London, England, Political Championship Wrestling’s cousin, Parliamentary Championship Wrestling, crowned a new leader after an exciting three way dance for their PCW Title.

Replay from London- Sir Nial Decker w/David Cameron (Conservative) vs. James Ramsey (c) w/Gordon Brown (Labour) vs. David Barclay w/ Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats)
-Triple jump moonsault by James Ramsey on Decker for a two-count.  Gordon Brown tosses a table into the ring and there’s a dual to see who winds up on top of it at the crucial moment. Decker winds up on top of it when Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg suddenly runs in.  After a brief scuffle, Brown winds up draped across the table and Ramsey doesn’t realize it in time to stop himself, so he takes out his own manager.   Decker rolls on top of Ramsey for the pin.


At that point, Queen Elizabeth walks out and declares David Cameron the new leader of PCW.


It’s been confirmed that PCW CEO Barack Obama has called Mr. Cameron to congratulation him on his win.


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