Hour 2 of PCW B.A.S.S. Coming Tonight!

Three, count em’, three big title matches.

NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart.

And more political extreme wrestling.  All this and more to be revealed tonight.


Blackwell Stands Up to Big Union: 11/10 PCW Politics is War on P-SPAN- Hour 2

PCW Politics is War on P-SPAN- Hour 2
PCW Hall
Archbold, OH
Thursday November 10th, 2011
Host: Johnny Suave

Suave recaps the first hour:
- Big Union celebrates the defeat of SB 5 by destroying two non-union PCW Hall workers

- The Longshoremen, Big Labor, and James the Jeep Worker (D) w/the California Teacher’s Union, The OWS, and the Maximum Leader of all Unions Richard Trumka defeats Charlie Blackwell, Mike the Mechanic, and ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido (American Heartland Coalition) w/Kenzie Blackwell, Sheila the Secretary, and Blackwell’s Les Miserables

-Corporate Might: Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit (R) along with their new CEO Gordan Guyko watch the attack on the American Heartland and do nothing

-Women for Women: Code Pink and Emily List (D) and PCW Women’s Tag Team Champions Kelly and Korey Korver (D) defeat Merchants of Death: Angel Scott and Angel Casey (R) in a handicap match ordered by PCW CEO Barack Obama (D-IL)

Suave mentions that tonight’s main event will be an over the top bunkhouse match taped last night just up the road at Oakland University between Texas Jack (R) w/Rick Perry (R-TX), Magnum P.O.’d (R) w/Newt Gingrich (R-GA), ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott (R) w/Mitt Romney (R-MA), Average Joe (Tea Party) w/Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Jamie Walker (R) w/Jon Huntsman (R-UT), and ‘Pizza Delivery Guy’ Josh Jackson (R) w/Herman Cain (R-GA).

He then introduces the upcoming novel Jesusland vs. Progressiveville.

The year is 2017.  In a world where harsh divisions and economic strife have pulled the United States apart, Stacey Martin, Kate Wilson, and the Washington Freedom Force find themselves on the front line protecting the, now, free city of Washington D.C. and the American Reconciliation Summit- an attempt to reunite the fifty states into one country once again.

But when a multi-national mega-corporation with another agenda in mind attempts to disrupt the reconciliation talks, Stacey and Kate face their biggest challenge to date.  With the future of a possible reconstituted United States in the balance, can Stacey and Kate stop the forces against reconciliation from undermining the summit?  Or will the corporation make sure the talks suffer a cataclysmic, catastrophic failure of nuclear proportions.

Written by the irrepressible, onerous, and uber-mysterious Mr. A. Nominous, Jesusland vs. Progressiveville is a roller coaster ride of a political satire lampooning the sorry state of today’s American politics.

Suave mentions that the connection with PCW’s upcoming Paper View show- PCW Jesusland vs. Progressiveville and that PCW personalities ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and Rah are featured in the book.  More on J v. P in the coming weeks.


‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin (R) vs. Samantha Stevenson (I)

…a LOT of stalling.  Stevenson obviously went to the Larry Zbyzsko school of how to stretch out the start of the match.   Martin took control after Stevenson took another walkabout for a nine count, returned to the ring, tried to exit again, and ate a Pizza Cutter for her trouble.

WINNER: Tessa Martin @ 7:55

Post match, the lights turn off and a small spotlight illuminates the door.  A man dressed in a suit and bow-tie walks in.

Announcer: “I present to you the almost universally-worshipped king of the gods and all-father of creation.  He commands the chariot that rode across the sky during the day.   He is the great, fiery globe in the sky who is usually a welcome, nurturing presence and to honor the season.  He is the inspiration for those who would throw virgins into the gaping maw of a volcano – perhaps an Icelandic volcano – even though such shenanigans haven’t been acceptable since the ’50s.  And just for your reference, he is, for 28 years in a row, proven to be one of UC San Diego’s most enduring traditions in the Sun God festival- an all-day music festival celebrated by more than 20,000 students, alumni and friends.  But that’s not important.  Either way, you should thank your lucky stars and kiss his royal ass for gracing you with his presence here tonight.  I give to you…the Sunshine God…RAAAAAAAAH!

Ten bikini-clad, and tanned, females enter the room with two men carrying a golden sedan chair holding a man dressed in long flowing robes.  Rah’s minions Bob Nye- Foot Fetish Guy, children’s show host Happy Mango, and former Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell follow him in.  Rah climbs out of his golden sedan chair and stands surrounded by his bikini girls, two golden sedan chair carrying guys, McDonnell, Nye, and Happy Mango.

Rah goes up to Martin and takes her arm and raises it in the air.

Suave again notes that we’ll be hearing more about the book Jesusland vs. Progressiveville in the upcoming weeks.


PCW CEO Barack Obama is in the ring to once again go around the PCW Competition to make a match when he’s interrupted.

‘The Demolition Machine in a Short Skirt’ Dawn McGill (I) drags Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary to the ring.  Obama objects to being interrupted.  McGill tells him that she’s a veteran and tomorrow is Veteran’s Day so ‘piss off.’

Dawn McGill (I) vs. Penn State Assistant Mike McQueary

…despite McQueary’s plea for mercy, McGill locks in the Katahajime and doesn’t let go.

Soccer Mom (D) comes out with a loaded purse to confront McQueary.  She yells ‘It’s for the children!’ and then whaps McGill in what appears to be a deliberate attack.  McGill throws McQueary down and grabs Soccer Mom by the throat.  Fireman’s carry into a Jackhammer Slam.  McGill grabs Soccer Mom’s purse and blasts her with it.  Then she covers McQueary.

WINNER: Dawn McGill @ 2:57

PCW Investigative Reporter Woodward Bernstein talks with a bandaged up Charlie Blackwell (I). 

Bernstein lets Blackwell vent…and does Blackwell vent.

Blackwell: “Here’s the bottom line, Big Labor Unions don’t give a crap about middle class values. What they care about is retaining their political power. Why else would unions from all over the country spend $30 million dollars in Ohio over SB 5? You can yak all you want about the evils of big corporations throwing their weight and money around to get their way; but you’re a bleeping hypocrite if you don’t recognize that big labor unions do the exact…same…thing.

Big corporations. Big Unions. No difference.

This entire week has been a stunning display of institutional arrogance from Penn State to big corporations and big unions facing off in Ohio over SB 5. When people are more concerned about protecting the entity versus doing the right thing and protecting people with no power from grade school kids from a sexual predator to disenfranchised citizens who have no representation in their own government thanks to big unions and big corporations money, it says everything with what’s wrong not only with our society but with our country.

Big unions don’t care about the fact that people continue to lose their homes at a staggering rate. Big unions don’t care about middle America drowning symptomatically as the cost of living rises. If they did care, they would have made the Democrats pay dearly for President Clinton signing off on NAFTA and starting the chain reaction towards the two Americas and the slow destruction of middle America we have today.

I mean, we already know where big corporations stand. Sweetheart deals that leave them paying little or no taxes. Anyone remember the AIG jerks who after we bailed big banks out (and we shouldn’t have), went on the 200K retreat? But big unions claim they are for the workers, middle class America. That could not be further from the truth.

Money. Power. Entitlement. It’s not just a big corporation value anymore.”


The forces of Big Union are furious.  ‘The Self-Proclaimed Savior of the Middle Class’ Big Labor, James the Jeep Worker, The Longshoremen, Union Maid, The California Teacher’s Union (D), and the Maximum Leader of All Unions Richard Trumka comb the backstage area for Charlie Blackwell.

MAIN EVENT- Over the top Bunkhouse Match/Taped Last Night at Oakland University
Texas Jack (R) w/Rick Perry (R-TX), Magnum P.O.’d (R) w/Newt Gingrich (R-GA), ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott (R) w/Mitt Romney (R-MA), Average Joe (Tea Party) w/Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Jamie Walker (R) w/Jon Huntsman (R-UT), and ‘Pizza Delivery Guy’ Josh Jackson (R) w/Herman Cain (R-GA).

Average Joe and Jamie Walker exit early.

Jackson is nearly eliminated several times.  Texas Jack tries to flip Jackson over the top rope and asks for help from Rick Perry.  Perry comes over with a trash can lid and climbs to the top rope.  He comes down and clocks Texas Jack by mistake.  Jackson back body drops Texas Jack over the top rope and he’s gone.

Suave can’t believe the mistake Perry just made.  “Inexcusable vaporlock at the exact wrong time!”

Even Jackson’s surprised.  Then Magnum P.O.’d clotheslines him over the top rope.  Down to Magnum vs.  Kevin Scott.

Magnum came close to winning a few times, but in the end it was Kevin Scott’s American Stars and Fujiwara Arm Bar followed by a toss over the top rope that won the match.

WINNER: ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott @ 18:24

Big Union has Charlie Blackwell cornered.  Then, American Heartlanders Mike the Mechanic, ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido, Tea Partiers Average Joe, NRA, and ‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay, and the PCW Champion Daniel-San (I) attack Big Union from behind.

Then the forces of Corporate Might: Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit- the Wall Street Market Analyst with the Man Crush on ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, led by CEO Gordan Guyko attack Blackwell as well as the show ends…

Wrestling Night in America on HOTv

Wrestling Night in America on HOTv
Saturday April 3rd
Hosts: A. Kuluha Bacardi and Mitch ‘The Deuce’ Duesner

Bacardi – Welcome to another edition of Wrestling Night in America.  Tonight, we bring you the best wrestling action from this week.

Duesner – We’ll have the current and up to date WWR Top 10, take a quick look back at the week in wrestling, and look at the recent power rankings which came out earlier today.

Bacardi – Tonight’s feature match is a doozy.  From Action Packed Wrestling’s Rasslemania Pay Per View show, the APW Title match between then #1 ranked wrestler in the world Level-One versus challenger Pence Weatherlight.  Also, Wrestling Midwest’s The Hardcore Icons, Valora Salinas and Umbrage, take on Eric Dillinger and Jordan Keyser.  Simcoe County’s biggest feud explodes when Myke Adams and Simcoe County Champion Scarlett Willis meet arch-rivals Dynasty- ‘The Detroit Diva’ Lauri Verne and Aaron Blaize.  Also, All-Star Championship Wrestling’s Alias puts his title on the line and Universal Wrestling Federation Champion Tyrone Kidd has a title defense at UWF’s Unbreakable pay per view.

Duesner: But first, we’re going to watch a couple of chicks get it on.

Bacardi: Ah…Mitch?  That’s a women’s match we’re going to see.

Duesner: Pre-law…pre-med.

Bacardi: Xtreme World Wrestling Women’s Champion Allison Cooper puts the XWW Women’s title on the line against Nicole Hayes in our opening match from the XWW Fallout Pay Per View show.

Allison Cooper (c) vs. Nicole Hayes
Xtreme World Wrestling’s Fallout PPV

Announcers: Jack Johnson and Mike Cayuga

RA: This match is for one fall and it is for The XWW Women’s World Championship, It is a Barbed Wire Match!. Introducing first, the Challenger Nicole Hayes!

I won’t tell you, by Lacuna Coil hits as pyro explodes from the stage, as Nicole comes out and stand at the top of the stage. She looks around at the fans, before walking down the ramp, and sliding in the ring. She goes to the corner and stands on the turnbuckle holding her right arm in the air hand in fist, as pyro explodes above the ring. She then hops down and waits for the bell.

RA: And her opponent, She is The XWW Women’s Champion Allison Cooper!

T-N-T hits over the p.a. system as Allison makes her way down to the ring smiling and waving at the fans. She is accompanied to the ring by a live pig on a leash she has named Wilbur who squeals 3 times when Allison gets a pin.

Nicole and Alison stare at each other, Allison reaches back and grabs the barb wire rope and removes her hand and shows it to Nicole with out even a slight grimace, her hand palm is now crimson red. Nicole shakes her head and the bell rings. Allison charges across at Nicole who does the same. The two Diva’s collide into each other, both with an arm outstretched and down they go as each clothesline connects. The two of them scramble back to their feet. Nicole unleashes a hard wheel kick to Allison’s head sending her into the ropes, as Allison rebounds back part of her ring attire is caught by the barb wire causing her to stumble. This causes Nicole’s follow up of a missile drop kick to miss and Nicole lands on the mat. Allison begins to stomp on Nicole’s mid section as she is on the mat. Nicole rolls onto her side clutching her stomach as Allison smiles and reaches down for her and grabs a hand full of hair and begins to yank Nicole up off the mat.

MC: Looks like these ladies are going try to rip each other to pieces

JJ: Really? I sure as hell hope so, a good old fashioned cat fight is exiting.

Allison has Nicole up in position for a suplex, she turns ever so slightly and drops Nicole onto and off the barb wire ropes and down to the canvas with a textbook slingshot suplex! Nicole lets out a groan as she lands on the mat. Allison smirks as Nicole tries to catch her breath. She brings Nicole back up off the canvas and Irish whips her into the corner and charges in and hops up onto the second turnbuckle and grabs Nicole’s head and goes for an elevated DDT, Nicole counters by driving her head up hitting Allison under the chin stopping the DDT attempt. Allison stumbles back a couple steps and Nicole hits a spear driving Allison into the mat. Nicole gets back up and glances down at her own mid section and notices the streaks of her own blood from the sling shot suplex she endured a few minutes earlier. Nicole’s eyes widen then get eerily small as the rage begins to build. She yanks Allison up off the mat by the hair and drags her over to the ropes and begins to rake her face along the barbs, she flings Allison backwards onto her back and Allison’s face and forehead are gashed open from the barbs. as the blood begins to stream down Allison’s face onto her chest Nicole cracks a devilish smile. The Wembley Stadium crowd erupts with chants of HOLY SHIT! and XWW!

MC: Oh my God! Allison’s forehead and face has been ripped open.

JJ: I knew this would be a blood bath Mike. Allison is in trouble, look at Nicole’s eyes. She’s lost it!

Nicole drops down and puts a knee into Allison’s chest and begins to use her fingernails trying to rip the cuts on Allison’s face and forehead open even more. The referee tries to admonish Nicole but she ignores him, Allison use the momentary distraction to her advantage and fires a punch to Nicole’s temple and she is knocked off. Allison gets to her feet and wipes her face with a hand as Nicole is getting back to her feet. Nicole shakes her head from the hard punch as Allison comes at her and lands a spear of her own. Nicole slams into the canvas, her head lying under the bottom rope. Allison plants both knees into Nicole’s chest and mid section and pushes down on the bottom rope, the barb wire begins to dig into Nicole’s forehead and Allison pushes down harder as she also moves the wire back and forth. The referee yells for her to get Nicole’s out from under the rope and she reluctantly does. Both women’s faces are almost completely obscured because of the now increased blood flow. Allison lifts Nicole up to her feet and delivers a hard kick to the gut, she jumps onto the top turnbuckle and leaps at Nicole going for the Alli-OOP!, The blood however causes Allison’s hands to slip off Nicole’s head as she grabs her and Allison lands on the mat, Nicole reacts and gets on the top rope and goes airborne, Purple Hayes! The referee dives to the mat as Nicole hooks a leg. 1……2…….3!!!!!


As Nicole takes the Title from the referee’s hand she shoves it up into the air high above her head, a wide grin crosses her crimson covered face as she slowly lowers it and drapes it on her shoulder. She wipes her brow with her hand to remove some of the blood as a equally bloodied Allison exits the ring on the opposite side and begins to head up the ramp to the tunnel. As Nicole carefully exits the ring and begins her walk to the back. Suddenly from beneath the ring Ivy Pierce appears and charges at Nicole from behind carrying a steel chair, Whack! The sound of the chair hitting Nicole’s head echoes across the stadium Ivy tosses the chair away and grabs the Women’s Title off the ground as Nicole lies there, Ivy rolls Nicole onto her back and places a foot on her chest and holds the belt up high taunting the crowd, then she lays it on Nicole’s abdomen and walks off through the crowd as medics come to render aide to the fallen NEW Women’s Champion.

Bacardi – An exciting start to tonight’s Wrestling Night in America.  Nicole Hayes defeats Allison Cooper to win the XWW Women’s title.

Duesner – Unfortunately, Ivy Cooper came in after the match to rain on her parade…or in this case a steel-folding chair.



Last week on PCW Extreme Political TV, ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido (I) and ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott (I) forced the PCW Champion Yamamoto Tanaka (D) to tap out to the Cattle Mutilation and American Stars and Fuji ArmBar after Tanaka’s partner, Charlie Blackwell (I) turned on the champion and slapped the Katahajime on him.

This week, Tanaka is out for blood and which of the three will be his opponent in the main event?

Also, we will find out just who Tanaka’s main rivals will be for the PCW Title going forward to November’s Extreme Election Night 2010.

Hank Johnson (D) will attempt to explain his recent comments about Guam capsizing due to too many people being on the island.

PCW Television Champion Ken Worth-The American Trucker (I) defends the title against Paddy O’Kennedy (D)

All this and more extreme political action Monday night on PCW Extreme Political TV.

Political Championship Wrestling


Championship Wrestling Council

The CWC is an inter-fed currently consisting of 14 federations


Yamamoto Tanaka w/Reika (D) and Charlie Blackwell (??)
vs. ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and Kevin Scott (I)

Political Championship Wrestling’s Extreme Political TV

Announcer: Johnny Suave

Kimber Marshall – This next match is a one fall, twenty minute time limit. . Led to the ring at this time by Reika- the team of Yamamoto Tanaka and Charlie Blackwell!!!

[Reika, Tanaka, and Blackwell come to the ring. ]

Kimber Marshall – And their opponents, accompanied by former PCW Champion and Hall of Famer Justin Sufferable, the team of ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and Kevin Scott.

[Sufferable, Escondido, and Scott walk to the ring.]


[(the bell rings)]

Johnny Suave – Scott and Blackwell to start.  Scott in control.  Guillotine choke on Charlie Blackwell.  Referee Davey Keels makes him break the hold.

[Scott rolls onto Blackwell connecting with a knee.  American Citizen tags in 'No Frills' Chris Escondido.  American Citizen executes a corkscrew legdrop on Blackwell.  American Citizen measures Blackwell and drops a closed fist. Blackwell clotheslines American Citizen and makes the tag to Yamamoto Tanaka.  Escondido clotheslines Tanaka. Tanaka pokes Escondido in the eye with his thumb. Tanaka kicks Escondido in the stomach.  Scott tosses in an open chair.  Escondido hits a drop toe hold onto the open chair!!  Tanaka's busted open above the left eye.  He makes the tag to Charlie Blackwell.  Tanaka suplexes Escondido.  Tanaka clotheslines Escondido.  Blackwell slips in.  He hits the sidewalk slam on Escondido.]

Johnny Suave – Escondido is being double teamed by the unlikely pair of Tanaka and Blackwell!  But he slips away.  Tanaka retreats to his corner.

[Blackwell gets hit with a dragon screw from Escondido.  Escondido puts the chair on Blackwell's body...'Escondido climbs up top...Splash onto the chair!! The ref starts the count. ...1 Blackwell kicks out.  Blackwell tries for a fireman's carry; Escondido slips out.  Blackwell makes the tag to Tanaka.  Tanaka throws Escondido out of the ring and follows.  Blackwell sets up a table.  Tanaka lifts Escondido...inverted DDT thru the table!  Tanaka gets up and rolls Escondido back into the ring.  He makes the cover. Referee Davey Keels makes the count. ...1 ...2 'No Frills' Chris Escondido escapes. ]

Johnny Suave – Escondido somehow kicked out!  Tanaka is not happy right now.

[Tanaka brings in Charlie Blackwell.  Escondido gets a chair from Scott and drills Blackwell with it.  Escondido dropkicks Blackwell right out of the ring!]

Johnny Suave – Blackwell dazed as he landed hard on the floor.  HERE COMES ESCONDIDO!

[Escondido dives through the ropes and spears Blackwell.]

Johnny Suave – HOLY CRAP!

[Kevin Scott over...he hits a springboard bulldog and slams Blackwell's head onto the floor.   Scott locks in the American Stars and Fuji Armbar.

Johnny Suave - Kevin Scott is not the legal man.

[Kenzie Blair over and whaps Scott in the head with her 'Wrestling Manager for Dummies' book and breaks the hold. ]

Johnny Suave – Blair with the save!  I wonder if the book told her to do that.  Scott throws Blackwell back into the ring and Escondido greets  him with a front facelock.  Now Escondido lifts up the youngster…FACEBUSTER!

[Escondido rolls Blackwell over.  Reika jumps up on the top rope.  Guillotine leg drop on Escondido. ]


[Sufferable in the ring with a Singapore cane.  *WHAP*  Reika goes down like a rock. ]


[Pelosi goes over to the guy with the Reagan sign and rips it away from him.  Escondido sees this and goes over to the edge of the ring and starts yelling at Pelosi.  Pelosi rips the sign up in half.   Tanaka sneaks in behind Escondido and then lariats the hell out of him.  Escondido flips over the top rope and lands hard on the floor.]


[Charlie Blackwell looks at Tanaka, then at Scott.  Then he winds up with his foot and kicks Tanaka in the balls from behind.]


[Blackwell grabs Tanaka and cinches in the Katahajime.  He gets Tanaka off his feet on and on the mat.]


[Reika missile dropkicks Blackwell in the face and sends him flat on his back.  Kenzie Blair in the ring with her book- 'Wrestling Manager for Dummies.'  She winds up and whaps Reika in the head with the book.]








[The video screen goes to just outside a dressing room in the back. A police escort is waiting at the door. One of the policemen knocks on the door.]

Policeman – Ms. Berg. It’s time.

[Jill Berg and her five bodyguards stride out from her dressing room with a purpose.]


[Jill climbs into the ring and tells her bodyguards to hold Reika up.  Two bodyguards pull her from the mat and stand her up.  Jill takes a step forward and whirls around- nailing a spinning heel kick flush on Reika's jaw.  Reika slides to the mat unconscious.]


[Escondido climbs back into the ring.  Scott crawls over to Tanaka.  Escondido grabs a leg and flips over Tanaka.]



[Scott, Escondido, Blackwell, Blair and Jill-Berg stand victorious in the ring.  Pelosi is throwing a fit outside the ring.]

WINNER: ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott


WWR March Awards

Co-Managers of the Month:
Heidi Christenson- Appalachian- manages Ronnie Long/Jeff Andrews
Reika Kisuargi- Political Championship Wrestling- manages Yamamoto Tanaka
Alyssa Morenna- Action Packed Wrestling- manages Hellfire KID
Murray Monroe- Defiance- manages Joe Drago

Other Notables:
Elizabeth- Fusion Championship Wrestling- manages Dustin Weaver
Chastity McGavin- Phoenix Wrestling Revolution- manages Romulus/Dominator
Dollface Amy- Anarchy- manages Louis Anthony
Trinity- Millenium Wrestling Alliance- manages L.J. Black


Heel of the Month: Lee Best- High Octane Wrestling
-Beat the rap and a federal indictment.  Had his brother brutally murdered.  Bottomlined Bishop Steele.  All in a month’s work for Lee Best.

Other Notables:
-Trey Vincent, All-Star Championship Wrestling- The bounty on Alias continues to rise.  But Vincent must deal with Keith Scott Zimmerman.

-James Varga, Sin City Championship Wrestling- still slowly cobbling together a nefarious plan to dominate SCCW.

-Dynasty(Aaron Blaize/Lauri Verne/Justin Rose)- Simcoe County- Still making life miserable for Scarlett Willis and Myke Adams

-Eric Dane- Defiance- holding the WfWA title belts hostage and creating enough doubt that a tag team title tournament may be in the offing.

Face of the Month: Jesse Nunez- Action Packed Wrestling
-In the Nunez vs. Hades Scaffold match at APW’s Rasslemania- Nunez wins when he tosses Hades 35 feet off a scaffold.  Nunez’s wife also gets a measure of payback on Hades by slapping him in the face while he lays on a stretcher.

Other Notables:
-Scarlett Willis, Simcoe County- Simcoe County’s champion still trying to fight off Lauri Verne, Justin Rose, and Aaron Blaize as events come to a head next week.

-Alias, All-Star Championship Wrestling -Alias has Trey Vincent nipping at his heels and an ever increasing bounty on his head- also courtesy of TV.  Alias just keeps on chugging along and now holds the #1 spot on the WWR Single’s rankings.


Character of the Month: Joe the Plumber, New Frontier Wrestling
-read NFW’s Crash 50 and it will explain all.


Angle of the Month: All-Star Championship Wrestling: Trey Vincent’s bounty on Alias.  The bounty is up to $600,000 and Alias still stands supreme as the ACW Champion.

Other Notables:
-High Octane Wrestling: Mario Maurako-Bobbinette Carey angle.  Carey has amnesia and Maurako, innovator of the ‘whack-a-meter’  somehow convinced her to marry him.

-World fantasy Wrestling Alliance: Tag Team Title Angle.  Valora Salinas and Umbrage defeated Team Danger for the titles.  Team Danger attacked Salinas and Umbrage and took the belts.  Now confusion reigns in the WfWA as the tag team title holder is now in doubt.

-Simcoe County: Simcoe County Champion Scarlett Willis versus the world…or in this case, Lauri Verne, Aaron Blaize, and Justin Rose.


Show of the Month: New Frontier Wrestling’s Crash 50
-it took forever it seemed for the show to come out.  But when it did, it was well worth the wait.  Joe The Plumber’s title defense.  The Bunkhouse Brawl. and more.

Other Notables:
PRIME Culture Shock 2010
DCWL Cornerstone Revolution 5
A1E Bloody New Year
ACW- Courage 107


Match of the Month: Level One vs. Pence Weatherlight- Action Packed Wrestling’s Rasslemania
-Weatherlight defeats then WWR #1 ranked wrestler Level-One and ends his long reign as APW Heavyweight champion.

Other Matches of Note:
-Joe the Plumber vs. Steve Knox vs. Hornet vs. ‘Triple X’ Sean Stevens vs. Felix Red: NFW Crash 50:  110 minutes of complete mayhem and somehow JTP keeps his unbeaten streak going when all is said and done- much to Eddie Mayfield’s dismay.

-Christopher America vs. Mike Polowy- High Octane Wrestling’s HOFC Title Match: America regains the title

EPW- New Era War Games Match- Empire Pro Wrestling- New Era Sin City:  The First wins for EPW

Brad Jackson vs. Sierra Devereaux- Millenium Wrestling Alliance’s Relevations: Devereaux wins MWA World title for 5th time

Angela Jameson vs. Glory Braddock 3/5 Global Division of Wrestling’s Friday Night Fever: Jameson regains the title


Wrestler of the Month: Ravi Moon-Universal Wrestling Federation
-Won UWF’s Intercontinental, Tag Team, and Universal Title in March

Other Notable Men’s Wrestlers:
-Jinx- Phoenix Wrestling Revolution: won CWC Ascension Tournament w/win over Mr. Fantastic/followed with winning CWC title from Nero Cain

-Pence Weatherlight- Action Packed Wrestling: defeated Level-One and won the APW Title @ Rasslemania

Shawn Jessica Hart- A1 Entertainment: won 15 man Pier Six Brawl at Bloody New Year/ 2nd at EPW-New Era War Games Match

Joe the Plumber- New Frontier Wrestling: survived 110 minute match at Crash 50 to retain title in 5-way match

The First- Empire Pro Wrestling , A1 Entertainment: 1st at EPW-New Era War Games Match, Won Cyber Championship at A1E’s Bloody New Year

Jay Price- Wrestling Championship Federation: won WCF Clockwork Orange House Match at Til Death Do Us Part PPV, Hardcore Title

Women’s Wrestler of the Month: Valora Salinas- Wrestling Midwest
-win over four other opponents at High Octane Wrestling’s March 2 Glory gives her, and partner AWS Man, the HOW Tag Team titles.  Valora now holds 3 titles: WMW- Great Lakes, WfWA- Tag Team with Umbrage, HOW- Tag Team with AWS Man.

Other Notable Women’s Wrestlers:
Sierra Devereaux- Millenium Wrestling Alliance: won MWA World Title for record 5th time at MWA Relevations PPV

Myst- Championship Wrestling Alliance:  won title at CWA Outrage

Hidden Desires(Faith Deluca/Marie Annabelle Jones/Samantha Raine)- Global Division of Wrestling: became 3 time GDW Tag Team Champions

Teresa Quantina- New Frontier Wrestling: finished 2nd in NFW Bunkhouse Brawl at Crash 50

Carmen Jennings- High Octane Wrestling: making big splash in HOW/Defeated Kirsta Lewis at March 2 Glory PPV


Bacardi – And we’re back.  Ravi Moon from the Universal Wrestling Federation had a March to remember.  Moon won UWF’s Intercontinental, Tag Team, and Universal Title in March and was rewarded by being named the WWR’s Wrestler of the Month.

Duesner – Let’s go to UWF’s Unbreakable Pay Per View for an exciting three way match between Moon, ‘The Hitman’ Gary Reece, and UWF Champion Tyrone Kidd.

Ravi Moon vs. ‘The Hitman’ Gary Reece vs. Tyrone Kidd (c)
Universal Wrestling Federation Unbreakable PPV
Announcers: Adam Stubberfield and Peter Curtis

The arena blackens as the sound of a siren is heard through the speakers. The Intro to ‘Hero’ by Nas is begins as red and white lights are being waved around at a frantic pace.


Where The F*** Ya’ll At??!!

As the bass kicks in, Kidd walks onto the end of the stage wearing his trademark red sleeveless hoodie and red tights. He stands over a white light and around to his left and right before looking back down and grabbing onto the tip of his hoody

YEAH!!(Let’s Go…)

The cloth flies off as a line of pyro light up the arena and Kidd sticks his hands out. The crowd goes crazy as Kidd makes his way to the ring.


Once he gets ringside, the ring turns blue with a white light following him as he jump onto the apron and heads to the nearest turnbuckle. He then gets on the second turnbuckle, looks at the crowd around him, pounds his chest twice and throw his arms out to the side. The fans cheer loudly as he stands there posing. Then he jumps off the turnbuckle and into the ring where he start strectches.

AS – Tyrone making his second defence tonight

PC – He wasn’t expecting a triple threat match until last week

JH – And his opponent, he is the reigning UWF Intercontinental Champion and One half of the UWF Tag Team Champions Ravi Moon

The opening beat to “What You Know” by T.I. plays in the arena and the fans immediately jump to their feet. After a series of ‘ays’ and T.I. asking ‘Wutchu know about that’ the third time, “The Incredible” Ravi Moon emerges atop the stage. He looks out at the screaming fans and points out to them while sparks rain down behind him. Ravi walks down the ramp and stops before the ring apron. He waits for a moment before leaping onto the it and steps through the ropes. Moon plays to the crowd while walking to his corner and starts stretching before the match

AS – Moon cashed in his title shot last week to get in this match

PC – He also became one half of the Tag Team Champions

JH – And their opponent, he is a former Universal Champion and a Hall Of Famer, Gary “The Hitman” Reece

A guatar rift comes over the PA as RA “Do you Call my Name” begins to play. As the bass and drums come into the song Silver fireworks explode on the stage. Smoke begins to clear as Gary “The Hitman” Reece stands at the top of the stage, With Ellisia standing ring my his side. They both walk down to the ring slapping hands of the fans on both sides of the ramp. Hitman slides under the bottom rope as Ellisia walks up the steps. Hitman walks over steps down on the bottom rope and pulls up on the middle rope as Ellisia enters the ring

AS – Gary not happy about Ravi’s cash in

PC – Not at all

The three circle in the centre of the ring as the bell rings, as soon as it does Reece steps back and steps through the ropes on to the apron before jumping down to the floor, both Ravi and Kidd look at him confused

AS – Looks like Reece wants them to beat the hell out of each other first

PC – Good strategy

Reece looks at both before shaking his head and turning around, Reece then starts to walk back up the ramp with his back to Moon and Kidd. Moon takes advantage of this distraction and rolls Kidd up with a school boy from behind

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………….. Tyrone kicks out of the quick pin fall attempt by Moon, both pop to their feet, Moon goes for a clothesline but Tyrone ducks it, goes behind and drops Moon with a side Russian leg sweep

AS – Well I guess this is a one on one match now…

PC – I don’t know whats going through the mind of Reece but he’s blown a big opportunity

Tyrone grabs the ropes and jumps before landing a knee across the skull of Moon, he then quickly pulls Moon to his feet and hooks him up in a suplex but instead of dropping him back he drops him face first to the canvas, Tyrone covers.

Moon quickly kicks out. Tyrone again pulls Moon to his feet, this time he hits the ropes looking for a running STO but Moon side steps it and catches Tyrone with a waist lock from behind, Moon then flings Tyrone back with a release German Suplex

AS – My god did you see that?

PC – What a move by Moon, he dropped Tyrone on the back of his head

Tyrone quickly staggers to his feet but very dazed, Moon hooks Tyrone up from behind once again, this time though he drops him on the back of his head with a huge reverse DDT, Moon hooks the leg for a quick cover

Tyrone gets his shoulder off of the canvas. Moon doesn’t waste time and pulls Tyrone to his feet before whipping him to the corner, Moon then runs in but Tyrone gets the boot up before running forward and taking Ravi down with the STO

PC – Tyrone catching Ravi with that STO

AS – He looked for it earlier, couldn’t get it but got it this time

Tyrone quickly moves on to the apron before moving to the corner and climbing to the top rope. Tyrone then looks down at Moon and comes off with his Highlife Frog Splash catching Moon perfectly, Tyrone holds for the cover

Moon gets his shoulder off of the canvas, Tyrone gets to his feet and hits the ropes, he looks to nail the fallen Moon with a senton splash but Moon gets his knees up and sends them in to the spine of Tyrone who rolls in pain

AS – Great counter by Moon, right in the spine

PC – Moon desperately wants to beat his former partner for the big one

Moon gets to his feet and puts the boots in to Tyrone before pulling him to his feet… Moon then hooks up Tyrone and takes him up and over with his patented Incrediplex… Moon wastes no time in hooking the leg for a cover

Tyrone gets his shoulder off of the canvas, Moon gets to his feet and quickly drops and elbow. Moon then moves over to the corner, looks back at Tyrone and begins to climb up, Tyrone isn’t moving at all

AS – Ravi going up high here

PC – Tyrone might be out

Ravi gets to the top rope and again looks back at Tyrone before jumping back looking for his “Once In A Blue Moon” corkscrew moonsault but Tyrone rolls out of the way just in the nick of time, Ravi finds nothing but canvas

AS – It could have been all she wrote for Tyrone if Ravi had hit that

PC – But he didn’t, Tyrone managed to roll out of the way

As Tyrone gets to his feet Moon uses the ropes to pull himself up, Tyrone sees this and runs at Ravi before catching him with a clothesline that sends him all the way over the top rope and out to the floor, Tyrone drops down resting

PC – Moon took a nasty spill there

AS – The referee is starting the count, since this is no longer a three way count outs and disqualifications must count

One… Two… Tyrone gets to his feet and rests in the corner… Three… Four… Five… Six… Moon starts to move on the outside, holding the apron… Seven… Eight… Moon gets to his feet… Nine… Moon slides in the ring under the bottom rope

AS – Ravi got back in the ring just in the nick of time there

PC – I thought Tyrone was about to win via count out there

Ravi is now on the canvas, he gets to his knees looking to get up but before he can Tyrone goes over and hooks him up before dropping him down with a huge double arm DDT, Tyrone hooks the leg for a pin attempt

NO!!!!!….. Moon gets his shoulder off of the canvas, Tyrone looks frustrated but doesn’t let it get to him, instead he gets to his feet and steps back before running forward looking for the 2-1-2 but Moon dodges and rolls him up with another school boy

Tyrone slips out of the pin attempt and quickly gets to his feet, he again runs at Moon this time looking for a spear but again Moon side steps and this time Tyrone goes flying shoulder first in to the solid steel ring post

PC – Moon was one step ahead of Tyrone there

AS – And it cost Tyrone

Moon pulls Tyrone from the corner and looks for the Lunar Eclipse but Tyrone slips off in the early stages, Tyrone goes to boot Moon but Moon catches the foot and quickly counters Tyrone with a dragon screw before locking on a single leg crab

AS – Ravi has the Lunar Lock locked on Tyrone in the centre of the ring!

PC – Tyrone countered the Lunar Eclipse but he couldn’t counter the Lunar Lock!

Tyrone screams in pain as Moon continues to apply the pressure to the leg and back of the Universal Champion. Tyrone tries to reach back and shove Moon off but to no avail, Tyrone then tries to crawl to the ropes

AS – Ravi is determined to make Tyrone tap

PC – Tyrone fighting it though

Tyrone gets close to the ropes but Moon drags Tyrone back to the centre of the ring before he can grab the rope. Moon continues to apply the pressure but Tyrone refuses to tap out and eventually gets to the ropes forcing Moon to break the hold

AS – Tyrone finally got to the ropes

PC – But the damage could be done

Moon pulls Tyrone to his feet, he hooks up Tyrone and looks to nail him with the Lunar Landing but Tyrone manages to slip out and take Moon out with a chop block. He then nails Moon with a shining wizard but goes down clutching his leg

PC – Tyrone hurt himself with that move

AS – His leg has taken a lot of punishment

Tyrone uses the turn buckles to pull himself to his feet, as he stands he shakes his leg trying to get the blood flowing. Moon starts to get to his feet but as he does Tyrone puts everything in to running at him and nailing the 2-1-2, Tyrone covers

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………….. Moon gets his foot on the bottom rope just as the referees hand was coming down for the three count. Tyrone cant believe it, had he hooked the leg this match would have been over

AS – What a main event! Ravi refuses to give up!

PC – He managed to get his foot on the bottom rope there, great ring awareness

Tyrone gets to his feet and looks at the referee frustrated, he looks back down to see Moon’s foot on the bottom rope. An angry Tyrone goes to pull Moon up but Moon quickly counters Tyrone, hooks him up and drops him with the Lunar Eclipse! Ravi covers


JH – Here is your winner and NEEEEW UWF Universal Champion, Ravi Moon!

AS – Ravi has done it, Ravi has won the big one, by god what a night!

PC – Ravi has had the month of his career, first the Intercontinental title, then Tag and now Universal, the era of Ravi has begun


The referee hands Ravi his three championship belts, Ravi quickly drops the Intercontinental belt to the floor before raising his Tag and Universal titles up high above his head. Pyro goes off behind Ravi.


WWR Women’s Top 10
1        38      Valerie Belmont- Sin Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling X, High Impact Wrestling
2        34      Valora Salinas- Wrestling Midwest
3        29.2   Sierra Browne- Dangerous Championship Wrestling League
4        27.2   Ashley Riot- Ring Of Beauty, 3WL
5        27      Hecate- WMW
6        25      Myst- Championship Wrestling Alliance
6        25      Alexia- Viking Wrestling Federation
8        22      Katherine Stryfe- HIW
8        22      Jade- WMW
10      21      Glory Braddock- Global Division of Wrestling, Motor City Wrestling

WWR Tag Team Top Ten
1        27.2   The Anthology(Jared Wells & Copycat)- Empire Pro Wrestling
2        22.2   The Grady Bunch(Terry Spruhen/Jared Borchard)-Dream Wrestling Federation
2        22.2   Shane Lawson/Erick Kennylz- Volatile Wrestling Alliance
4        21.2   Pop Culture Phenoms(Ed/Klein)- All-Star Championship Wrestling
5        20      Heirs of Wrestling(Ryan Gallway & Frank Pierce/Silver)- EPW, Sin City Championship Wrestling
6        17.2   Hidden Desires(Faith DeLuca/Samantha Raine)- Global Division of Wrestling
6        17.2   Jack and Joe Schmidt- Political Championship Wrestling
8        15.2   Nightmare, Inc(Katherine Stryfe/Emma McIntyre)- Championship Wrestling Council, High Impact Wrestling
8        15.2   Changes in Spades(Nitz Donnelly/Vance Raymes)- PRIME
10      14.2   The Revolution(Ryven/Kronin)- Wrestling Midwest

WWR Singles Top 10
1        57.2   Alias – All-Star Championship Wrestling
2        55.2   Shawn Jessica Hart – Empire Pro Wrestling, New Era, ACW
3        50.2   Valora Salinas- Wrestling Midwest
4        43.1   Alexia- Viking Wrestling Federation
5        43      Level One- Action Packed Wrestling
6        38      Bryan Payne- Sin City Wrestling
7        37.2   Katherine Stryfe- High Impact Wrestling
8        37      Chester Addison- HIW
9        36.2   Jinx- PWR   HIW, Championship Wrestling Council
10      36.1   Valerie (Lamb) Belmont- Sin City Wrestling, Pro Wrestling X, HIW


Bacardi - This has been one of the hottest feuds in wrestling over the past few weeks.  Dynasty versus Scarlett Willis.

Duesner - Scarlett Willis is Simcoe County’s sweetheart.  One of the few true faces in wrestling.  Verne, Blaize, and Justin Rose has made Willis’s life miserable over the past few weeks.

Bacardi – Willis and Myke Adams versus Lauri Verne and Aaron Blaize.  Next.

Myke Adams & Scarlett Willis © Vs. Lauri Verne & Aaron Blaize ©
Simcoe County Championship Wrestling’s Monday Night Aggression #38
Announcers: Johnny Wilkins and Ryan Antonelli

[“Stop!” hits the speakers, and the crowd go bad with boos as Lauri Verne and Aaron Blaize emerge from the curtain, smirking widely. They both look around the arena, shouting at fans that they're 'sinners' and 'weak' before they walk down the ramp and climb up onto the apron. They both look into one another's icy glares, nodding their heads together, before climbing into the ring. Blaize raises the Barbaric Championship into the air, shouting out to the fans as Lauri points at him and smirks. She then climbs onto the top rope, motioning a championship belt around her own waist as the fans boo loudly.]

Ryan Antonelli – I love these two, I mean talk about the best possible duo Simcoe could ever be graced with…

Johnny Wilkins – And here they very well could be…

[“Before I Forget” blasts over the speakers, and immediately the fans explode with cheers as Myke Adams storms through the curtain, painted up like a mad man with Scarlett Willis running out behind him. They both slap hands, and Willis raises her own belt into the air before she points down the ramp and drops the title! The pair sprint down the ramp like all hell and slide straight under the bottom rope, Adams gunning after Blaize and Willis going for Verne. Both Dynasty members bail from the ring and the fans boo like hell as they re-convene on one side and talk things through.]

Ryan Antonelli – BLAH, keep it in our yard Dynasty!

Johnny Wilkins – They headed out of the ring pretty quick there Ryan…

Ryan Antonelli – Strategy is Dynasty’s strong suite. They don’t dive first, ask later… Idiot.

[As Verne and Blaize discuss a match plan at ringside, both Scarlett and Adams nod their heads to one another before running off the far ropes, rebounding, and leaping over the top rope with stereo suicide dives onto Dynasty! The crowd erupt with cheers as Scarlett throws down a series of shots on Verne and Adams slams forearms into Blaize's head. They both then drag Dynasty up and toss them back into the ring, climbing in together as the bell rings. Blaize gets to his feet and Adams drops him with a clothesline while Scarlett drives Verne into the mat with a hard neckbreaker. Adams then throws Blaize over the top rope and out of the ring, and Willis climbs out onto the apron; the referee then signaling that Adams and Verne are the legal competitors.]

Johnny Wilkins – I guess Lauri and Myke are going to start this thing off.

[Adams waits for Verne to climb to her feet before he runs, catching her with a stunning spinning wheel kick, before spring boarding from the ropes and dropping a massive leg over Verne's throat. He covers... one... Verne throws her shoulder up quick however Myke wastes no time in dragging her to her feet and running at one corner, throwing Verne into the ring post. Verne slumps against the turnbuckles, and Adams runs at her landing a flipping Senton at her and causing her to drop to a seated position. Adams then takes a few steps back and leaps, going for his signature handstand into dropkick, but as he pushes himself up on the ropes Aaron Blaize leaps up and cracks him in the jaw! Adams sails back to the mat and the fans boo.]

Ryan Antonelli – YES! Good shot Blaize! Ha ha ha!

Johnny Wilkins – Cheap shot is a far more appropriate term.

[Verne climbs to her feet and drops onto Adams, slamming a knee into his back before forearming the back of his head and angrily bouncing his face off the mat. She then drags the Suicidal Superman to his feet, and she plants a knee into his gut and runs, landing a spontaneous swinging neckbreaker before nailing the standing tuck moonsault before hooking the leg!]



[NO! Kick out from Myke Adams! The fans cheer on their favorite Superman however Verne screams at them to stop, branding Adams a 'sinner'. She then hauls him to his feet and lands a brutal snap suplex before floating it through and placing Adams into a seated inverted full nelson. She wrenches on Adams' arms and face, stretching him back however he resists the submission and Verne breaks the hold, angrily kicking him square in the jaw to plant him back into the mat. Verne then hauls him up and runs him at the ropes, and as he rebounds Verne lands a snap dragon screw before running to the corner and climbing to the top rope. She leaps off the top, driving an elbow into Adams' chest before covering again…]



[NO! Adams throws the shoulder up! The fans cheer on Adams as he fights his way up, landing a swift forearm shot into Verne's face, as she tumbles back… Myke plunges at his own corner and gets the tag to Scarlett Willis! Verne turns around rubbing her face, and realizes her Blaze of Glory opponent is across the ring from her! The crowd go wild with cheers and the two stare-down, circling around the ring -- but Verne turns and tags in Blaize, getting a massive boo from the fans as Blaize smirks and climbs into the ring, nodding his head.]

Ryan Antonelli – Smart girl, keep herself fresh for Blaize of Glory.

Johnny Wilkins – Yeah… That’s what that was.

[As Adams works on gathering himself in their corner, Willis waste no time in going right after Aaron Blaize. She heads in and tries for a lock up, the crowd blast with cheers as she was fronting Blaize and as he reaches to tangle up, Willis kicks him in the midsection! Blaize howls in agony, and folds over a bit! WHAM! Willis crunches him with a malicious DDT before she rolls up and gets face to face with Verne. Lauri taunting and keeping herself back from Scarlett a bit.]

Ryan Antonelli – Ha, she better keep hitting him while he’s down! Blaize is getting up and he is not a happy camper!

Johnny Wilkins – Scarlett TURN around!

[Scarlett‘s attention on Verne cost her advantage here as Blaize rises, burning with anger as he rubs at his forehead and grabs Willis from behind… BOOM! The ring shakes as Blaize crunches Willis backward onto her neck and shoulders with a vile snap German suplex! He retains his grip and rolls around, hoisting her back up and snapping her over with ANOTHER German suplex! The crowd seethes in frustration, Myke stomping and trying to support Willis from their corner now as Blaize rolls around and nails yet ANOTHER German suplex! He finally lets go and sits up to his knees, staring over the now wreathing Willis, he whips his coal black hair from his face and smirks at Adams across the ring… Myke hustles through the ropes but is quickly caught up by the referee! As the ref battles to force Myke out, Verne quickly climbs the buckles in Dynasty‘s corner.]

Ryan Antonelli – Myke working for Dynasty now? Ha ha ha.

Johnny Wilkins – No, Blaize is just so far under his skin… OUCH!

[Blaize used the ref‘s distraction to land a few nasty punches and kicks into Willis, as Verne stands on the top rope Blaize wraps Willis again and flips her up in a stalling suplex! Verne sailing from the buckles and dropkicking Willis into the gut right as Blaize snaps her backward for the brain buster! The impact shakes the ring and the Myke exits, the ref turns and sees Verne quickly slide under the ropes, Blaize waste little time making the cover… pressing his forearm into the side of Scarlett‘s face.]


Ryan Antonelli – HERE IT IS!



Johnny Wilkins – She kicks out! Great fight in the champion!

[Scarlett manages to kick out, Blaize gives a brief disgusted glance at her as he lifts her by her hair and starts landing Thai kicks into her the crowd going off however as Blaize gets blind sided by Myke! Adams has charged in and lands a flush falling double footed dropkick right into the side of Aaron‘s head! Blaize tumbles into the ropes and to the floor, Lauri jumps down and helps her partner up as the referee barks at Myke and forces him back towards his corner.]

Ryan Antonelli – NOW THAT WAS CHEAP! That was un-called for and cheap.

Johnny Wilkins – Myke was watching out for his partner.

Ryan Antonelli – Always an excuse with you…

[Blaize snarls in dismay, he rolls under the rope and rubs at his head, arguing with the referee over Myke‘s actions. Blaize finally shoves the referee aside and grabs back up a reeling Willis, who had stumbled into the turnbuckles. He pelts a European upper cut into her chest and quickly grabs Willis by the head, locking her up in a strange front face lock like sleeper hold, Blaize moves his arms a bit and turns the hold into a vicious double under hook suplex! Willis lands with a bang, and Blaize sits up, right at his corner he smirks as he tags the hand of Lauri. Verne wearing an evil grin as she snakes into the ring and stalks over Willis. Yelling at the fallen champion, stomping at her and kicking at her as she taunts. Willis struggles to grab at the canvas and get to her hands and knees. As she does Verne backs up and charges in, Willis stands and Verne goes for the Best Kick Ever! The crowd going off in a riot of cheers as Willis rolls under the kick and right into her corner, SHE makes the hot tag to Myke!]

Ryan Antonelli – NO! WHAT THE HELL!?!?

Johnny Wilkins – SHE GOT THE TAG!

[Myke jumps up as Verne steadies herself from the missed kick, she turns as Myke spring boards from the top rope and sails right into Verne with a Lou Thez press! He goes off with a barrage of rights and lefts, the crowd screaming in delight. The referee isn’t as quick as Myke however as Aaron tries to enter the ring! Myke jumps from Verne and plows into Blaize, punching at him before the ref shoves Myke back and demands Blaize remain in his corner! Myke’s eyes widen as Verne rolls him up from behind, pulling at his silver studded belt for leverage as the ref drops and makes a count!]




[Scarlett had just enough energy to dive through the ropes and break the count! The referee loses control now as Myke rolls up and Blaize enters the ring, plowing right Myke and clubbing him with a jumping knee lift! The crowd booing, Verne and Willis both fight up to their feet too… And a brawl has broken loose, Lauri and Scarlett trading punches as well as Myke and Aaron!]

Ryan Antonelli – Get em!

Johnny Wilkins – Um, all hell is breaking loose in there!!!

[The four of them continue to battle it out, the referee trying to regain the upper hand here. Myke and Blaize finally end up spilling out over the top rope and to the arena floor. Willis and Scarlett continue their battle of fist inside the ropes.]

Ryan Antonelli – The ref better get some control… Dynasty is gonna hurt them.

Johnny Wilkins – I think the emotions are too strong here tonight, there is no way this match could have ever been contained…

[Verne finally gets the upper hand, Justin Rose has entered the ring as the referee attempts to get control… Rose lands a kick on Scarlett with an extremely low impact, he grabs up Scarlett‘s head as the referee instantly calls for the bell! Justin nods at Verne, who like a woman possessed takes up Scarlett for her wheel barrow face buster, as she does it they combine moves!]


[Lauri scowls with an evil smirk, rolling Willis over as she blurts out things right in Scarlett‘s face!.]



Bacardi – In wrestling news, Jinx won the Championship Wrestling Council title from Nero Cain at Experts vs. CWC: On Hallowed Ground this past week.  Hannibal Cage successfully defended his True Experts title, holding off former True Expert Level-One and Cecile LeCrux.  In the finale, The Experts defeated CWC.

Duesner – ‘Normal’ John Johnson successfully defended the Just Wrestling title at their finale in Augusta, Georgia, defeating The Back Alley Brawler, Mike Rossi, and Anathkash Dakari.  Ironically, the same four would be the final four participants in the MVP match later on in the night with the Back Alley Brawler emerging as the winner.

Bacardi – Genesis Pro Wrestling held a PPV back on March 22nd that was overlooked.  In the main event, Seth Iser won the Genesis Pro title from Jim Rooster.  Rooster’s run in the top five has come to a quick and sudden end.

Duesner – Major controversy in the WfWA over just WHO are the Tag Team Champions.  A few weeks back, The Hardcore Icons (Wrestling Midwest’s Valora Salinas and Umbrage) defeated Team Danger (Defiance Wrestling’s Stephen Greer and Johnny Lightning) for the WfWA Tag Team title.  Team Danger then attacked the new champions after the match and took the belts.  Since then, Team Danger has claimed to be the champions even though the Hardcore Icons were the recognized champions.  Then came the Defiance finale last week where a new team entered the mix- Wendy Briese and Victor Mandrake.  Add to that a very angry Angels of Death from Missouri Valley Wrestling who lost a title shot tomorrow night because of the confusion and the title situation is in complete chaos.

Bacardi – And the $64,000 question is- where in the hell is Chance Wolfington?  And who’s really running WfWA?  Because to many people, it seems to be Defiance Wrestling’s Eric Dane who’s running the show.

Duesner – Well, let’s go to Cleveland and one of my favorite wrestlers- Valora.   Hardcore Icons in action against Eric Dillinger and Jordan Keyser.

The Hardcore Icons: Valora Salinas and Umbrage vs. Eric Dillinger and Jordan Keyser
Wrestling Midwest’s Graveyard Shift 114

Announcers: Jack Gene and Bill Hughes

Wayne Inkster – Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 485 lbs is the team of Eric Dillinger and Jordan Keyser… True Crime!

["True Crime," by the Riverboat Gamblers hits as two duo make their way into the arena. Keyser moves past the fans as he sneers at them wearing black knee length work-out shorts with a gold X at the bottom of each leg. He also sports a long sleeve hooded t-shirt with EXECUTIONER written in gold across the front. On the back it says PERFECT EXECUTION in bleeding gold script. Eric, meanwhile, comes out sporting his usual ring gear: green fatigue shorts, his trademark Bastard Icon shirt with the sleeves cut off, Oxblood steel-toe Gripfast boots, and his fists taped up for a fight. He seeks out his fans in the crowd and high fives them as he makes his way to the ring.]

Bill Hughes – Now there are some guys you can get behind. They don’t try to make people happy, they just go out and do their thing.

Jack Gene – Isn’t that what the Hardcore Icons do?

Bill Hughes – Yea, but it seems like commericial success for TDA! has caused them to sell out. So, **BLEEP** them.

["Meaning of Life," by Disturbed hits.]

Wayne Inkster – And now making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 388 lbs… Valora and Umbrage, the Hardcore Icons!

[The Icons make their entrance into the arena wearing their usual ring gear. They don't entirely play to the crowd, but they do acknowledge them as they pass. Valora is sure to flash the Great Lakes and HOW Tag Team Titles respectively as she nears the cameras. As they reach the ring they slide into it and come face to face with their opponents. Both teams begin to talk trash before a shoving match ensues. Dillinger knockes the Great Lakes Title from Valora's shoulder which incites her. Umbrage holds her back, though, as he opts to go first. Eric smiles and nods at Jordan before exiting the ring.]

Jack Gene – It looks like Keyser and Umbrage are going to start things off.

Bill Hughes – Really? I couldn’t tell what with the absence of the other two people in this match after all.

[Umbrage and Jordan Keyser begin circling each other in the ring when the bell sounds. Each man studies his opponent, up and down, before they meet in the center of the ring with a classic collar elbow tie-up. Umbrage, ever the veteran, quickly goes behind Keyser and locks in a hammerlock. Not to be out done Keyser reverses the hold into a hammerlock of his own. Umbrage winces in pain and slaps his upper bicep to alleviate the pain, but Keyser catches wind of this and immediately wrenches on the arm again. Umbrage reaches back and grabs a handful of hair, pulling Keyser over him with a snap mare. He plants a stiff kick right into Keyser’s backside that straightens the big Texan’s back out like a board.]

Bill Hughes – Stiff kick from Umbrage!

Jack Gene – Being that close to Valora all the time I wouldn’t be surprised if something else was a little stiff.

[Umbrage keeps Keyser grounded with a few more kicks that find their mark square in the small of his back. Jordan rolls to his knees to try and get to his feet, but Umbrage hits him with kick to the chest that sends him onto his back. Bridge drops the big elbow on Keyser and stands up quickly, throwing his arms up to the crowd.]

Bill Hughes – The crowd eating up Umbrage’s actions tonight.

Jack Gene – With this whole war with Defiance going on Umbrage could drive a bus load of children off a cliff and these fans would still love him.

Bill Hughes – Well, I don’t know about that.

Jack Gene – I do, wrestling fans are ignorant. Leave it at that.

[Bridge brings Keyser up to his feet and whips him off the ropes. He catches the big Texan in what looks to be a spinebuster slam, but Keyser reverses and brings him down with a tornado ddt. Keyser, shaking the cobwebs, tags in Dillinger who immediately backs Umbrage into a corner with big right hands.]

Jack Gene – And Dillinger’s in after saying some not so nice things about Umbrage’s height and career this past week.

Bill Hughes – Umbrage did look bigger on the front of that Lucky Charms box.

Jack Gene – Wait until he hears you said that.

Bill Hughes – I’m only kidding!

[Dillinger pulls Umbrage out of the corner and takes him over with a snap suplex. Quickly rolling over, Eric puts his fore arm to Umbrage’s forehead and begins grinding the bone into his face. Bridge yells in pain as referee, Luna Pier, begins to make the count to four.]

Luna Pier – One!

[Dillinger grinds the bone and sneers.]

Luna Pier – Two!

[Eric looks up at the referee to see Valora staring daggers into him from across the ring. He smiles.]

Luna Pier – Three!

Eric Dillinger – Shut up! I got ‘till five!

Luna Pier – Four!

[Eric pulls off of Umbrage and wipes sweat from his nose to the back of Bridge’s bald head before lifting him to his feet. He throws a knee into his midsection and locks in a headlock. Dillinger hauls Bridge over to his corner and mocks Valora with her opponent’s outstretched hand.]

Eric Dillinger – Come on! Reach for it!

[Valora, instead, spits in the Bastard Icon’s face. Stunned by her actions Eric releases a little on his grip and is lifted into the air by Umbrage. Eric crashes onto his head and shoulders with a big belly to back suplex. Umbrage makes the tag.]

Jack Gene – Valora’s in and she’s putting the boots to Dillinger.

[Eric fights to a vertical base and pushes the Great Lakes Champion away from him with ease. Unluckily for him, though, she just uses the moment to fly off the ropes and come back at him with a flying elbow. Eric stumbles backward into the ropes and comes flying off of them into a hurricarana. Valora stays on top of Dillinger as he impacts and begins to rain fists down into his face.]

Bill Hughes – Valora’s doing the talking tonight with her fists and right now she’s saying it all over Dillinger’s face!

Jack Gene – Good one.

Bill Hughes – I know, that’s why I said it. God, I could so do this job with out you.

[Valora relents and plays to the crowd for a moment. Meanwhile, Eric is seen rolling onto his stomach and shaking his head to clear his mind. Valora comes back at him and locks him into an arm wringer. Dragging him over to her corner she makes the fresh tag to Umbrage. Immediately they drag him to the center of the ring, whip him to the ropes, and lift him off the mat as he rebounds. The look on Eric’s face is priceless as he never expected the much smaller opponents to ever lift him, but they do and send him crashing to the mat with a double spinebuster slam. Umbrage makes the cover.]

Luna Piere – One! Two! Thre—

Jack Gene – Dillinger kicks out! I don’t believe it!

Bill Hughes – Believe it. Dillinger’s a big Bastard who just refuses to go down. You saw him outlast the Price of Sin, you’ll see him out last more!

[Umbrage rolls Eric onto his stomach and straddles his back. He pulls one arm back over his knee and pulls at Eric’s face, locking him in a modified camel clutch. Eric reaches out for the ropes, but the fingers in his eyes and nose keep him from getting a good grasp on where he is in the ring. Finally, Umbrage lets off of him and slaps the back of his head. He yells insults into Eric’s face as he begins to stand, but the Bastard Icon smiles in return. A punch finds its mark on Eric’s face, but he takes it in stride as he continues to stand. Another punch, another, and another before Eric finally blocks one and leans in with a vicious head butt. Umbrage rears back and lands another punch, but Eric returns the shot with another head butt that sends his opponent away holding his brow. Blood begins to pour from between Umbrage’s fingers as his hand clasps at a fresh wound.]

Bill Hughes – Umbrage looking like his face is having that time of the month.

Jack Gene – But Umbrage is no stranger to seeing his own blood.

Bill Hughes – And apparently Dillinger is no stranger to tasting it!

[Having pushed his opponent into a neutral corner Eric clutches Umbrage’s head with both hands and begins to bite down on the wound.]

Luna Pier – One!

[As pain shoots through Bridge’s face all the way down to his feet his only reaction is to flail his arms and kick his feet in panic.]

Luna Pier- Two!

[A few blows land on Dillinger, but his bite is locked in like a pit bull. Finally, Valora runs the length of the apron and hits a running boot to Dillinger’s face that breaks the hold.]

Jack Gene – Valora wasn’t going to wait for Dillinger to finish getting his licks in, but I think she may have done more harm than good when she broke the hold!

[Sure enough, the gash above Umbrage’s eye seems to ripped open more as a torrent of blood now streams down his face. Enraged at the sight of his blood he pounces on Dillinger and begins to rain down hard fist after hard fist into him. The Bastard Icon can only cover up to try and protect himself from the assault.]

Bill Hughes – Valora knew what she was doing. Bridge’s fat ass was getting hand handed to him so she gave him a little push to get him going again.

[Umbrage pulls away from Dillinger and goes to make the tag to Valora, but Eric has slipped away and tagged in Keyser. Both fresh competitors rush each other. Keyser throws a clothesline, but Valora ducks and spins him around. Immediately she begins taking it to him with punch combo reminiscent of the Undertaker. With Keyser dazed she doubles him over with a toe kick, hits the ropes, and rebounds with a scissors kick. With Keyser down she plays to the crowd as she enters the corner.]

Jack Gene – Valora’s setting up for something big here. Keyser getting to one knee and—

Bill Hughes – I.C.E. Breaker!

Jack Gene – The cover!

Luna Pier – One! Two!

Jack Gene – Dillinger breaks up the pin.

[As Eric goes to exit the ring Valora charges him and pushes him through the ropes. Dillinger slips and falls to the arena floor. Immediately he tries to reenter the ring, but Luna Pier stops him. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth the Hardcore Icons lift Keyser up and take him to a corner. Umbrage lifts him in a pile driver and Valora flies off the middle turnbuckle.]

Jack Gene – Spike pile driver! Umbrage with the cover!

[But Dillinger holds the referee there long enough for Umbrage to get flustered enough to break his own count. As Umbrage leaves Keyser to go attack Dillinger he flees the ring. Heated words are exchanged.]

Jack Gene – Dillinger saying he can play that game, too.

Bill Hughes – Got to love referees. Try as they might they always just end up prolonging the matches when they could end them.

[Umbrage moves back to Keyser and lifts him to his feet. Backing Keyser into a corner he begins to throw shoulder blocks into his midsection. He stands, wiping some of the blood from his face, and takes Keyser out of the corner with a running bulldog. He goes for another cover being sure to plant the forearm into Keyser’s face.]

Luna Pier – One! Two!

[Keyser kicks out as Umbrage seemingly expected. Casually he strolls over to Valora and makes the tag again. Umbrage plants Keyser with a body slam and goes to his partner. He whips her to the ropes. She leap frogs over Keyser and bounds to the middle rope, diving backward with an Asai moonsault. She makes another cover.]

Luna Pier – One! Two!

Jack Gene – And Keyser kicks out again! What is it going to take to put this guy away?

Bill Hughes – Nothing short of a shotgun blast to the face.

[Valora, frustrated, pounds the mat and stands up. She signals for the top rope and the crowd pops. She begins to climb and, as she reaches the top, she takes a few moments to steady herself. Just as it seems she’s ready to fly Eric Dillinger flies into view and shoves her from the top rope. The fiery Latina goes crashing down into the ringside barrier where her face makes contact with the unforgiving steel. She slumps down to the arena floor as Umbrage makes a b-line across the ring toward Dillinger. He spears the Bastard Icon through the ropes and both men land on the concrete hard.]

Jack Gene – And in a matter of seconds the landscape of this match has changed! Jordan Keyser, who was seemingly on the verge of getting pinned, is the only person stirring after Valora has taken a big spill to the outside and the non-legal participants are laid out not far from her!

[The Executioner makes his way to the ropes and uses them to stand. As Luna Pier racks up toward the ten count Jordan exits the ring to break it. He’s groggy and slow to move, but eventually makes his way over to Valora. Grabbing a handful of hair he throws her into guard rail before backing her into the ring apron. He rolls her into the ring, but makes sure to leave her with her neck laid out prone over the apron. Locking in a choke hold he holds her there as he yells something to a stirring Eric.]

Jack Gene – Dillinger is getting up before Umbrage as it seems Umbrage took the worst impact of that fall when he hit his head on the concrete.

[Eric gets up onto the apron and tells Jordan to move out of the way. As soon as the Executioner is clear Eric hops into the air and drops a big leg drop across Valora’s neck in a modified Huntsville Death Sentence. The Great Lakes Champ is gasping for air as her opponent drags her into the middle of the ring and makes the cover.]

Luna Pier – One! Two! Thr—

Jack Gene – And Valora kicks out before Luna Pier can count to three.

Bill Hughes – You’d think she’d be used to spending time on her back by now.

Jack Gene – Why does it always have to go there with you?

Bill Hughes – I like the cheap heat.

[Jordan Keyser picks up Valora and moves her over toward the ropes. Quickly he picks her up in a vertical suplex and drops her neck first across the top rope with the Garrotte Vil. She falls into the ring and lays nearly motionless. Jordan goes to make the cover, but Valora shoots to life and wraps him up in a small package!]

Luna Pier – One! Two!

[Jordan shifts his weight and counters the pin.]

Luna Pier – One! Two!

[Valora shifts her weight.]

Luna Pier – One! Two!

[Jordan shifts his weight.]

Luna Pier – One! Two!

[Finally, Valora lets go of the hold. Jordan swings for the fences with a big clothesline that’s easily countered as Valora goes behind him with a backslide pin.]

Luna Pier – One! Two!

[Keyser kicks out and rebounds to his feet, but the Great Lakes Champ takes him down with a double legged take down. She rolls forward and pins him, hooking the legs as he does.]

Luna Pier – One! Two!

[Keyser is able to power out and use his legs to power Valora backward onto her shoulders and into a seated powerbomb position.]

Luna Pier – One! Two!

[Valora kicks out and gets to her feet quickly. She plants a diving dropkick between Keyser’s eyes and ends the back and forth action. Exhausted, both competitors lay in the ring panting.]

Crowd – That Was Awesome! **CLAP, CLAP** That Was Awesome! **CLAP, CLAP** That Was Awesome! **CLAP, CLAP** That Was Awesome! **CLAP, CLAP** That Was Awesome! **CLAP, CLAP**

[Valora, keeping her team alive, gets to her feet and looks out at the crowd. Standing over Keyser she leans back into the ropes and goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Dillinger enters the ring and knocks her onto her back with a huge haymaker! Dillinger shouts a few words of encouragement to his partner as he exits the ring at Luna Pier’s behest.]

Jack Gene – As this match progresses it is definitely anybody’s game. Back and forth this whole match and each member of both teams have certainly been covering their team mate’s actions

Bill Hughes – This is what tag team wrestling is about.

Jack Gene – Wow, no witty one-liner that time.

Bill Hughes – I like boobs.

Jack Gene – Not really witty or much of a one-liner, but I’ll take it.

[Keyser mounts Valora with a blatant choke, but Luna Pier is there to make the count. Not even giving Luna the time to make the count he brakes his own illegal hold and straddles her. He lands a 12 to 6 elbow shot followed by another elbow shot that goes from left to right across her nose. Keyser yells something inaudible at her before he goes for the tag.]

Jack Gene – Dillinger in the ring now as he and Keyser pick Valora up and take her over to a corner. Dillinger hangs her upside down in the tree of woe as Keyser begins to lay shots into her exposed midsection. Both men now head across the ring as Dillinger whips Keyser—and a devastating diving baseball slide to Valora!

Bill Hughes – But they’re not done!

[Dillinger follows in with a baseball slide of his own to complete the assisted Boot Party. Suspended she hangs motionless. Dillinger nonchalantly unhooks her legs and lets her fall to the mat. He makes the cover.]

Luna Pier – One! Two! Three!

Bill Hughes – They did it!

Jack Gene – No! Luna Pier is waving it off! Valora’s foot was on the bottom rope!

[Dillinger can't believe it as he is literally beside himself looking down at the befallen Valora. He puts two hands to his head and shakes it. He glares down at her and yells.]

Eric Dillinger – Why won’t you stay down!?!?!

[Dillinger grabs a hanfull of hair and pulls Valora to her feet. She begins to fight back with a few punches to Dillinger's ribcage, but the Bastard Icon shrugs them off and drops her with a knee to the gut. She falls to her knees and Eric raises a huge right fist that drops her back down to the mat. Eric backs off into the corner located directly behind WMW's Queen of Extreme and beckons for her to rise. The beating her body has sustained is nearly too much for her as she stumbles back down to a knee once she makes it to her feet. Eric signals for a Shining Wizard.]

Jack Gene – Dillinger is going to try and end it with a sickening knee shot as he comes in, but there’s Umbrage and–

Bill Hughes – Riot Act! Riot Act on Dillinger!

[The air is driven out of the Bastard Icon as he impacts the mat and bounces up to a seated position before slowly rolling over onto his face. He has a glazed look in his eyes as Umbrage stands over him with his arms raised. It's not long before Jordan Keyser tackles Umbrage back first into a corner. Luna Pier is checking on both Eric and Valora as this happens, but soon turns their attention to the brawl happening not far off. As this happens Valora begins to stir.]

Bill Hughes – Keyser is like a red neck with out his yellow red neck mustard. He’s posessed!

[At this point Keyser drops Umbrage with a kick to the midsection and goes back to his fallen partner. He drags Eric into their corner and exits the ring. Holding his ribs, Dillinger strains as he stretches out his injured body and tags in his partner. Immediately, Jordan explodes into the ring and knocks Valora back down to the mat with a clothesline. He picks her up and gives her a hard chop that sends her into the ropes. He takes a moment to jaw jack with a few of the fans before he goes over to the Great Lakes Champ and wrings the arm. He goes for a whip, but Valora reverses. Jordan hits the ropes and Valora goes for high knee, but the Executioner ducks. Jordan, using his momentum, continues on and rebounds off the other ropes. He zeroes in on a turning Valora, but Umbrage reenters the fray and catches him with a devastating spine buster.]

Bill Hughes – Riot Act on Keyser!

Jack Gene – And Valora is up the top turnbuckle faster than you can say Aztec Riot!

[Valora flies back and hits the Aztec Moonsault, but seemingly bounces off of Keyser on impact. Her midsection is hurt as she rolls away to the ropes. Umbrage, seeing this, immediately covers Keyser and signals for Luna Pier to make the pin.]

Jack Gene – Umbrage isn’t the legal man, but with Valora in that condition I don’t think that she can afford to make the pin!

Bill Hughes – Luna Pier is going with it. Sexist! Sexist!

[As Luna drops to make the cover Eric Dillinger slips into the ring. He quickly moves past Umbrage and Keyser and goes for Valora.]

Luna Pier – One!

[Eric grabs her by the hair and lifts her to her feet.]

Luna Pier – Two!

[She tries to fight him off, but Eric stuns her with a kick to the midsection. Immediately, he hooks her head and waist.]

Luna Pier – Three!

Jack Gene – The Hardcore Icons did it! They defeated the team of True Crime!

Bill Hughes – The match is over, but the fight isn’t!

[Umbrage rolls off of his Keyser and turns to where his partner had fallen only to see her hoisted into the air above Dillinger's head. The Bastard Icon smiles at Umbrage as he makes his way across the ring, but he's too slow as the Eric drops Valora straight onto her head with the Northern Lights Driver.]

Jack Gene – Broken Glass on Valora, but the match is already over!

[As soon as she hits the mat Eric has rolled out of the ring. Umbrage throws a kick that hits the bottom rope, shaking it violently. The male half of the Hardcore Icons is visiblyl upset, but only cares about the safety of his fallen partner who is not moving. Eric, though, moves around the ring and pulls Jordan out of it by the foot. Once on the outside, Eric shakes Jordan awake and begins to help his partner back stage. Amidst a chorus of boos and a small section of cheers he raises an arm in a showing of triumph in defeat.]

Jack Gene – Another victory for the Hardcore Icons, but at what price? Valora isn’t moving.

Bill Hughes – It’s a move no one has kicked out of yet as far as Eric Dillinger claims. Judging from what we see now I think I believe it… Hey, what do you say we go down there and get a peek down her shirt while she’s out?

WINNERS: The Hardcore Icons: Valora Salinas and Umbrage


Duesner - And because of the stinger Valora received in that match and the uncertainty of the title belt situation, tomorrow night’s scheduled match against Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Angels of Death was called off.

Bacardi – The WWR Power Rankings came out earlier today and here’s how the federations stacked up.


1        All-Star Championship Wrestling 30.4
2        High Impact Wrestling (Experts) 25.4
3        Wrestling Midwest (WfWA) 22.9
4        Empire Pro Wrestling (F-Wrestling) 20
5        Sin City Wrestling (Experts) 19.1
6        Phoenix Wrestling Revolution (Experts/CWC) 17.4
7        Simcoe County Championship Wrestling (Experts) 13.5
8        PRIME (PTC) 12.8
9        Genesis Pro 12.4
9        Universal Wrestling Federation 12.4
11      Pro Wrestling Fury 12.3
12      Global Division of Wrestling 10.9
13      Volatile Wrestling Alliance  10
14      Just Wrestling (PTC) 9.2
15      New Era (CWC) 8.4

-no change in the top two.  ACW continues to gobble up established talent having signed on Spike Saunders and Callie Urban aka The Entourage to their tag team roster.  High Impact Wrestling also flourishing with the recent addition of Valerie Belmont to their roster.

-Wrestling Midwest continues to climb up the rankings as the rest of the roster seems to be catching up with Valora Salinas.  Hecate is in the Top 15 singles.  Jade and Father Nathan are knocking on the door of the Top 30.  Three tag teams in the Top 20.

-Sin City Wrestling moves up eight spots as Bryan Payne enters the Top 10 and J.T. Cash (note: the SCW J.T. Cash- not to be confused with the Simcoe County J.T. Cash) wins the SCW Title and pops into the Top 30.

-Genesis Pro bursts into the Top 15 at #9 on the strength of former champion Jim Rooster staying in the Singles Top 15 after losing his title to Seth Iser and Stephen Messier making a run up the single’s rankings.

-Pro Wrestling Fury also debuts in the Top 15 at #11 as three wrestlers (Noaki Fukuda, Hiroaki Nakata, and Jet Jaguar) hover just in or near the Top 30.

-Global Division of Wrestling rejoins the Top 15 at #12 with three wrestlers in the Top 75 and Hidden Desires sitting at #6 on the Tag Team Rankings.

-Just Wrestling debuts at #14 behind ‘Normal’ John Johnson recent title win and Back Alley Brawler’s victory in the MVP match at the last Just Wrestling show.


Bacardi – One reason that ACW has been dominant in the Federation Power Rankings is Alias.  He’s the new #1 in the WWR Singles rankings and heavily involved in one of the hottest angles in wrestling- the ongoing bounty on his head.  Last week on Courage 107, he teamed up with Jesse Ramey to face Khristian Keller and Jade Argent.  If he or Ramey made the pin, Alias retained the title.  If Keller or Argent made the pin, they would be the new champion and claim the bounty.

Alias (c) and Jesse Ramey vs. Khristian Keller and Jade Argent- $600,000 Bounty on Alias’s head
All-Star Championship Wrestling’s Courage 107

What was inevitably going to turn into one massive cluster fuck had finally been restored to order. Had SilverHAWK not intervened there would have been no telling what chaotic things would have happened. Luckily for Henry Irwonsen things were back on track. None of the men within the ring had ever found themselves teaming alongside their respective partners; and certainly this was a debacle for The King Shit of Fuck Mountain and the Australian Opportunist. The man that Jade Argent had attacked just two weeks earlier was now the one man that he would have rely on during this match.

Alias and Jesse Ramey, though they had never teamed before, at least had a sort of friendship with each other that had been building over the past month. The advantage at this point rested squarely on the Original Pulp Icon and as Alias had come to call him the Right Attitude.

The evidence of the alliances was becoming more evident as Keller and Argent seemed to be arguing about whom would start the match. While Ramey stood in his respective corner, Alias outside on the apron. Irwonsen was visibly beginning to become irritated with the tandem in the opposite corner, but finally the two men came a very dysfunctional decision as Argent slipped out of the ring and onto the apron. Frustration mounted on Ramey’s face as the man who attacked him for no apparent reason the previous week stood across from him. Keller could see this growing in Ramey’s face and only smiled as Irwonsen signaled for the bell and the match to begin.

Keller rushed in driving a knee into Ramey’s gut; Jesse took the impact and flipped over Keller’s leg and onto his rump. Keller twisted and began driving fists of fury into Ramey’s skull; his head still fragile from the beating he took at For Queen and Country, on top of the bloodletting that Argent had caused him on the previous Courage. The match hadn’t even been underway for more than a minute and Keller had caused Ramey’s forehead to pour with blood once again. Keller smiled, came back to a standing position, still holding Ramey’s hair with his left hand, and raised his right hand covered in blood into the air. The fans began to boo; but Keller only smiled at the sight of the blood.

Keller pulled Ramey to a standing base by his hair; and began to wail on his midsection with several stiff shots before sending him off to the ropes. Upon returning Keller sent a massive boot into Ramey’s midsection, and as he crumpled over Keller locked his arms around Ramey’s waist and brought him up and down with an exceptional looking gut wrench power bomb. Jesse’s head bounces off the mats with a sicken thud, and Keller quickly goes into the mount position. Keller continues with the brutality driving several shots into Ramey’s face, following up by grabbing him by the hair, pulling him forward and delivering a painful head butt.

Ramey dropped back into a pool of his own blood. Keller stood over his body for a moment, turned and smiled at the ACW world champion. Alias seemed to be keeping his cool, but he was itching to get inside of the ring. Keller glanced at Argent who was also smiling on the apron, walked over, and slapped him across the chest. Argent cringed with the impact of the chop, and burst into the ring. The two men began arguing, Argent evidently pissed off at the way Keller had tagged him. Keller only laughed as he slipped out onto the apron. Argent shrugged off the interaction and walked toward Ramey’s downed body only to be caught with a drop toe hold.

Argent’s face bounced off of the canvas; and Ramey rolled back to his feet. The altercation between Keller and Argent had given him enough time to rest. Jesse darted toward the ropes, and as Argent was coming back to his knees Ramey dropped in catching him square in the face with a dropkick. Ramey back to his feet, and against the ropes again, but Argent rolled out of the ring holding his face. Argent began kicking the ring apron when Ramey came flying over the top rope. Instead of stopping when he saw Argent roll out of the ring he picked up the pace a little bit more. Argent had just taken his hands from his face, and by then it was too late. Ramey caught him with a diving corkscrew plancha.

A-C-W! A-C-W! A-C-W! A-C-W!

JEH-sea RAY-mee! Clap Clap Clapclapclap!

The crowd was split in their reaction, but Ramey loved the attention. He stood slowly and looked out at the crowd smiling through his crimson mask. He grabbed Argent by the hair, pulled him to his feet, and rolled him back into the ring. Ramey climbed the apron and then sprang back into the ring with a spring board leg drop, but Argent rolled out of the way. Ramey grabbed at his back side in pain and Alias stood on the bottom rope extending his arm for the tag. The crowd was getting behind Ramey tagging Alias in, but he couldn’t reach him. Argent had found his way back to his feet and as Ramey was trying to extend his hand toward Alias he was met with a set-up enziguri kick to the back of the head.

Ramey collapsed face first, woozy eyed, right in front of Alias. Argent slowly made his way back to his feet and just smiled at a furious Alias. Argent grabbed Ramey by the legs and pulled him back to the center of the ring and then walked toward Keller. Argent finally had the chance to get some pay back as he smacked Keller across the chest; probably harder than Keller had tagged him in. The pain from the chop caused Keller to wince and snarl his lip, but Argent continued to smile as he slipped out onto the apron. Keller entered the ring eyes locked onto Argent, but then turned his frustration on Ramey. He lifted Ramey up onto all fours, wrapped his legs around his waist, and locked his legs together keeping Ramey in his position. He then began to deliver swift forearms to the sides of Ramey’s skull.

He followed up with one final stiff right hand to the back of Ramey’s head. Ramey’s body fell to the mats and splashed into a puddle of his own blood. Keller smiled at Alias as he lifted Ramey back to a standing base; but he couldn’t stand on his own. Keller forced his lifeless body back into a corner, he propped Ramey’s arms over the top rope to keep him standing. Keller walked to the opposite corner, took a quick look around the ring, and then back at Ramey before he darted toward Ramey. Keller attempted a big boot, but Ramey dropped out of the way just in time. Keller found himself bowlegged in a split second when his boot went right over the top rope; the extension of his leg had already done enough damage to his junk. When he finally wriggled free he collapsed on the mats holding his groin.

Ramey popped his head up, looking around the ring woozy. He began scrapping his way toward his corner and the tag that he so desperately needed. Ramey was only a half an inch away when Keller grabbed him by the leg. Keller smiled looking at Alias, but what he wasn’t expecting was the kick to the side of the head that Ramey was going to give him. Jesse twisted his body and planted Keller right on the temple forcing him to release the grasp on his boot. Keller staggered backwards and Ramey dove toward Alias’ hand.

Ramey rolled out of the ring and Alias burst in with extreme fury; Keller rushed Alias only to be met with a stiff right that floored him as a fans went fucking mental. Argent darted into the ring and was met with the same; Keller back to his feet and down once again with a right. Argent back to his feet and a spine buster later he was rolling back out of the ring. Keller back to his feet and met with a boot to the midsection, Alias whips him across the ring and into the turnbuckles.

Alias walks over and in a matter of seconds had delivered several stiff shots to Keller’s head and midsection. He ended the assault with a huge elbow to the side of Keller’s head. Keller crumpled to the bottom rope; Alias turned and took a good three feet. Alias rushed back in with a massive boot to the side of Keller’s head.

Alias pulled Keller back to his feet and was trying to get him back to the middle of the ring when Keller racked Alias’ eyes. Alias turned and staggered around trying to get his focus back, but Keller quickly tagged Argent back into the ring. While Alias was stumbling around Argent ran in diving and catching his knee with a stiff chop block. Alias collapsed to the mats in pain. Argent back to his feet smiling wiped the hair from his face and then began stomping away at Alias’ body methodically. He would kick Alias in the head, move to his shoulder, his arm, and his hand. Until he had made his way around Alias’ body and then right back to his skull; Argent laughed with one last blow to Alias’ skull.

Argent struggled for a moment trying to pull Alias back to his feet, but when he did finally get him to a standing base he was met with something unexpected. Alias grabbed hold of Argent’s arm and whipped him across the ring and into the ropes. Upon returning Alias grabbed hold of Argent and brought him up and down with a massive t-bone suplex. Alias rolled over on top of Argent, in the mount position, and began driving lefts and rights into his face. Alias grabbed hold of Argent’s hair, and as he came to a crouched position he drove a knee right into Argent’s nose. Alias covered Argent’s body for the pin attempt.




Argent managed to get a shoulder up, and Alias, being the calculated veteran that he was didn’t hesitate when he lifted Argent back to his feet. This was the time that Keller made his presence felt once more, he had slipped into the ring without Irwonsen seeing him, Keller grabbed Alias by the back of the head. He delivered a stiff elbow to Alias and then brought him down with a reverse DDT before the Irwonsen could pull him off. Ramey was jumping on the middle rope screaming for Irwonsen to get things back in control, but it was too late. Keller had already done his damage.

Both Alias and Argent lay on the canvas; Alias now motionless, while Argent was beginning to stir and make his way to his corner. Alias rolled on the mats holding his head, while Argent continued to crawl his way to his corner. Ramey still standing on the middle rope began clapping trying to get the crowd rallied in Alias’ favor.

A-LI-AS! A-LI-AS! A-LI-AS! Clap Clap clapclapclap!

Argent dove out slapping Keller’s hand and then ducked under the ropes. Argent rolled to the outside of the ring to catch his breath. Alias was on all fours crawling toward his corner, when Keller burst into the ring and came at him with some velocity. Keller attempted to kick Alias in the head, but Alias moved out of the way, Keller continued right into the corner where Ramey was standing on the second rope. He was met by a forearm shot from Ramey that sent him staggering backwards. Alias with a burst of energy went from his all fours position to pouncing on Keller as he turned around with an explosive clothesline. He continued by diving forward slapping Ramey’s wrist, Jesse entered the ring and right on top of Keller with a spring board senton.

Jesse pulled Keller back to his feet and whipped him off into the ropes. He followed quickly behind driving Keller’s head back into the top turnbuckle with a calf kick. Back to his feet quickly Ramey wrapped Keller’s head up under arm, twisted him around, and then jumped seating himself on the top rope. Ramey jumped from the middle rope twisting Keller’s body around and planting his head in the middle of the ring with a tornado DDT.


Was this now Ramey’s big chance?



Keller was out… or was he? And evident grin on Keller’s face caused Ramey to visibly bristle.


As the third strike was counted all Ramey could think about was the wink that he had just been giving by the stationery Keller. The bell rang as Alias was granted to be the winner… but had he? As Ramey got to his feet Keller to his, just as quickly with a sarcastic shrug, and the disappointment which was on the face of Jade Argent was not a look of sheer rage.

K2 rolled out of the ring with everyone watching… the question was, had he just fucked over everyone?

Ramey got up on the turnbuckle and demanded Keller get back into the ring, he had not won this match with honor and that, to him, was as bad as a defeat. Argent was now in the ring, cursing and swearing at the Bastard King of Ages for costing him his chance at World Title gold, and also that big wedge of money.

As Keller walked by the Champion, he simply nodded and uttered one phrase.

“You owe me one asshole.”

Alias smiled, and yelled over his shoulder.

“You kiddin’ me? You just paid me back five years after the fact, ya bastard.”

Though as Alias turned around to glare at Khristian Keller, with distain and renewed disappointment, he could see Trey Vincent at the top of the ramp. He was ranting like Jade Argent, or raving like Jesse Ramey. He wasn’t going to attack Henry Irwonsen like Shawn Jessica Hart had last week, and he wasn’t going to say something coyly funny on the way out of this weeks episode, as he had so many times before against Keith Scott Zimmerman.

No, Trey Vincent was none of these things. He was quiet. He was still.

Though he was far from calm.

Most importantly, there was a concrete plan in TV’s eyes. Alias could see it, but he couldn’t see what it was. And THAT, dear viewers, was what was truly unsettling to the Original Pulp Champion. A line had been crossed by Alias tonight, in the mind of Trey Vincent…

So next week, Trey Vincent wasn’t just going to put a bounty on Alias’s head… he was sending people after Alias that’d take OFF his head, while also taking his World Championship. Alias was not making it to Legends.

WINNER: Jesse Ramey & Alias via PINFALL (Jesse Ramey over Khristain Keller); Alias retains ACW World Title.



Missouri Valley Wrestling

The lineup for Missouri Valley Wrestling Presents Arch Wrestling Madness:

Easton-West (Marlee Easton and Sharelle West)
VIP Brin and Sky

‘Rock and Roll Chick’ Shanna Barrett w/Molly Hatchett
‘Lingerie Girl’ Brandi Bayless

The Pinups (Sabrina James and Alicia Rowe)
The Original Beach Girlz (Michelle Love and Brenda Johnston)

Sarah Mae Smith
Hallie Burton

TV Title Match
Katie Collins (c)
‘The Manchester Masterpiece’ Brooke Evans

MVW Title Match
‘Sweet Southern Comfort’ Jackie Daniels (c)
Miss USA

Angels of Death (Angel Casey and Angel Scott)

Tomorrow Night at Missouri Valley Wrestling


AWAppalachian Wrestling

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Bacardi – I am so looking forward to our feature match.  Level-One has been dominant on the WWR Singles rankings and tonight, he faces Pence Weatherlight in defense of his Action Packed Wrestling World Title.  Let’s go to Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas for the match and join the match in progress.

Alias (c) vs. Pence Weatherlight
Action Packed Wrestling Rasslemania
Announcers: Chase and Harvey


Harvey: Level-One looked to wrap the match up, quicker then he was ready to with that one and the referee paid a price for it—as did Pence Weatherlight who very well could have gotten the pin right now.

Chase: This can’t be happening! You know how that cheating Pence Weatherlight is! He’ll end up taking advantage of this situation like the scum bag he is; this is disgusting!


before the three Level-One kicks out not knowing the referee is knocked nor a count had been made but it’s nothing more then a reflex for him, maybe even an instinct and Pence Weatherlight can’t help but doubt his ability to finish the match. Though, he doesn’t give up… that hasn’t even crossed his mind. Pence Weatherlight walks over to the downed referee pulling on his shirt trying to wake up the referee, slapping him across the face but to no avail.

Level-One on his back finds himself staring up at the lights; and grins. He can tell by the crowds boos that they aren’t happy. He can tell by Pence Weatherlight’s sudden absence of flying fists that he’s elsewhere. The referee is down and he has Pence Weatherlight right where he wants him.

Pence Weatherlight turns his attention to Level-One who pretends to be knocked out as he closes his eyes as tight as he can. Pence Weatherlight leans over to pick him up, only to be caught with a kick to the groin. Pence Weatherlight watches as Level-One opens his eyes and then smiles before kipping to his feet!


Level-One synchs up a front suplex and drives Pence Weatherlights back to the canvas. Level-One spins his legs in the air pulling Pence Weatherlight back to his feet before nailing him with a second suplex. He goes for the tri-vecta and he let’s the world know it as he hold the position taking at least five seconds off the clock, though, for Pence Weatherlight it felt like the entire hour before driving the challenger to the mat with a impactful suplex! In a seated position Level-One wipes the blood from his face and licks his fingers.

Harvey: This isn’t good for Pence Weatherlight right now. I don’t know why President Jeff has to make those goddamn referees so fragile!

Chase: Please, if you get kicked in the head by camel-toe Pence Weatherlight, his hoof would’ve knocked you out too.

Level-One gets to a vertical base and looks down at the knocked out referee. The APW world champion points up at the Rasslemania six banner hanging above the stadium before running his thumb across the throat. He doesn’t think twice before rolling under the bottom rope in a hurry, and throwing up the ring clothing fitted with the Rasslemania six, digging for a weapon. The crowd stirs with frustration as Level-One retrieves a steel chair!

Pence Weatherlight is on his knees as Level-One rolls under the bottom rope, springs to his feet and drives the chair into the back of Pence Weatherlight knocking him back to the mat. Like a rabid animal, Level-One circles the ring, shouting out to the booing crowd.


”You want to play this game, Pence Weatherlight?”

Level-One slams the chair against the back of Pence Weatherlight once again.

”I will break you in half for fucking with me!”

Level-One lifts the chair over his head slamming it into the back of Pence Weatherlight, again… the again…then again, then again and when the backing of the chair flies off; he turns upside down and rives the rim into the back and spine of Pence Weatherlight who doesn’t even dare to move. Level-One slams the chair to the ground as the crowd cries fowl.

Harvey: Oh come on! This is a sick attack by Level-One! What hasn’t Level-One done to ensure he picks up the victory, Chase?

Chase: Are you watching the same match!? Clearly, Level-One was just beating Pence Weatherlight to the punch. In fact, if Pence was in his position it would have been a lot worse! Stop being so biased and call the match fair this is Rasslemania for god sakes!

Level-One wipes away the remaining blood from his fast and shoves his fingers in the mouth of the referee which seems to do the trick as the referee begins to stir. Desperately, Level-One pulls the still dazed referee to his feet and pointing at Pence Weatherlight. Level-One drops to his knees and rolls Pence Weatherlight from his back to his belly, hooking the leg!

…Pence Weatherlight kicks out? The fans can’t believe it as they explode to their feet with around of applause. Level-One shakes his head back and forth violently, telling the referee he doesn’t know how to count. He insists it’s a three the referee disagrees. Level-One tells the referee he broke Pence Weatherlights spine and it’s impossible for him to kick out but the referee is instant in his call and tells Level-one he will not reverse it.

An enraged Level-One gets back to his feet sighting his eyes on the referee as he clenches his fist and threatens to hit him. The referee says such action will result in a disqualification and a point for Level-One, he curses under his breath as he exits the ring and walks over to the ring announcer pushing him out of the way, and grabbing a large hour glass on display.


Harvey: What in the world is Level-One doing? As pathetic as it maybe, Level-One has the perfect opportunity to work off the damage he has done to Pence Weatherlight with that steel chair.

Chase: I don’ see what the big deal is. All Level-One is doing with that hour glass is seeing how much time is left in the match. Duh!

Level-One re-enters the ring and immediately bothered by the referee telling him he can’t bring the hour glass into the ring.

”I can do whatever I damn well please! Move the hell out of my way!”

The referee yanks the hour glass from the hand of Level-One placing it in the corner of the ring, and guarding it with his body. The champion is livid and yanks the referee by his striped black and white coloured shirt pulling him out his way and once again retrieving the hour glass. Pence Weatherlight is defying the odds as he slowly pulls himself up, his legs are now jelly at best. He’s not sure if he can walk but he’d damn well try, because in this moment in time it’s the only choice he has.

The referee once again pulls and yanks at the hour glass which Level-One refuses to give up, as they engage in a tug of war. Pence Weatherlight pushes himself to his feet but jelly legged he wanders towards to Level-One falling to his knees various times in the process but sparingly, gets back to his feet each time.

Level-One wins the battle of tug of war as he rips it from the referee’s hands up in turn—it’s smashed right across the skull of Pence Weatherlight! The sands spills all over the ring, as Pence Weatherlight collapses to the mat with glass embedded in his face!

The referee looks at the carnage in the ring and points at Level-One blaming him for the bloody result. The referee points at him and waves his hands in the air—while Level-One protests that he didn’t intend to hit Pence Weatherlight in the face with the hour glass. The referee leans through the ropes and shouts out to the ring side announcer who makes the announcement.


Tony: Winner by Disqualification… Pence Weatherlight. Pence Weatherlight is awarded one point. The current score stands at 1-0.

Chase: WHAT!? That is unfair! Level-One was just screwed by that referee who is obviously in cahoots with that cheater Pence Weatherlight!

Harvey: Level-One had no business at all involving that hour glass in the match to begin with! He wasn’t checking up on the time and you know that!

Chase: What are you talking about? A champion can never be tardy, it’s bad professionalism and he wanted to end Pence Weatherlight off early! This is the biggest screw job in the history of professional wrestling, we can’t let this happen!

Level-One is absolutely livid as he stomps his feet and cries fowl but then he looks down at Pence Weatherlight and like a vulture attacking his pray, he sprints over to Pence Weatherlight and hooks the leg, as he itches for a pin!



Level-One springs to his feet like he just won the match as he leans over the ring ropes and proceeds to celebrate the crowd as a few rowdy fans throw cups of beer at him.

Tony: Winner by Pin-fall… Level-One. Level-One is awarded one point. The current score is tied at 1-1

Chase: Justice is served! Oh, sweet Jesus, justice has been served!

Harvey: That isn’t justice! Pence Weatherlight has glass sticking out of his face only for Level-One to be awarded with a point for it! Absolutely, ridiculous!

Pence Weatherlight looks up at the lights the blood in his eyes blind him. Blood pours out of the reapers fresh wounds painting him a crimson mask. The APW champion camps out by leaning against the turn-buckle and waiting for Pence Weatherlight to make it back to his feet. Pence Weatherlight wipes at his face or whatever has left of it and as he struggles to his feet a grin across his face as he mumbles.


”You take my face… I take your life!”

Pence Weatherlight turns around as Level-One sprints forward for a spear but Pence Weatherlight dives out of the way, as Level-One smashes his shoulder into the post at full speed. The expert grabs his shoulder as he tries to shake the feeling back into it but instead is picked up off his feet and driven to the mat with a huge battle-testimony, spine buster! Pence Weatherlights blood face print is painted on the chest of Level-One as he sloppily hooks the leg!


Level-One kicks out as Pence Weatherlight flops over on his back knowing that not even that wasn’t enough to put the champion away.

Harvey: Pence Weatherlight hit a big move. Usually, it’s a set up for something even bigger but Pence Weatherlight was barely able to pull it off.

Chase: That’s right, Harvey. Pence Weatherlight isn’t the pretty poster child now that Level-One has something to say about it. Pence Weatherlight should stop trying to hassle Level-One and just take his losses and make them his gains. Nobody expected him to do as well as he has done, anyways!

Harvey: Pence Weatherlight was the underdog before he came into this match, Chase—and he didn’t come into this match to cut it close, he wants to win and I think he can pull it off as we head into the last quarter of this match!


The crowd claps their hands together. At first, they clap slow… then faster… the faster as they try to give the fan favourite a new breath of fresh air. Pence Weatherlight chants as he makes it up to his knees, bloodied and bruised and sets his eyes on top turnbuckle. Pence Weatherlight points at the turnbuckle as the fans cheer even louder. Pence Weatherlight gingerly makes his a way to the top turnbuckle. He engages with a struggle just to pull himself up to the top turn-buckle but the time he gets on top, Level-One manages to regain his bearings.

Pence Weatherlight wipes the from his eyes and doesn’t see a right hand from Level-One coming, which eats into his jawbone. Pence Weatherlight begins to teeter totter trying to hold onto the top rope. Level-One climbs up to the top rope as he looks for a top rope suplex but Pence Weatherlight is resilient with his efforts! Pence Weatherlight nails Level-One’ rib cage with shots that annoy him more then anything. Pence is able to capitalize on it though as Level-One abandons the suplex.

Pence Weatherlight looks to turn the tables as he grabs Level-One in a belly to belly suplex position and begins to drill headbutt shots into the dome of the APW champion! Pence Weatherlight with nothing left to lose but the match manages to send Level-One off the turnbuckle and down to the canvas. The crowd cheers as Pence Weatherlight finds it in himself to stand up right on the top turnbuckle. He soars through the air dropping a elbow into the heart of the champion! The Peoples plea… the peoples plea! Pence Weatherlight holds the arm over Level-One’s chest as he makes the pinfall…


Level-One kicks out and perhaps retains his APW championship, as he looks at the action-tron with hope burning in his eyes—all he has to do from now on is hold on. Pence Weatherlights expression on the other hand is hidden by his crimson mask.


Harvey: I can’t believe it, Chase! Pence Weatherlight has thrown everything at the champion but can’t seem to break him for good! Pence Weatherlight has got to be asking himself what it’s going to take to put the champion down for good!

Chase: I love it! The champions advantage is working out for Level-One right now. Pence is going to need to score another pin to win—all Level-One has to do is maintain his score!

Level-One and Pence Weatherlight both begin to stir. Pence Weatherlight is to his knees as so is Level-One. They both stare at each-other. Pence Weatherlight still see’s him as the overconfident bastard he’s always been. Level-One see’s Pence Weatherlight’s crimson mask and feels like that says, it all. Pence Weatherlight wipes his face and then flicks his blood particles into the face and chest of Level-One and slaps him across his face.

”Come on, Level! You aren’t going to be able to kick out forever!”

Level-One nods his head up and down as he stumbles up to his feet and allows Pence Weatherlight to follow. They stare at each-other once again this time on their feet. Level-One brazenly, points up at the Rasslemania banner as Pence Weatherlight points at the action-tron as if to say, it isn’t over yet.

There’s still 10 minutes left.

The two circle the ring and lock up once again. Neither man gives up and inch in the initial grappling war. Still, the champion is able to regain the advantage with a knee to the gut of Pence Weatherlight before Irish whipping him into the ropes. Pence Weatherlight comes back with a boot to the face but Level-One is able to side step Pence Weatherlight. Pence Weatherlight turns around… and is caught with a huge pele kick!

The shot sends Pence Weatherlight wheeling backwards but manages to stay on his feet as he falls back into the ropes. Level-One grabs Pence Weatherlights wrist and pulls him onto his shoulder for the Darkness Shine!

Pence Weatherlight however smashes his elbow into the face of Level-One long enough to roll down the back of Level-One cradling him to the mat with a crucifix pin trapping Level-One’s arms to the mat!


…Level-One rolls out!

Pence is in trouble! Level-One has still got Pence Weatherlight in his grips as he scoops him up, again, this time while on his knees and eventually back up to vertical base the crowd cannot believe it! Level-One nails Pence Weatherlight with the Darkness shine, F-5! Level-One looks at the clock and hooks the leg…


Pence Weatherlight kicks out and the give the biggest pop of the entire night!


Harvey: Pence Weatherlight has showed some amazing heart! He’s nearly bled to death but he’s putting up one hell of a fight refusing to give up!

Chase: I have to give credit where credit is due but Pence Weatherlight maybe tossing his entire career out the window for what is a lost cause, Harvey.

Level-One looks up at the referee and cries out; how did he kick out, he asks the referee. Level-One rolls over onto his stomach looking down at Pence Weatherlight with disgust as he stands above him, shouting him down.

”When I knock you down you are going to stay down, do you understand me!”

Level-One then proceeds to stomp the perimeters around Pence Weatherlight; foot stomp after foot stomp, as he’s killing an entire ant farm. Maliciously, Level-One finally shows Pence Weatherlight some mercy, but that’s only because he decides to pick Pence Weatherlight up to his feet and light him up with some cross chops!

Level-One Irish whips Pence Weatherlight into the ropes as Pence Weatherlight throws his way into a spear on the way back but Level-One is able to hop over the head of Pence Weatherlight who hits the ring rope and Level-One tries to roll him up from behind!


Pence Weatherlight is able to shit his weight. Pence Weatherlight has all his weight on the chest of Level-One as Pence Weatherlight uses Level-One’s leg for leverage!


Level-One powers out. Pence Weatherlight falls chest first against the ring apron out of sheer exhaustion as blood continues pour from the reapers face. Level-One storms to his feet as he immediately goes back onto the attack. He pulls Pence Weatherlight up to his knees and cockily, slaps him right across the face. Level-One places his hand under Pence Weatherlights chin, looks into his eyes, but Pence Weatherlight spits into his face!

”Enjoy my spit because I am taking your title!”

The fans cheer as the champion closes his eyes and pretends it never happened. He wipes the gob of bloody spit off with his hand and then slaps Pence Weatherlight across the face again—before Level-One kicks Pence Weatherlight square in the chest as Pence Weatherlight collapses back down to the mat. Level-One doesn’t say anything, he just glances at the clock and smiles.


Harvey: Level-One shouldn’t be so complacent, Chase. If he wants to ensure victory, heading into the final minutes of this match he’s going to have to put Pence Weatherlight away.

Chase: I disagree, Harvey. The best strategy, is for Level-One to play it safe and control the pace of this match up and look to run down the clock. No need to get fancy.

Harvey: Opinions… everyone has got them.

It’s as if Level-One hears Chase’s words and uses them to his advantage because for a solid minute, Level-One sits by the corner turnbuckle formulating a plot while he watches Pence Weatherlight slowly, uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet.

5:00 minute warning!

Level-One watches the time die down as Pence Weatherlight reaches a vertical base. Level-One pushes forward and kicks Pence Weatherlight in the groin and hooks the arms looking for a Level-Advance vertabreaker but Pence Weatherlight reverses it into a backslide looking to steal a win from under the champions nose!


Level-One rolls out hooking, Pence Weatherlights arm with him and manages to carry Pence Weatherlight on his back like a back pack! Level-One looks to end the match but Pence Weatherlight is able to find it in his heart to plant his feet on the ground and lift Level-One over his shoulders with all his might, dropping the much heavier Level-One on the back of his neck with Level-Advance! Both men lie in the ring, neither one moving as the crowd is off their feet!

”Thank you, APW. Thank you, APW. Thank you, APW”


Harvey: What a set of reversals there! Pence Weatherlight was able to find it in his heart to reverse Level-One’s own finisher on him in return!

Chase: Yeah, but Pence Weatherlight is damaged goods. His momentum comes is forms of explosions but consistency is the key! The pressure is all on Pence Weatherlight in a tie and that’s exactly what we have going into the last nail biting minutes of this match!

Yet, another Pence Weatherlight chant builds up through the building as Pence Weatherlight spams on the canvas kicking up his feet wildly. Level-One rolls out onto his stomach and for the first time of the match wears doubt on his face. Level-One itches and claws to his feet while Pence Weatherlight channels his angry through the electric crowd. Level-One quickly finds himself to his feet and Pence Weatherlight is right there to follow!


Level-One moves in looking to take Pence Weatherlights head off his shoulders with a clothesline but Pence Weatherlight is able to snake around and take Level-One’s vulnerable back hooking in the Soul Destroyer with a variation of a rear naked choke!

”I got you! Tap out! Do the right thing!”

Pence Weatherlight tries to trash talk his way into the head of Level-One who squirms around with no place to go with Pence Weatherlight synching the choke in! Level-One begins to turn blue in his face while Pence Weatherlight proudly wears his warrior colours. With no place to go, Level-One is forced to throw himself backwards in a last ditch effort to escape! Pence Weatherlight looses the hold on the way down as Level-One is able to reverse on the way down and falls into mount!


Harvey: So, close for Pence Weatherlight who nearly just choked out the APW champion!

Chase: Pence Weatherlight has never been a technical giant and Level-One was able to capitalize on that… with only two minutes left, the champion is looking closer then ever to retain.

Harvey: Pence Weatherlight has stuck it out thus far though, Chase. Maybe he has something left that we don’t know about yet!

Chase: Well, he better bring it out right now—because it’s now or never for Pence Weatherlight!

Level-One unloads two big right hands into the face of Pence Weatherlight before quickly switching out of the mixed martial arts mount grabbing Pence Weatherlight by his leg! Pence Weatherlight is able to snake around the ankle of the expert though but Level-One rolls out of the attempted submission and ends up crossing Pence Weatherlights legs over… he locks in the House of Pain!


Level-One has the manuever locked in the middle of the ring, as he cranks back on the hold. This submission works everything from the legs, to the spine and on upwards to the neck. A submission that solidifies the damage Level-One had done to Pence Weatherlight from point A to B. Pence Weatherlight however had shown his heart. His heart to never give up, no matter how much pain he was put through. Pence Weatherlight screams, he claws, and he pulls himself towards the ropes, until he reaches out… and he grabs that son of a bitch with all his might! The crowd gives an enormous cheer that neither ruptures both mens ear drum.

”Pence! Pence! Pence!”


Harvey: Level-One was looking to kill the clock with that submission, maybe even tap Pence Weatherlight out but he survived and now this match may just come down to the wire!

Chase: Level-One needs to leave that ring, and hi-tail it! He’s got this match in the bag, Harvey!

Level-One argues with the referee as Pence Weatherlight pulls himself up to his feet as fast as he possibly can. Pence Weatherlight sees his chance and he doesn’t look back. He turns Level-One around and lifts him as high as his broken body will let him carry him, driving him to the mat with a Heavy Artillery spine buster which rattles the ring!


Pence Weatherlight spins around falling against the ropes the fans have absolutely gone ape shit as Pence Weatherlight points up to the turnbuckle. The crowd cheer in approval. As Pence Weatherlight pulls his way to the very top, as quick as his body will allow him to. He says a short prayer before taking flight for the second time in the match… and it pays off as he drives the elbow into the heart of the champion who looks as if he is seziuring in the ring. Pence Weatherlight glances up at the clock!


Pence Weatherlight thinks about going for a pin but sees Level-One slowly, trying to pull himself back to his feet, ever so slowly…


Pence Weatherlight doesn’t have the time to wait as he picks Level-One up to his feet. Pence Weatherlight throws Level-One’s arm over his back and wraps his arm around the chest and throat of Level-One. It seems like an eternity, as the entire arena is on their feet cheering… Pence Weatherlight lifts the champion up… and then drops him to the mat. HEAVY ARTILLERY!


Harvey: Pence Weatherlight hit it! He hit the Heavy Artillery!

Chase: No, no! It can’t end like this…

Pence Weatherlight looks up at the clock…


…and throws an arm across the chest of Level-One as the referee is already in place to count the pin.



Harvey: Oh my god! Pence Weatherlight has defeated Level-One with no more seconds on the clock, you don’t get any closer then that!

Chase: No, this can’t be! It was a quick count… the referee was obviously trying to get the count in before the time ran out. There needs to be a do over, goddamn it!

Pence Weatherlight rolls over onto his back and doesn’t move but the cheers are in full force as the crowd celebrates the big upset.

Tony: Your winner… and the NEW APW world heavyweight champion, Pence Weatherlight!

”Yes we can” chants fill the arena as the referee retrieves the APW world championship and lays it across the chest of a bloodied, bruised and battered Pence Weatherlight but winning the APW championship, seems to heal each one of the wounds inflicted on him over the hour in this moment in time. Through, his crimson mask he smiles. Right beside him the former APW world heavyweight champion rolls onto his stomach beating his fist against the canvas.

Harvey: I don’t think you could have ended off this night with a better way. Pence Weatherlight finally strikes gold and triumphs as the underdog, tonight.

Chase: You could write a better story, a much better story, and that’s Level-One retaining his title! Pence Weatherlight better not get too comfortable.

Harvey: Well, maybe your write about one thing… perhaps this night isn’t over just yet.

Pence Weatherlight springs to his feet and holds the APW world championship high above his head as he climbs up the turn-buckle sharing his new prize with the thousands of fans that came to see and support him tonight. Level-One marches over to Pence Weatherlight and snakes underneath the new APW world heavyweight champion picking him up in a power bomb position ready to lay the champion out… but Pence Weatherlight brings the title onto the top of the head of Level-One sending his rival to the mat as Pence Weatherlight sits on top of him and smiles, through his bloody mask.

”I got you”

Harvey: What an amazing turn of events as Pence Weatherlight dethrones the longest reigning APW world champion in historic fashion.

Chase: You have to wonder just how this night effects the future of the APW.

Pence Weatherlight gets back to his feet and hoists the APW world heavyweight championship over his head as the ”Yes we can chants” turn into ”Yes we did” chants. Pence Weatherlight smiles and nods his head appreciative of the support he had gotten.


3/27-Wrestling Night in America

Wrestling Night in America on HOTv
Saturday March 27th
Hosts: Rick Fantastic and Chastity Gold

Rick Fantastic – Hello and welcome to Wrestling Night in America.   I am Rick Fantastic, your host.  With me is Chastity Gold.  Every week, we will bring you two hours of the best wrestling action from all over the country.

Chastity Gold – That’s right Rick.  We’ll also have wrestling news from the week.

Rick Fantastic – Let’s go to our first match of the night.

Eric Dillinger/Outlaw Biker vs. Father Nathan/Wone
Wrestling Midwest Graveyard Shift 113
Announcers: Bill Hughes and Jack Gene

[The shot opens back up at ringside as Wone walks down to the ring as "Our Truth" by Lacuna Coil plays over the speakers. He stops about midway, and as he does, the music changes to a Gregorian chant is heard echoing throughout the arena. The voice of Fr. Nathan is heard singing a brief line in Latin. The entrance music then starts as 'Elembivos' by Eluveitie plays over the speakers as Fr. Nathan walks out, his cross strapped to his back, dressed in the black robes of a catholic priest. He pauses a moment as he reaches Wone. The crowd cheers his name. He raises his hand in a catholic style blessing before he adjusts his dark colored shades. They walk to the ring together.]

Wayne Inkster – The following contest is set for one fall and has a 15-time limit. It is set for Tag Team rules. On their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 476lbs, they are the team of Father Nathan and Wone!
[The crowd gives him a mixed reaction as they both climb into the ring.]

Jack Gene – And, this is certainly an interesting team. Father Nathan, the Ace Superior Champion, partnering with one of his biggest challengers in the division. Should be interesting to see how long they can last.

Wayne Inkster – And their opponents…

["Never Let It Die," by Hatebreed starts up as Eric Dillinger steps out onto the ramp way. He seemingly moves to the pounding rhythm of the music as he slaps the hands of a few fans, keeping focused on the ring. Outlaw Biker follows shortly behind, also giving the fans some praise.]

Wayne Inkster – At a combined weight of 562lbs. They are the team of Outlaw Biker and Eric Dillinger!

[Eric points the camera at a fan who holds a sign that reads "The Bastard Is Going for Gold!". Eric high fives the fan and makes his way to the ring. Biker slides in and is quickly met by Wone.]

Jack Gene – Oh! And Wone getting the early attack on Outlaw Biker!

Bill Hughes – And here comes Eric Dillinger. This is quickly becoming an all out brawl.

Jack Gene – And there’s the bell! The match has officially started.

Bill Hughes – Strange call by the ref. He should have waited until he had this match under control.

Jack Gene – And Eric Dillinger charging after Father Nathan, but Nathan ducks, OH! And a right hand, and that sends Eric Dillinger over the top rope. Wone with a stomp in the corner on Biker. He pulls him out and, Oh! Running clothesline by Father Nathan, and down goes Biker.

Bill Hughes – And he rolls out to safety.

Jack Gene – A quick start by Wone and Father Nathan. Getting the early advantage over their opponents.

[Eric Dillinger stands up on the outside. He and Biker exchange words before Biker slides back in. Father Nathan sends Wone out of the ring. Nathan quickly charges Biker as Biker stands up. He slams a right hand against him, then another. He pushes Biker into the ropes and sends him across the ring. As Biker bounces back, he attempts a running clothesline, but Father Nathan ducks through it and catches him by the arm. He drags him down from behind.]

Jack Gene – Celtic Cross pin! And here’s the count! …no! Biker was able to roll out before the 1.

[Biker stands back up and Father Nathan hits him with a boot to the midsection, causing him to fall to one knee. He then charges across the ring and slams into Eric, sending him off of the apron.]

Bill Hughes – Ah! Eric Dillinger, just knocked right off of the apron into our announce table.

[As Nathan turns back around, Biker stands straight up. Father Nathan charges, and Biker goes for a big boot, but Nathan blocks it. Nathan slams a forearm shot into the side of his head, before grabbing him and picking him up onto his shoulders with a fireman's carry. He then somersaults forward, slamming Biker into the mat.]

Jack Gene – Oh! And a foreward Samoan Roll by Father Nathan. Nathan back up to his feet and, he tags in Wone. And Wone climbing to the top. He’s measuring him up and…

Bill Hughes – Oh my! Moonsault!

Jack Gene – Wone’s going for the pin! The count! …

Bill Hughes – …NO! Oh!

Jack Gene – My god! Eric Dillinger just broke up the count!

[Dillinger pulls up Wone and immediately hits him with a right hand, and then a forearm to the back.]

Jack Gene – I think Dillinger was fed up on where this match was going.

Bill Hughes – Oh! And here comes Father Nathan, and now Nathan is in the ring.

Jack Gene – Chaos has unfurled here. Nathan trading rights and lefts with Dillinger. And now Wone, joining in to double team Dillinger.

Bill Hughes – Referee Stephen Tyler is trying to get this match back under control, but is obviously struggling.

Jack Gene – Oh! And Outlaw Biker with a huge boot to Wone and now it’s Outlaw Biker mounting Wone and just laying down rights and lefts.

Bill Hughes – Stephen Tyler, trying to pull Biker out of him and OH! Outlaw Biker just pushed the ref back.

Jack Gene – He pushed him, and Tyler isn’t going to stand for it. Tyler is calling for the bell!

Bill Hughes – Biker continues to throw lefts and rights at Wone, but Wone is blocking quite a few of those shots.

[The ref calls for the bell again, but no one seems to be slowing down.]

Jack Gene – Biker is back up and now he’s going after Father Nathan. Oh, but Father Nathan with an elbow.

[Dillinger pulls Father Nathan around, but before he can do anything, Father Nathan lands a stiff kick to the midsection. He falls to his knee. Nathan turns around just as Biker is stumbling back. He walks up to Biker and picks him up onto his shoulders once again. This time, he steadies him and drops him in front of him, before delivering a stiff knee to the midsection.]

Jack Gene – Oh! The price of sin! And, Father Nathan just knocked out Outlaw Biker!

Bill Hughes – But Eric Dillinger is back on his feet and…

Jack Gene – Full Nelson! He’s got him in a Full Nelson and …Slams him down!

Bill Hughes – Punk ‘n Disorderly by Eric Dillinger on the Ace Superior Champion!

[Black Friar slides into the ring just as security hits. He gets in between Eric and Father Nathan.]

Jack Gene – My god! I can’t believe what we’ve just witness! Father Nathan, Wone, Outlaw Biker and Eric Dillinger just in an all-out brawl here in the middle of the WMW ring.

Bill Hughes – Yeah, but Eric Dillinger is still standing! Eric Dillinger came out on top here, and quite possibly just gave him rights to the Ace Superior Championship shot at High Stakes!

[Security floods the rings and pulls all 5 men apart. The shot fades.]


Rick Fantastic - Eric Dillinger has made quite an impact in Wrestling Midwest since coming over from the now defunct World’s Toughest Federation.

Chastity Gold – Yes he has.  The addition of Dillinger to WMW’s roster is just one reason Wrestling Midwest is one of the hottest federations right now.

Rick Fantastic – That’s right.  It all started last year with the emergence of Valora Salinas.  Now with Hecate and Jade, Father Nathan, AWS Man, and The Revolution- Ryven and Kronin among others, this could be the year of Wrestling Midwest.

Chastity Gold – Not to mention that Valora and AWS Man won the High Octane Wrestling Tag Team Titles Wednesday night at their March 2 Glory Pay Per View- a match we will see later on tonight.

Ronnie Long (c) vs. CRIP for Long’s Atlantic Coast Championship Title
Appalachian Wrestling

[CRIP made his entrance first, to a chorus of raucous boos. He flipped off the fans and stood waiting.]

[Then, “Cleansed by Fire” by Alice Cooper hit and the fans exploded. Long walked out of the back, the Atlantic Coast Championship in one hand and his trademark shovel in the other. He made his way towards the ring and rolled in under the bottomÖ]

[Öand CRIP cut him off with a knee before he even got in!]

[As Long dropped his gear and fell to the ringside mats, CRIP just stomped away. He wasn’t trying to be sporting or entertaining, just trying to do as much damage as he could. Grabbing Long by the trench coat CRIP pulled him to his feet and hurled him into the stairs! The stairs separated with a clang. CRIP picked Long up again and scoop slammed him right onto the bottom half!]

[The match hadn’t even started yet and CRIP absolutely disdained the referee’s instructions. He delivered a German suplex to Long on the ringside mats, folding the champ in half.]

[On commentary, Joey the Mouth wondered where Jeff Andrews and Heidi Christenson were.]

[CRIP was still on the offensive outside the ring. Now he grabbed a chair and cracked Long over the head with it.]

[Long just glared at him!]

[CRIP switched gears, push-kicking Long over onto his back and then jamming the edge of the chair into his ribs.]

[Ian Wright pondered whether the match should be thrown out despite not having legally started yet. CRIP picked Long up in a fireman’s carry and dropped him on the guard rail. Leaving Long doubled over it, he jumped to the other side and kicked Long in the face, sending him flipping off the rail and landing on the ringside mats.]

[The referee was screaming at CRIP to get back into the ring. CRIP finally acquiesced. He rolled Long in under the bottom rope and followed, again going into an extended period of stomping as the ref called for the bell.]

[CRIP took a break from stomping to yell an invective into the camera, most of which was lost in the crowd noise. The word that came through was “overrated”. He turned back on Long, pulled him to his feet, and knocked him back into the ropes with a European uppercut.]

[Sending Long on the fly with an Irish whip, CRIP hit the ropes perpendicular, and rebounded with his “Drive By” – that running yakuza kick to the side of the head.]


[No one has to date kicked out of the Drive By, and this will not be the first day.]

[Because Long didn’t even go down.]

[CRIP’s jaw dropped.]

[Long grabbed him by the neck and threw him into the corner. Instead of letting him bounce out, he held him against the post, and delivered a turnbuckle clothesline!]

[And a second one!]

[And a third, fourth, fifth, and a sixth!]

[He sent CRIP across the ring into the other buckle so hard that CRIP came staggering right back out into a BRUTAL running Western Lariat!]

[Long took one knee and placed his hand on the motionless chest of CRIP.]




[Long hadn’t even had time to take off his trench coat. The timekeeper had retrieved the title from where Long had dropped it when CRIP sneak attacked him, and the ref now handed it to him.]

[Long hit all four turnbuckles as the fans chanted his name.]


AWAppalachian Wrestling

DefDefiance Wrestling

Pro Wrestling X


WMWrestling Midwest

World Fantasy Wrestling Alliance


Paige McGillicutty

Paige McGillicutty – Paige McGillicutty with news.

When the WWR Rankings are released on Tuesday, expect The First from A1 Entertainment and Empire Pro Wrestling to debut in the top 30.  The First was the sole survivor of the EPW, New Era War Games match defeating Shawn Jessica Hart.

WfWA Champion Cobra (Defiance Wrestling) should also rejoin the top 30 after successfully defending the title against Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Miss USA last week.  Also look for: Mac Bane from UCWA, Ronnie Long from Appalachian Wrestling, and Jet Jaguar from Pro Wrestling Fury to debut on Tuesday.

High Octane Wrestling’s March 2 Glory PPV aired Thursday night and featured a terrific main event between Christopher America and Mike Polowy for Polowy’s HOFC Title.

I’ll have more news in a bit.

Rick Fantastic – Thanks Paige.  Speaking of HOW’s March 2 Glory.  Our next match features an up and coming female wrestler- Carmen Jennings, against the Hellcat Kirsta Lewis.  Let’s go to Rome, Italy for the match.

Carmen Jennings vs. Kirsta Lewis
High Octane Wrestling ‘March 2 Glory PPV

Announcers: Joe Hoffmann and Benny Newell

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks, next up, is the widely anticipated match between ‘The Hellcat’ Kirsta Lewis and HOW’s newest rookie Carmen Jennings but before we get to that…Scottywood is fired??

Benny Newell: It’s like free porn.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty being fired or…oh nevermind..quiet Benny, now for those who didn’t catch turmoil…

Benny Newell: Your fucking retarded…of course I meant Scotty getting fired…

Joe Hoffman: Um…ooook… what I was going to say was Carmen picked up a huge debut win in the preview War Games match last week as she set out to prove a point here in HOW.

Benny Newell: And she targeted the STD infected Kirsta as her first target

Joe Hoffman: But for those of us who know Kirsta, this match wont be easy for the upstart rookie.

The arena lights go down as “I Get off” by Halestorm begins to play through the PA set up within the Roman Coliseum. Kirsta Lewis then appears as she steps up from the trap door entrance set up wearing all black leather. The crowd boos Kirsta loudly as Lee Best watches her closely from his emperor style seating area.

Brian McVay: This match is scheduled for one fall, making her way to the ring. At 5 foot 6 inches tall, weighing 130 lbs, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Hellcat KIRSTA LEWIS!

As the music continues, Kirsta makes her way towards the ring still being booed loudly. Kirsta stands for a second, taking it all in as the arena lights come back on as we see Kirsta climbing the steel steps and entering the ring, Kirsta stands there as her music cuts out.

Benny Newell: I know she’s got aids and everything, but still

Benny makes a gurgling noise as Flyleaf – I’m so sick begins to kick in over the PA system as the lights dim all around the coliseum as a flickering stage light moves swiftly over towards the trap door. Slowly CJ walks up with her head down and fists clenched. As she makes her way towards the ring, she doesn’t take her eyes off of Kirsta.

Brian McVay: And her opponent, from Essex in the United Kingdom, at 5 foot 7 inches tall, weighing 147 lbs, Carmen Jennings.

CJ lifts her head flicking back her hair and reveals her face throwing a piercing gaze towards Kirsta. She smirks to herself and starts climbing the metal steps and into the ring. Making her way to the turnbuckle, she leans back against it, keeping her eyes on Kirsta the entire time.

Joe Hoffman: This one’s certainly going to be interesting, it’s the biggest bitch in the business versus the newest bitch in the business.

Benny Newell: I thought you were the biggest bitch in the business Joe?

As the referee Matt Boettcher finishes his pre-match checks for illegal objects, he signals for the bell to get this one underway.


Kirsta wastes no time charging towards Carmen and spearing her to the floor, grabbing hair as the two begin to roll around the floor. Carmen rolls on top and attempts a slap that misses as Kirsta reverses and finds herself back on top of Carmen as she rakes at Carmen’s eyes with her nails.

Benny Newell: Cat Fight! I love it, DRINK!

Kirsta pulls Carmen up and whips her to the rope, as she comes back Kirsta catches Carmen with a side slam and goes for an early pin attempt as the referee begins the count


2? No. Kick out from Carmen with ease.

Joe Hoffman: It’s going to take more that that to keep the rookie down after the exciting start she’s had here in HOW.

Benny Newell: I can’t take my eyes off her ass

Joe Hoffman: Carmen’s or Kirsta’s?

Benny Newell: Does it really matter at this point?

Carmen is quick to her feet as the two females lock up, Carmen uses the slight advantage she has in weight to arm drag Kirsta to the floor and quickly springs to her feet, as does Kirsta only to be met with another arm drag from Carmen. Kirsta takes a little longer to get to her feet and as she does is met with a flying elbow from Carmen who instantly picks Kirsta back up and lifts her high up hitting a vertical suplex followed quickly by hooking Kirsta’s leg for the pin.



Kick out from Kirsta. Carmen picks Kirsta up and irish whips her towards the ropes, as Kirsta rebounds she ducks a clothesline attempt from Carmen and turns, as Kirsta hits Carmen with a perfect single legged drop kick that knocks her to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: This really is back and forth between the two females right now

Benny Newell: Speaking of back and forth motions

Joe Hoffman: No Benny, just no.

Kirsta takes advantage of Carmen, hitting a stomp to Carmen’s stomach. Carmen clutches her stomach as she rolls in pain towards the ring ropes. With Carmen on all fours, Kirsta hits a hard boot to Carmen’s rib cage and picks her up. Kirsta throws Carmen into the turnbuckle hard, her own momentum sending her to the floor as Carmen bounces off the turnbuckle hard and hits the floor.

Kirsta picks herself up, walking towards Carmen who is still clutching her stomach in pain. Kirsta picks up Carmen and scoops her up hitting a body slam. Kirsta scowls towards Carmen who is on the mat and drops a knee into Carmen’s rib cage as she continues to work on Carmen’s obvious injury.

Joe Hoffman: Carmen looks to be in some serious pain at the moment.

Benny Newell: I’d happily massage it better for her.

Kirsta picks up Carmen and whips her off the ropes, Carmen in desperation his a spinning wheel kick that drops the hell cat to the floor as both women are down, Boettcher begins a ten count.





Carmen begins to show signs of movement as she makes it to one knee



Kirsta also begins to stir, trying to use the ring ropes as leverage to help her back to her feet as Carmen now makes it to her feet Boettcher stops the count as Carmen grabs Kirsta by the hair and begins to use Kirsta’s hair as she connects with a series of snap mares, almost rag dolling Kirsta Lewis around the ring.

After three snap mare, Carmen picks up Kirsta and hits a DDT, going straight for the pin fall.



3? No! Kick out from Kirsta with only milliseconds to spare.

Joe Hoffman: A close call for the experienced Kirsta there.

Benny Newell: Yeah I bet she’s experienced…DRINK!!

Carmen pounds the mat in frustration, picking Kirsta up, Carmen then whips Kirsta into the corner and runs towards Kirsta. Kirsta gets her feet up and connects with a boot to Carmen’s face. Carmen stumbles back as Kirsta drops down and places Carmen into the corner, as she mounts the corner she begins to punch Carmen repeatedly, with the crowd counting along.







As Kirsta attempts to continue, Carmen uses what energy she has and manages to push the backside of Kirsta up and over, as Kirsta takes a big hit and falls from the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring, landing painfully on her neck.

Joe Hoffman: That could be costly for Kirsta Lewis, looks like she’s taken a hard blow to the neck there.

Benny Newell: For once she’s receiving a hard blow instead of giving one maybe.

Carmen quickly slides out if the ring as Boettcher begins a ten count. Kirsta is still stirring back to her feet as Carmen grabs her by the hair and launches her into the security barrier head first, causing more pain to Kirsta’s injured neck.

Carmen picks up the fallen Kirsta and drags her towards the ring as Boettcher’s count reaches five. Carmen props Kirsta onto the ring apron, with her head hanging off the edge as she connects with a hard elbow to Kirsta’s head causing a whiplash effect against the ring apron. As the count reaches eight, Carmen slides into the ring and drags Kirsta back to her feet and whips her into the corner hard. Carmen follows up with a turnbuckle clothesline. Climbing to the second rope, Carmen dives off, hitting a perfect bulldog that drives Kirsta’s head into the mat as Carmen follows up with another pin attempt.



Thr…NO! Kick out from Kirsta again.

Joe Hoffman: Carmen is certainly impressing here Benny, she’s got the Kirsta pretty much how she wants her.

Benny Newell: It’s not hard to get Kirsta on her back though is it Joe?

Carmen gets frustrated and picks Kirsta up, hitting a hard side kick to Kirsta mid section, Kirsta buckles over as Carmen sprints towards the ropes, rebounding and hitting the Pre-Madonna Smile which lays Kirsta out on the mat. Carmen looks down at her grounded opponent and smirks, she picks Kirsta back up, locking Kirsta head against her midsection she nails Kirsta with the C-Spike and hook’s Kirsta leg for good measure.


Joe Hoffman: This one’s over folks.


Benny Newell: I wish she was lying on top of me like that


As the bell sounds, I’m so sick by Flyleaf kicks back in, as Carmen gets to her feet holding her abdomen. She lifts herself onto the turnbuckle and raises her arms in victory.

Brian McVay: The winner of the match, in 13 Minutes 11 Seconds. Carmen Jennings!


Ken Fantastic – Carmen Jennings with a big win over Kirsta Lewis at HOW’s March 2 Glory PPV.

Chastity Gold – Next, we go to the Missouri Valley Wrestling Association and check out someone who’s rising very quickly up the ladder.  From the St. Joseph’s Civic Center in St. Joseph’s, Missouri, Sarah Mae Smith takes on ‘Rock and Roll Chick’ Shanna Barrett.

Sarah Mae Smith vs. ‘Rock and Roll Chick’ Shanna Barrett with Molly Hatchett

Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show
Announcers: Rick Fantastic and Chastity Gold

[Sarah and Shanna walk around the ring.  They lock up.  Smith drops Barrett with a Gorilla Press Slam on the mat.  Shanna bites Sarah Mae's arm.  Smith tackles the Rock and Roll Chick.  Barrett climbs to her feet.  Smith pulls Barrett's hair.  Barrett grabs Smith's head and hits her in the face.  Shanna double underhook faceslams Sarah Mae.  Barrett with the cover.  Sarah Mae kicks out at two.  Smith nails the Rock and Roll Chick with an inverted DDT. Smith goes for a falling head butt but Barrett dodges the attack.  Smith and the Rock and Roll Chick go to the floor ]

Chastity Gold -  Smith and Barrett go outside the ring.  Here comes Molly Hatchett.

[Hatchett jumps on Smith's back and starts scratching at her.  Ricky Bryan starts the count (.1) ]

Rick Fantastic – Molly Hatchett giving the youngster what for.  Smith flips her off her back!

[(..2) Shanna hits Sarah Mae with a right hand. (...3) The Rock and Roll Chick gouges the eyes. (....4)  Barrett hits a snap mare takeover on the floor. ]

Chastity Gold – Sarah Mae Smith is taking quite a lot of punishment early on.

[(.....5)  Barrett throws Sarah Mae back into the ring.   Barrett goes top rope...diving elbow smash.  Barrett covers.  Smith kicks out at two.  Barrett covers again.  Smith kicks out at two again.  Smith up and catches Barrett with a kick to the midsection.  Smith drives Barrett to the mat with a huge super fisherman buster.  Smith pulls Barrett up and puts her head between her legs.   Barrett goes up.  Smith piledrives Shanna back down into the mat.  Smith for the cover.  Molly Hatchett in the ring and breaks the count.  Smith has Hatchett....vertical facebuster on Molly Hatchett lays her out. Barrett staggers to the corner.  Sarah Mae does a cartwheel and kicks the Rock and Roll Chick in the face.  Smith measures Barrett up and drops a closed fist.  Thrust kick to the Rock and Roll Chick.  Sarah Mae catches Rock and Roll Chick in the crucifix and goes for the pin. Referee Ricky Bryan makes the count. ...1 ...2 ...3 ]

Rick Fantastic – Sarah Mae Smith gets the win over the veteran Shanna Barrett.



MVWA 25 Preview:

Three weeks after being on the wrong end of a limo driven by Defiance Wrestling’s Eric Dane, Missouri Valley Wrestling champion Jackie Daniels returns to action this weekend.

Daniels will face American Pi in her first match back as a tune up for her title defense next week against Miss USA at Arch Wrestling Madness in St. Louis.

MVW Tag Team Champions Angels of Death, fresh off a tough defeat at the hands  of Wrestling Midwest’s Hecate and Jade at Tag Wars #2, prepare for their World Tag Team Title shot by wrestling the Star Trekkies and VIP in a tag team handicap match.

Also, legendary tag team The Original Beach Girlz will make their Missouri Valley Wrestling debut.

All this and more this Sunday night at 9 PM on HOTv.

Missouri Valley Wrestling


This week on PCW Extreme Political TV on P-SPAN

PCW charges once again into the Monday Night War with more political extreme intrigue.

More fall out from the passage of the PCW Health Insurance Plan.

The Republicans are in a tizzy and after Kevin Scott rejects going back to them are desperate to find themselves a new champion.

Public Utilities- Big Oil and Big Electric, meets the Bipartisan Dream Team- Blue Dog D and the Wonk Machine RINO, and Ranck and Fyle (Democrats) in three-way tag team action.

PCW Champion Yamamoto Tanaka (Democrat) and a mystery partner faces the former PCW Tag Team Champions ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott (American Heartland Coalition).

All this and more this Monday night on PCW Extreme Political TV.

Political Championship Wrestling


Rick Fantastic – Okay.  Next, we’re going out to Memphis, Tennessee to check out PrYde Wrestling Federation- a member of the Championship Wrestling Council.

Black Jack McGraw & Chris Moore Vs. The Black Army – Jared Black & Taurus Black(c)
Steel Cage Tag Team Match – Unity Tag Team Championships
PrYde Wrestling Federation
Announcers: Rocky Dalton and Cole Jackson

Stacy Fox: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Steel Cage Match and it is for the PrYde Unity Tag Team titles! Introducing first weighing in at 204lbs and hailing from Stillwater, Minnesota…. The current number one contender for the PrYde World Heavyweight Championship, Chris Moore!!

["Break" by Three Days Grace begins to play as Chris Moore makes his way out from behind the curtain to a rather large pop from the fans. Chris begins to jog down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans until he reaches the ring. He takes a look at the cold hard steel before climbing into the ring and Stacy continues.]

Stacy Fox:
And his tag team partner, weighing in at 254lbs and hailing from Death Valley, California. He is known as the Hardcore Icon, Black Jack McGraw!!

["Highway To Hell" by AC/DC begins to play next as the fans pop even louder for the Hardcore Legend. Black Jack walks out and the fans grow even louder as BJ limps his way down to the ring. With an eye on Moore, McGraw climbs the ring steps and enters. The two men take a moment to have a bit of a silent conversation before BJ holds out his hand to Moore and the two shake hands.]

Ian McCarthy:
I tell ya, that’s good to see. If these two can stay on the same page then we will have new tag Champs tonight and nothing would make me happier.

Jackson: You seem to have a big problem with the Black Army, don’t you! Is it because they have all the gold and as the saying goes; “He who has the gold makes the rules…”

Ian McCarthy: I like to think of it more as; “He who wears the kilt can change the rules as he sees fit!!” I don’t have a problem with the Black Army, Clark. I have a problem with people who are handed things like the Unity Tag titles. I have an even bigger problem when people try to bend the rules in their favor by using a shady lawyer like Gordan Horowitz. I got a legal guy too, and trust me he’s looking into every inch of that contract right now.

Stacy Fox: Their opponents… Introducing first, weighing in at 205lbs and hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. He is the current PrYde Evolution Champion and currently one half of the PrYde Unity Tag Team Champions… Black Army member, Jared Black!

["My World" by Sick Puppies plays as the lights dim and a white spotlight hits the stage. Jared Black appears from behind the curtain and stands at the top of the ramp. He stands there for a moment staring out into the crowd, before he begins to slowly walk to the ring. He slides in and goes to a corner, as "My World" fades away.]

Stacy Fox:
Lastly, his tag team partner, weighing in at 245lbs and hailing from Bahia, Brazil. He is the current PrYde World Heavyweight Champion and current co-holder of the PrYde Unity Tag Team titles, the Brazillian bad-ass, Taurus Black!!

The boos literally start as the first notes of The Grits “They All Fall Down” hit. As the acoustic guitar gives way to thumping beats, Taurus swaggers onto the ramp. As the chorus kicks in Taurus strolls to the ring, with the ebony man-mountain Saci in tow stopping the fans from touching greatness.

They all fall down
They all fall down
They all fall down
They all fall

[Black stops at the top of the steps to soak in the crowds hate before he steps through the ropes to stare down Black Jack and Moore. Senior Official Kevin Landrey signals for the cage to be lowered all the way down, before he steps in between the four men and takes the Unity titles before holding them in the air. He hands them outside of the cage and calls for the door to be chained shut, before calling for the bell and immediately all hell breaks loose.]

Dalton: All four of these guys are just tearing into each other right now! What a hard shot Chris Moore just took from Taurus!

Jackson: That’s why he’s Champ, Pops. Punks like Ace Montana need to be taking notes right now cause when my man Tuarus steps in that ring, it’s an all out war!!

Ian McCarthy: You keep calling him your man, Clark. Do you guys spend a lot of time outside of here… You know, dinner and a movie thing going on… I’ve just kinda wondered about you two.

[Inside of the steel hell all four men continue to battle as Moore and Taurus trade blows in the corner and McGraw and Jared take it to the mat. Jared has BJ locked in a rear naked choke, trying to force him to tap, but the Hardcore Icon however manages to make it to the ropes and Jared releases the hold. Not content to let BJ get to his feet, Jared pulls BJ away and drops a knee into BJ's lower back. On the other side, Taurus is in control as well as he tosses Moore over his head with a belly to belly suplex, before he goes for the pin but Moore quickly kicks out.]

Dalton: In this match, you can either win by pinfall, submission, or by exiting the cage and both memembers of the Black Army look to make this an early night.

Jackson: Cause that’s how they roll!

Ian McCarthy: Well, I didn’t make this match because I wanted the Black Army to have an easy night and it’s going to take a lot more then that to put either Moore or McGraw down, Rock.

[Jared is grinding BJ's face into the canvas while Taurus seems to be working over Moore's legs. Taurus then whips Moore across the ring, but Moore reverses it, sending Taurus hard into the cage. Moore shakes out his leg and rushes Jared, nailing him in the face with a hard boot. He then turns his attention back to Taurus and lifts him up for a quick scoop slam before driving a knee of his own into the head of Taurus. BJ is up as well and has both of Jared's legs in his hands. McGraw then stomps Jared in the groin, before he proceeds to make his way to the side of the cage as he begins to climb. Moore sees this out of the corner of his eye and begins to do the same. Both Blacks begin to pull themselves up and before BJ and Chris can make it to the top they grab a hold of a foot. Black Jack hasn't gotten very far, so he just drops down, but Moore is almost at the top and tries everything to fight Taurus off.]

Ian McCarthy:
Moore is so close to getting out!! Fight him off, Chris! Damn it, fight him off!

Jackson: Like you said, you have no problem with the Black Army.

Ian McCarthy: That is what I said, Clark.

Jackson: It’s Cole!! My name is Cole Jackson jerkoff!!

Ian McCarthy: Cole… Hmmm, you look more like a Clark to me!!

[Moore can't fight Taurus off and the Champ manages to get Chris off of the cage. Moore takes a quick jab at Taurus, then sends him across the ring where Black Jack is waiting. BJ kicks Taurus in the midsection and sets him up for the "Slobber Knocker". Jared Black shakes out some cobwebs and charges, only to be met by a 'Run n' Gun' from Moore. Before BJ can hit his finisher, Taurus powers out and back flips BJ on top of his tag team partner. Taurus then looks to climb the cage, as slowly, the Champ makes his way up. Moore, BJ, and Jared all begin to rise to their feet, but slowly as Taurus makes it to the halfway point. He is almost at the top when Chris grabs BJ and whips him hard into the cage, shaking it to the point that Taurus can't hold on and he falls to the mat. Black Jack, grabbing the back of his head, stares down his tag team partner. Moore points at Taurus and begins to explain what he just did.]

Dalton: Looks like things between Chris Moore and Black Jack McGraw are starting to heat up again.

Ian McCarthy: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I think Moore is telling BJ that he did it to keep Taurus from getting to the top of the cage. If I was in that situation, I’d of done the same thing. Black Jack is tough, and a loose cannon. He’s the kind of guy that makes the orderlys at Bellview shit their pant!!

[Moore and BJ are still talking it over in the center of the ring when Jared Black comes out of nowhere and hits 'Bastard Theory' on Moore. As Jared gets back to his feet, BJ kicks him in the gut and hits the "Slobber Knocker". When BJ gets to his feet, Taurus nails him with 'Negativa Arrastão', then goes for the cover, 1...2.... BJ rolls the shoulder up at the last possible second, keeping things alive.]

Jackson: Damn it! I thought that would have put Black Jack down for sure!! Come on, Taurus, you are the man!!

Taurus looks pissed as he grabs BJ by the hair and drags him back to his feet, then sends BJ across the ring and into the corner where BJ hits it hard. [Taurus then charges and cracks BJ with a hard running knee, causing BJ to crumble to the mat as Taurus looks to climb the cage again. As he begins to climb, Moore has gotten to his feet and makes his way over, where he grabs Taurus and pulls him back down. Once Taurus lands on his feet he quickly turns around with a wild swing that Moore ducks before connecting with the "K.O.S". Moore goes for a cover but Jared pulls him off before Landrey reaches two and locks in the "Garden of Eden". Moore screams in pain as Landrey checks to see if Moore will tap. Moore fights through the pain, not ready to quit one bit. Black Jack and Taurus begin to stir as they both grab the ropes to pull themselves up. Once on their feet, BJ charges to break the hold, as Taurus charges as well to stop him and the two collide in the center of the ring with Landrey stuck between them.]

Dalton: Kevin Landrey just took one hell of a hit from both Taurus Black and Black Jack.

[With Landrey down, Moore seems to have passed out from the pain. When suddenly a shadow leaps over the railing, right next to the announcers table.]

Jackson: Did you see that or am I seeing things…

Dalton: I thought I did see something. Wait, what the hell!! That’s Ace Montana!!

[Montana is at the cage door and has the Official by the throat. He grabs the key to the lock and slams the Official into the cage door before unlocking it. With a horse shoe in his hand, Montana enters the cage.]

Ian McCarthy: What the hell does he think he’s doing! This is my Main Event!!

Jackson: Like you don’t have anything to do with this! You’ve been trying to take the tag titles away from the Black Army since you took the General Manager spot.

Ian McCarthy: I want it done the right way, Clark, not like this.

[Jared sees Ace enter the ring and charges. Montana rears back with the shoe and just lays Jared out cold. Black Jack and Taurus are getting to their feet as well and Ace nails Black Jack with 'The Flop'. BJ's head bounces off of the mat as Ace pops up to his feet before Taurus can strike. The two men stare each other down as Ace tosses the horse shoe aside before kicking Toro in the gut and lifting him up on his shoulders. Ace nails the "Royal Flush" on Taurus, which sends the crowd into a cheering frenzy.]

Jackson: Hell no! No! This shit can’t happen.

[Landrey begins to stir and Ace sees it out of the corner of his eye. Ace then rolls Black Jack on top of Taurus before he hurries out of the ring. Still in a daze, Landrey begins his count as the fans count aloud with him, 1...2.......3!]

It’s over! We’ve got new Unity Champions! I can’t believe it!

Jackson: No! This is bullshit and something needs to be done about this!

Ian McCarthy: I couldn’t agree more Clark.

Jackson: Good!

[It's "Highway To Hell" that plays over the speakers as the cage has been raised above the ring, allowing the PrYde General Manager to hit the ring. With the Unity belts in his possession, Ian makes sure that both Chris and Black Jack are conscious for this, as he hands them the titles, before lifting their hands up, displaying them as the new Unity Tag Team Champions. The fans couldn't be happier as the loud cheers take Vindication to an end as the cameras fade out.]

Rick Fantastic – Hot tag team action from PrYde Wrestling Federation as they crown new Tag Team Champions.


Championship Wrestling Council

The CWC is an inter-fed currently consisting of 14 federations.


Paige McGillicutty

Paige McGillicutty – More news from the wrestling world:

The Heirs of Wrestling (Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver) debuted at Sin City Championship Wrestling’s Defiance 3 Pay Per View show and won a four corners SIN Contender’s match over The Devil’s Rejects (Legion & Stigmata),
MEDS (Matt Elias & Devlin Shannon), and The Atomic Surf Dogs (Saul Goode & Ben Chillen).  The Heirs had slipped back in the WWR Tag Team Top 15 as they wrapped up their stint at All-Star Championship Wrestling and also started at Empire Pro Wrestling.  The PPV win should put the Heirs right back into the Top 5 with a showdown looming against Daddy Daughter Day (August and April Monday).

Also looking to crack the Top 15: Wrestling Midwest’s Valora Salinas/AWS Man- the High Octane Wrestling Tag Team Champions.  That’s right.  The HOW Tag Team champions.  Valora occupied the #14 spot with Umbrage in the last Top 15.  Could she make the list twice?

The Celestial Avatars aka…Hecate and Jade from Wrestling Midwest also should debut this week on the Top 15.

Dream Wrestling Federation has gone on hiatus until May.

The WWR End of the Month awards are due out later in the week.  Who will be the Wrestler of the Month for March?  Let’s look at the possiblities:

American Revelation- A1 Entertainment
-Won A1E Tag Team belts at Bloody New Year

Captain Justice- New Frontier Wrestling
-Finished 1st in NFW Bunkhouse Brawl at Crash 50

Hawk Henshaw- Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
-Won 2 matches at PWR Supershow IV, including PWR Title

Jay Price- World Championship Federation
-Won WCF Clockwork Orange House Match at Til Death Do Us Part PPV, Hardcore Title

Joe the Plumber- New Frontier Wrestling
-Survived 110 minute match at Crash 50 to retain title in 5-way match

Kelly Masters- New Frontier Wrestling
-Finished 3rd in NFW Bunkhouse Brawl

LeStatt Knight- Global Championship Wrestling
-Won GCW title

Metal Militia- World Championship Federation
-Won Tag Team Belts at Til Death Do Us Part PPV

Nightmare- G-2
-Makes it through 11 person match to win G-2’s Hwywght title

Rocko Daymon- A1 Entertainment
-Won A1E World title at Bloody New Year PPV

Schmidt Brothers- Political Championship Wrestling
-Won PCW Tag Team title at Weapons of Mass Political Destruction PPV

Shawn Jessica Hart- A1 Entertainment, Empire Pro Wrestling
-Won 15 man Pier Six Brawl at Bloody New Year/ 2nd at EPW-New Era War Games Match

Steve Knox- New Frontier Wrestling
-How many finishers did he take during Crash 50 NFW Title match?

The First- A1Entertainment, Empire Pro Wrestling
-Won Cyber Championship at Bloody New Year
-1st at EPW-New Era War Games Match

The Masked Dollar- Dream Wrestling Federation
-Won TV Title on Slaughter

Vangelus Olsig- PRIME
-Won the Dual Halo match at PRIME’s Culture Shock 2010 PPV

Zack Jagger- Hybrid Wrestling Organization
-Won HWO title at Beg 4 Mercy PPV

Angel- Hybrid Wrestling Organization
-Won Annihliation Title at Beg 4 Mercy PPV

Angela Jameson- Global Division of Wrestling
-Won GDW Heavyweight Title from Glory Braddock

Angels of Death: Angel Casey, Angel Scott- Missouri Valley Wrestling         -Won back MVW Tag Team belts at Weapons of Mass Political Destruction PPV

Black Rose- Volatile Wrestling Alliance
-Won VWA Women’s title

Carmen Jennings- High Octane Wrestling
-Making big splash in HOW/Defeated Kirsta Lewis at March 2 Glory PPV

Desade- SCCW
-Finished a very respectable 6th out of 30 in the Dual Halo match at PRIME’s Culture Shock 2010

Hidden Desires: Faith DeLuca, Samantha Raine, and Annabelle Jones)- Global Division of Wrestling
-Became 3 time GDW Tag Team Champions

Jackie Daniels- Missouri Valley Wrestling
-Won MVW Title at WMPD

Myst- Championship Wrestling Alliance
-Won title at CWA Outrage

Sierra Browne- Dangerous Championship Wrestling League
-Picked up two wins at DCWL Cornerstone Revolution

Sierra Devereaux- Millenium Wrestling Alliance
-Won MWA World Title for record 5th time at MWA Relevations PPV

Teresa Quantina- New Frontier Wrestling
-Finished 2nd in NFW Bunkhouse Brawl at Crash 50

Valora Salinas- Wrestling Midwest
-Now holds 3 titles: WMW- Great Lakes, WfWA- Tag Team, HOW- Tag Team


Brian Hollywood and John Pariah (Pro Wrestling X) vs. Valora Salinas and AWS Man (Wrestling Midwest) vs. Cool Reality: Cancer Jiles and Scottywood vs. Alpha Beta Slam: Griffin and Ryan Faze vs. Axis of Power: Kenji and William (c) for the High Octane Wrestling Tag Team Title
High Octane Wrestling ‘March 4 Glory PPV’

Announcers: Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell

Joe Hoffman: We’ll we’re ready for the first match of the night and it is one with heavy inter-fed implications as PWX and WMW will try and officially take control of the HOW Tag Team titles.

Benny Newell: Lee will never let that happen.  If he has too he’ll make the referee cheat to win.

Joe Hoffman: Matt Boettcher is not the kind of guy that is going to cheat to help someone win, he’s not Joel Hortega.

Benny Newell: If he wants to keep his job he will if needed.

Joe Hoffman: Anyhow we learned that this match will now be a hardcore gauntlet match as we out here still don’t know the order of entry.

Benny Newell: I hope it is those two fish price feds, WMW and PWX out first so they can beat the shit out of each other.

Joe Hoffman: Cool Reality, Axis of Powers and Alpha Beta Slam might not like that, they want to get their hands on WMW and PWX their selves after WMW cost Cool Reality the Tag Team titles and after PWX jumped all three of these HOW tag teams from behind at different times.

Benny Newell: They also have our fuckin’ titles held hostage, parading them around on their C-League shows.

The lights go dim in the Roman Coliseum, bathing the crowd in darkness as the light piano intro of “I.V.” by X-Japan echoes forth through the sound system, announcing the entrance of the first combatants. A moments pass and tension builds, a single white spotlight cuts through the darkness, illuminating the entrance and we see the figure of Kenji Gosenkugi walking up the stair, head bowed and face hidden beneath the white and red pleather hood and robe, his arms randomly moving and legs bouncing his body from side to side, clearly finding him in an attempt to prepare himself.

Benny Newell: I’m not going to end up in a jigsaw trap, am I?  Though if needed I would cut your stomach open Joe for a key so I could survive.

Joe Hoffman: That is disgusting Benny…

This continues for a few moments until the piano finally gives way to guitar-which suddenly brings the Japanese Warrior from silent preparation into fiery rage- one of his hands moving to force back that hood before thrusting upward into the air in a sharp jabbing closed fist. With a roar of fury, Kenji looks over the coliseum before storming down to ringside.

Bryan McVay: The following tag team match is a hardcore gauntlet for the HOW Tag Team titles.  First making their way to the ring.  They are the HOW Tag Team champions… The Axis of Power!!!

Benny Newell: I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee made them enter first after what their stablemate Static did to him last week on Turmoil.

As the McVay calls out their name, Kenji leaps up onto the apron from the floor, hands gripping the top rope as he looks around the arena.  Williams makes his way up the steel steps and climbs into the ring as Kenji finishes his gaze.

Joe Hoffman: As you can see the Tag team champions are absent of their titles, thanks to PWX who stole them from AOP moments after they beat The Maurako Family for them on Turmoil a few weeks ago.

Benny Newell: It’s disgraceful Joe, Lee should have sent out hit men to kill them, or Dog the Bounty Hunter to track them down and take back our titles.

The Japanese warrior makes his way over to a turnbuckle, climbing up onto the tope so that he can let out another roar of combative fury before jumping down onto the mat and backing into the corner, waiting for their opponents to make their way out.

Joe Hoffman: Well idk if we need Dog, because between AOP, ABS and Cool Reality, these are three teams who are really determined to walk out as HOW Tag Team champions.

The lights in the coliseum go black, and the crowd grows silent. An ominous pounding drum is heard-followed by a dirty guitar intro, and a flurry of flickering lights.  “Unsettling Difference” by Blue Smock Nancy continues to blare throughout the building, and John Pariah steps up the stair and into the Coliseum.  Pariah kneels down, and looks at his wrists, before standing up and throwing his arms in a crucifix pose.

Benny Newell: Would be a shame if Scottywood actually crucified him tonight.

Joe Hoffman: I pretty sure The Vatican wouldn’t take too kindly to that… With the whole Jesus thing and all.

Pariah smirks evilly as he stops and looks around at the crowd before he continues on his way, and then slides into the ring as he poses on the ropes.  His music then dies as “Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed starts to blasts over the PA system as the crowd starts erupting in boos.  We see Hollywood walking up the stairs and into the Coliseum as Hollywood looks around the arena before making his way towards the ring.  Walking to the ring he puts his hands up to each side by his head and gestures the crowd.

Benny Newell: is he retarded or something?

Joe Hoffman: I’m not a doctor, so I can’t be certain about that, but PWX is a team that none of the HOW boys should underestimate.
Bryan McVay: And their opponents, representing PWX… At a combined weight of 439 pounds… The PWX World champion Brian Hollywood and John Pariah!!!
Hollywood then gets to the ring and walks around the ring once looking about the crowd before waking up the ring steps. He gets in the ring and taunts the crowd with his fingers.  After taunting Boettcher orders the two PWX men to hand over the HOW Tag Team titles which they reluctantly do as Boettcher hands them off to HOW Security who rush them off out of sight.

Joe Hoffman: Well seems Lee wants the Tag Team titles kept safe until after the match and the belts awarded to the actual champions.

McVay calls for the bell and steps out of the way as all four men quickly start to trade blows, Pariah pairing off with William and the former PWX Champion Kenji pairing off with the current PWX champion Brian Hollywood.  Kenji gets the quick advantage and delivers an enzugiri kick which sends Hollywood off the ropes and back to Kenji who plants the PWX champion with a DDT in the middle of the ring.  On the other side of the ring we see William clotheslining Pariah over the top rope and to the outside.  Kenji meanwhile is climbing the turnbuckles and motions out to the crowd who give a rare cheer for Axis of Powers.

Joe Hoffman: High risk district for Kenji, Hollywood in danger.

Kenji leaps off with an attempted moonsault which connects as the crowd roars and we see Kenji go for the quick cover.




Hollywood gets the shoulder up just in time to stop the referee’s count as we switch to the outside where William has just rung Pariah’s head off the ring post and then Irish whips him into the announce table right in front of Benny Joe.

Benny Newell: Watch it!  I’m trying to drink here!

We see William try and slam Pariah’s head into the steel steps but Pariah counters and with a couple of elbows to the gut which is followed by a straight kick that sends William over the guardrail and into the first row of the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: What a kick!  That nearly took William’s head off.

Back in the ring we see Hollywood fighting back with a fury of rights and then hits a big spinebuster on Kenji as we see Pariah slide back into the ring.  Kenji stumbles back up and gets a boot in the stomach from Pariah as he turns around right into a The Executive Promise from Hollywood, dropping the AOP member to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Superkick!  Kenji is down and out as William goes for the cover…




Bryan McVay: The Axis of Power have been eliminated!

Joe Hoffman: The Tag Team champions are gone… That means we WILL have new Tag Team champions here tonight in Rome.

Benny Newell: No!  This means there is a 50/50 chance of a fisher price fed holding our titles!

Kenji rolls out of the ring, dazed as see Williams climbing back over the guardrail to attend to his partner as he is in shock that they have already been eliminated.  We then hear “Meaning of Life” by Disturbed play as we see the two WMW representatives making their way up the stairs and into the coliseum.

Bryan McVay: The next combatants from Wrestling MidWest… At a Combined weight of 401 pounds… The WMW Great Lakes champion Valora and AWS Man also known as Bill!!!

Benny Newell: What?  The guy can’t decide on one fuckin name for himself?

Joe Hoffman: Just as long as this doesn’t turn into Friday the 13th, he can have as many names as he wants.

The two WMW wrestlers run towards the ring, wasting no time sliding in, but PWX cuts them off, stomping them with a barrage of boots that keep Valora and Bill on the floor.  We see Pariah step back from Valora, allowing her to get to her feet, only for Pariah to slam her back down and lock in his anaconda vice submission move.

Joe Hoffman: Just Like That 2.0… could be a quick night for WMW.


We see Valora struggling, but Pariah’s size advantage is not allowing Valora any way out of the hold.  But we see a spurt of energy as he lands a couple hard rights to Hollywood which get him back to his feet and drill Hollywood with a dropkick as he then dives and breaks up the submission hold right before Valora seems to tap out.

Joe Hoffman: AWS Man with the save, Valora so close to submitting to that dangerous anaconda vice.

Benny Newell: I’m gonna make her submit to me after the show….

AWS Man driving a fist into Pariah’s head as Valora rolls out of the ring.  AWS pulls Pariah to his feet and delivers a low blow kick before hitting his trademark Emerald Fusion move.

Joe Hoffman: Drop You On Your Freakin’ Face!

Benny Newell: That’s the name?  What uncreative fuck.

Joe Hoffman: Cover by AWS Man




Joe Hoffman: Broken up by Hollywood!

Hollywood drives an elbow into the face of AWS Man temporarily disorienting him as Hollywood sets AWS Man up for the Twist of Fate DDT but doesn’t get to connect with it because he is cut off by Valora who cracks him in the back with a steel chair.  Letting go of AWS Man, Hollywood arches his back and turns towards Valora who crack him again over the head and we get our first taste of blood for the night.

Benny Newell: Hit him again!  Drink!

Another shot rings off the skull of Hollywood.

Benny Newell: Drink!

For a third time Valora nails Hollywood with the now twisted steel chair as Hollywood collapses to the floor.

Benny Newell: Drink!

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood, just destroyed by Valora and that steel chair which is mangled to all hell now.

Pariah now back to his feet, but not for long as Valora connects with a pele kick that knocks him down and through the second rope, sending him to thee outside floor.  AWS Man now climbing the turnbuckles and leaps off hitting a shoot star press on Hollywood as he goes for the cover.

Joe Hoffman: Win the Freakin’ Matchifier!




Benny Newell: Bye Bye PWX!  No Thanks for coming!

Bryan McVay: Brian Hollywood and John Pariah have been eliminated.

Joe Hoffman: Thankfully PWX will not walk out with the Tag Team titles tonight.  Now just if Cool Reality or Alpha Beta Slam can eliminate WMW, we’ll be all right.

“Phase” by Breaking Benjamin starts to play as the crowd erupts and Ryan and Griffin Faze run up the stairs, Ryan armed with an A.B.S beer mug and Griffin armed with a 2 by 4.  They charge the ring as we see John Pariah stumbling away from the ring, but not before Ryan cracks the mug over Pariah’s head, the glass shards cutting Pariah’s head.  Ryan drops and starts hammering right and lefts at the PWX member until HOW security pull him off Pariah and push him towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan has not forgotten what Pariah and Hollywood did to A.B.S., Cool Reality and Lee Best a few weeks ago when they tried to retrieve the titles from PWX.

Benny Newell: Can we fire those security guards who interfered?  I’m sure Lee will be Bottom Lining them after the show for that.

Valora and AWS Man don’t wait for A.B.S. to get in the ring and armed with the mangled steel chair they exit and charge at the brothers.  Bill swings the steel chair at Griffin who swings the 2 by 4 and the 2 by 4 wins as the chair flies away, which allows Griffin to lay the lumber to the head of Bill.  Ryan over powers Valora with some hard punches and goes for a suplex on the floor but Valora blocks it and delivers a hard kick to Ryan’s bad knee which stops him cold.  Valora jumps up, wraps her legs around Ryan head and connects with a big hurricanrana.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan’s head slamming into that flooring with impact!

Benny Newell: Hope he’s not in another coma now.

Griffin is choking Bill with the 2 by 4 until Valora drills him in the back of the head with a double fist and then Irish whips him into the steel steps which dislodge upon impact.  Valora pulls Griffin up to his feet and hits a spine buster right on the bottom portion of the steps as the sicken sound of spine on steel echoes in the coliseum.

Joe Hoffman: Damn!  That could have broken Griffin’s back!

Benny Newell: Could also end A.B.S.’s night if she gets this pinfall….




Joe Hoffman: Ryan Faze with the save!

Benny Newell: Fuck her up Faze!  Fuck her up!

Faze with more clubbing blows to Valora as he throws her into the security barricade and throws the ring apron up as he pulls out a table, which gets a large cheer from the fans.  He drives a boot into Valora’s head as he sets up the table, slamming his hand on it before grabbing Valora by her hair and pulling her up to her feet.

Benny Newell: Valora’s gonna get wood!

Joe Hoffman: You are sick Benny, just sick.

Benny Newell: I didn’t say my wood!

With Valora up to her feet we see Ryan place her head between his legs and lift her up for a powerbomb as he positions her over the table, the crowd cheering as the WMW Great Lake’s champion is put straight through the table, wood splintering everywhere as the crowd erupts.

Joe Hoffman: Through the table!  Ryan breaking Valora in two!

Ryan, breathing heavy as he smiles at the carnage he has just caused.  He pushes pieces of the broken table out of his way as he goes for his team’s first pin attempt of the night.




Joe Hoffman: AWS Man now the one making the save for his team and WMW stays alive in this match.

Benny Newell: Fuck!  That Michael Meyers wannabe keeps them alive

Joe Hoffman: I think you mean Jason…

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck… Drink!

Bill drives boots into Ryan who can’t even get off Valora until Bill pulls him to his feet only to throw him back into the ring.  Bill then throws the ring apron up for himself and pulls his own toy, a steel ladder out.

Joe Hoffman: AWS Man is known for his high flying style, this could be bad news for A.B.S.

Bill is about to slides the ladder into the ring but halts as he sees Ryan is back up to his feet and is leaping over the top rope at Bill with a suicide front flip, but Bill throws the ladder at Ryan which causes a nasty midair collision, and Ryan landing on the ladder on the ground.

Joe Hoffman: I’ve seen car crashes that look better than that!  Ryan Faze took a big risk and crashed and burned!

AWS Man pulls Ryan off the ladder and hooks the leg going for the cover on the near motionless Ryan Faze.




Joe Hoffman: Ryan kicks out!  How in the world did he manage to do that!

Benny Newell: And Freddy Krueger does not seem happy!

Bill doesn’t believe it but keeps on the former LSD champion by going for a STF, but is stopped dead cold by Griffin who hits him with a trash can he got from under the ring.  Bill turns around and Griffin goes for another shot which connects.  Griffin drops the trashcan and goes for the Fazeplant which he hits right onto the trashcan.

Joe Hoffman: Fazeplant!

Benny Newell: Jigsaw is out cold!

Joe Hoffman: Cover by Griffin!




Joe Hoffman: NO!  I.C.E. Breaker by Valora!

Valora connected with a punt kick that drove the head of Griffin into the bottom off the ring post, knocking Griffin out cold.  Valora rolls him off Bill and hooks the leg of Griffin for her own cover.




Bryan McVay: Alpha Beta Slam has been eliminated!

Joe Hoffman: Three teams down and there is just one hope left for HOW to hold onto their Tag Team titles…

OOOOOOHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated!!!

“Cryin’ Like A Bitch” by Godsmack plays and the coliseum again erupts in cheers as we see the final tag team emerge up the stairs and into the coliseum.

Bryan McVay: And the final entrants in this gauntlet match… Weighing in at a combined weight of 490 pounds… “The Hardcore Artist” Scottywood… “Mr. Cool” Cancer Jiles…. COOOOOOL Reality!!!

Scottywood of course armed with his barbwire hockey and Mr. Cool armed with a carton of eggs they slowly walk towards the ring.  They stop as you can see Scottywood look up at Lee in the Emperor’s seats they exchange a look for a moment before Scottywood turns his attention to the ring, locking on Valora who stands ready to fight.

Joe Hoffman: We have been waiting for this showdown for a while, Scottywood and Valora.  These two have exchanged words for months, then Valora cost Cool Reality the Tag Team titles.  Now Scottywood has the chance to even things up by regaining them and beating WMW.

Benny Newell: And Cool Reality is fresh.  While Valora has taken a beating and Chucky is having trouble getting to his feet.

Scotty and Cancer takes opposite sides of the ring, Cancer opening his carton of eggs and throwing some at Valora who dodges the poultry with ease as we see Scottywood approach Bill.  He is still dazed from the Fazeplant, but puts his fists up to Scottywood who smiles and swings his hockey stick at Bill’s leg which drops the masked AWS man two his knees.  Scotty then takes the butt end of the hockey stick and drives it into the mask of Bill, breaking part of it off.

Joe Hoffman: Wow!  What a shot by Scotty, breaking part of that goalie mask of AWS Man.

Benny Newell: I just hope Scotty doesn’t take it off.  No one wants to see his ugly face.

Valora has had enough as she exits the ring and goes after Scottywood, but is cut off by Cancer who clubs her in the back and connects with a big German suplex.  Scotty goes back to AWS Man as he pulls him to his feet.  Grabbing him by his throat Scotty chokeslams him straight down onto the ladder that Bill had pull out earlier in the match.

Joe Hoffman: Scottyslam on that ladder!

Benny Newell: Cover him!  Cover the guy from Scream!




Benny Newell: Fuck!  Fuckin’ bitch!

Valora diving across the floor breaks up the cover at the last second as she goes to strike Scottywood but is pulled away by her feet by Cancer who locks her up in an ankle lock.  Scottywood again goes for the cover on Bill who hasn’t moved since the chokeslam.





Scotty can’t believe it as he slams the floor with his fists and pulls Bill to his feet.  Bill staggers as Scotty takes his barbwire hockey stick and cracks Bill in the head, almost breaking the stick in two.  We can see blood pour down the forehead of Bill under his mask as he collaspes to the floor.  But instead of going for the cover we see Scotty reach for Bill’s mask.

Joe Hoffman: He’s going to remove it!  He’s going to remove the mask of AWS Man!

About to remove the mask we see Valora contort herself out of the ankle lock and nails Cancer with a low blow as she hobbles to Scotty and drills him with a dropkick to the back of his head, stopping The Hardcore Artist just short of unmasking her tag team partner.  Valora takes a steel chair and tosses it in the ring before she takes Scotty and rolls him into the ring.  Valora follows as Scotty pulls himself up to his feet and the two stare each other down for a moment.

Joe Hoffman: WMW’s Queen of Extreme and The Hardcore Artist are about to go at it!

The two start trading a fury of punches, each taking out months of anger for the other.  But The bigger Scottywood gets the advantage and lifts her up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

Benny Newell: Game Misconduct time!

But Valora battles back with elbows to the head of Scottywood and reverses it into a DDT right onto the steel chair she tossed into the ring.  The coliseum is filled with boos as Valora grabs Scotty’s leg for the cover.

Benny Newell: Kick out Scotty!  Kick out!




Benny Newell: Scotty kicked out!!!

Just in the nick of time The Hardcore Artist gets his shoulder up as Valora drops her head, exhausted and wanting to end this match.  She drives her boot into the stomach of Scottywood and climbs to the top rope signaling for the end as she leaps off and connects with a Phoenix Splash.

Joe Hoffman: Aztec Moonsault…. Scotty is in big trouble her!

Valora takes a moment to collect herself as she goes to pin Scotty, but he is suddenly pulled out of the ring by Cancer who slides into the ring with egg in hand that he throws perfectly and hits Valora in the face.  Yolk drips down the WMW Great Lake champion’s face as she screams in anger.  Cancer then goe to connect with Terminal Cancer but Valora ducks the kick and connects with a tornado DDT right onto the steel chair, laying Cancer out for her to perfectly lock in the Tequila Sunrise submission move.

Joe Hoffman: It’s locked in… Cancer needs to find a way out!

Benny Newell: Scotty!!  Save him Scotty!!

Cancer is dazed and the pain from the submission is agonizing as Valora wrenches back even more on the submission until Cancer has no alternative but to tap out to Valora as Boettcher calls for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Cancer tapped…. It’s over….

Benny Newell: FUCK!!  FUCK!! FUCK!!

Bryan McVay: The winners of this match and the NEW!  HOW Tag Team champions… Valora and AWS Man!!!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t believe it.  WMW has come into March 2 Glory and are walking away with the HOW Tag Team titles…. Lee Best must not be happy at all.

Benny Newell: Good thing Frankie isn’t out here, or Lee would stab his other eye out.  I can’t fuckin’ believe we are seeing this.

Boettcher raises the arms of Valora and AWS Man as the Coliseum is filled with boos, trash flying at the two WMW members who have just captured HOW gold.


Rick Fantastic – So, Valora with another notch on her belt thanks to a surprise win at HOW’s March 2 Glory Pay Per View!  Last year’s Female Wrestler of the Year is off to a very hot start in 2010.

Chastity Gold – True.  But Valora will get stiff competition from Valerie Belmont who’s starring in three different federations right now.


CWC vs EXPERTS – On Hallowed Ground

Main Event
Ultimate Survivor Match

Experts Survivors vs. CWC Survivors

True Expert Championship

Hannibal Cage© vs. Cecile Lecrux vs. Level-One

CWC World Championship
Nero Cain© vs. Jinx

Team Arbiter X vs. Team T-Bone

Team Thunder vs. Team Graves

Team Payne vs. Team Hollywood

Team Ruckus vs. Team Black

Team Ramon vs. Team Belmont


Rick Fantastic – And now, it’s time for our main event…we go to last night to Political Championship Wrestling’s house show at the Moorhead Sports Center in Moorhead, North Dakota.  Champions collide as the PCW Champion Yamamoto Tanaka takes on the Television Champion Ken Worth-the American Trucker.

PCW Champion Yamamoto Tanaka (c)  vs. PCW Television Champion Ken Worth- The American Trucker (c)
Political Championship Wrestling House Show
Announcer: Johnny Suave

[(the bell rings) Tanaka kicks AT in the stomach. ]

Johnny Suave -  TANAKA COMES RIGHT OUT AND TRIES TO PUNT THE AMERICAN TRUCKER TO MINNESOTA!  Worth pulls himself up.  AT with a rake to the eyes.  Snap mare takeover to Tanaka.  Worth climbs the turnbuckle.   There he goes…SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

[The American Trucker covers. Ricky Bryan counts. ...1 Tanaka kicks out. ]

Johnny Suave – It was worth a shot.  Especially against an opponent like Tanaka.  Now Tanaka on offense.   Two hard right hand shots stop Ken Worth in his tracks.  Side headlock.   Inverted DDT!

[Tanaka pulls the Television Champion up and punches him repeatedly.  AT tries for a double underhook...Tanaka pushes him down.  Now Tanaka hooks Worth in a double underhook...TIGER DRIVER!  TIGER DRIVER!  Tanaka is simply overpowering The American Trucker right now.  Baba chop by Tanaka.  Spinning leg lariat by Tanaka sends AT to the mat.  Very agile move for the six foot nine Tanaka.  Reika Kisurgi throws a table into the ring.  This can't be good for the American Trucker.   The table is set...Tanaka lifts Wort up...Tequila Sheila in the ring!  Reika tackles her.  CAT-FIIIIIGHT!   CAT-FIIIIIIIGHT!

[Tanaka hits Inverted DDT and puts AT through the table.]

Crowd – PCW!…PCW!…PCW!…


[Reika hits Tequila Sheila with the back of her elbow.  Tequila Sheila rakes Reika's face.]

Johnny Suave – Tanaka takes Ken Worth up to the top turnbuckle…

[On the top of the ringpost, Worth is bent forward, Tanaka grabs around his midsection and latches onto Worth's back.   Tanaka pushes off the mat with his legs to flip him over and lands in a seated position driving the Television Champion's head down to the mat.]


[Yamamoto Tanaka covers Worth hooking the leg. Ricky Bryan counts. ...1 ...2 ...3 ]

Johnny Suave – IT’S TANAKA!

*Tin Machine’s ‘Under the God’ begins to play*

Skin dance back-a-the condo
Skin heads getting to school
Beating on Blacks with a baseball bat
Racism back in rule
White trash picking up Nazi flags

While you was gone, there was war
This is the West, get used to it
They put a swastika over the door


Under the God
Under the God
One step over the red line
Under the God
Under the God
Ten steps into the crazy crazy

WWE’s Vince McMahon vs. TNA’s Dixie Carter

Vince McMahon discussing TNA in The Acorn Online:

“We’re in different businesses. We’re in the entertainment business and they’re in the ‘pro wrasslin’ business. It’s different markets. When they moved to Monday nights they threw the kitchen sink at us and only did a fraction of our audience. It doesn’t speak well for the type of product they’re trying to present with the tawdry, blood-soaked action. I don’t think that’s what the culture wants these days.”

Dixie Carter responds on Twitter:

“To be called tawdry from the King of Tawdry, that is some compliment!!”

*No Chance in Hell begins to play*

No Chance…that’s what you’ve got
Up against a machine too strong
Pretty politicians buying souls from us are PUPPETS
Who’ll find their place in line


But tie a string around your finger now boy
’cause it’s, it’s just a matter of time
’cause you’ve got…

[Linda McMahon appears at the back.]


No chance…
No chance in hell, (you’ve got)
No chance’
No chance in hell, (you’ve got)
No chance’
No chance in hell, (you’ve got)
No chance
No chance in hell!

Johnny Suave – LINDA McMAHON?  HERE?

Come on, come on, come and get it! (Come on)
Come on, come on, come and get it! (Come on)
Come on, come on, come and get it! (Come on)
Come on, come on, come and get it! (Come on)

[McMahon slowly walks to the ring.]

No chance (yeah)
No chance
No chance in hell, (you’ve got)
No chance
No chance in hell, (you’ve got)
No chance
No chance in hell, (you’ve got)
No chance
No chance in hell! Yeah!

[McMahon climbs into the ring and takes the microphone away from Suave.]


Linda McMahon – SHUT UP!  As you know, I have put my hat in the ring for the PCW Executive committee.  My husband, someone who’s little pinkie knows more about running a wrestling company than the pretenders who write this dreck every week, is helping me by removing all aspects of the excesses of pro wrestling from his product.  That means no more blood…


Linda McMahon – …that means no more bra and panties…


Linda McMahon – …pillow and mud wrestling…


Linda McMahon – …and stripper pole matches!


Johnny Suave – Yeah, but their women’s division is still a joke!

Linda McMahon – Finally, in order to help my effort and to make wrestling more family friendly, my husband has banned chair shots to the head…


Linda McMahon – …and putting people through tables.


Linda McMahon – And another thing, if you actually think this abortion of a wrestling promotion can actually compete against my husband’s wrestling company, my first reaction is, I don’t think we need to create any more new wrestling companies.  I think we have enough wrestling companies as it is.

Crowd – PCW!…PCW!…PCW!…PCW!…PCW!…PCW!…

Linda McMahon – So, I will be on hand tonight to observe your little flea circus to see just how family friendly it is.


(ding, ding, ding) Captain Nausea places SNAFU on the turnbuckle and executes a front-layout superplex.  Captain Nausea hits him with a back fist. SNAFU throws the chair at Captain Nausea…SNAFU spins around and kicks the chair in his face!!  Movie Classic attacks from behind and punches SNAFU repeatedly.  Captain Nausea throws SNAFU off the ropes and hits him with a diving shoulder block.  SNAFU gives Captain Nausea an inverted DDT thru a table!]

Linda McMahon – Now stop that!  Stop that this instance!  This is reflecting back on me!  No more chairs or tables.


Linda McMahon – Oh, shut up!

[Captain Nausea with spinning headscissors on SNAFU send him hard to the mat. Captain Nausea slaps on the chicken wing on SNAFU. Referee Davey Keels checks for a tap out...Tessa Martin in the ring with a chair.  She clobbers Captain Nausea with it and he breaks the hold.  Captain Nausea short lariats Tessa.  Captain Nausea covers SNAFU. Davey Keels counts the pin. ...1 ...2 Tessa gets up waffles Captain Nausea a second time with the chair. ]

Linda McMahon – STOP!  I said no more chair-

[Tessa turns and drills McMahon with the chair.]


Johnny Suave – Thank you.

Breaking News: PCW Extreme Political TV Moving to Mondays

The Monday Night Wars have begun indeed.  PCW Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced this morning that starting immediately PCW Extreme Political TV will move to Monday nights.

Gibbs said in the press briefing this morning: “With the dearth of quality wrestling programming on Monday nights, PCW CEO Barack Obama decided this was an opportune time to offer up Political Championship Wrestling as a viable alternative to the corporate wrestling product offered in Stamford, Connecticut and Orlando, Florida.”

The change means the next PCW show will be this coming Monday evening with PCW Television Champion Ken Worth- The American Trucker meeting Al Cahall of D.W.I. in the main event.

PCW- Join the New Revolution in 2010!

Coming January 16th to a website near you.  

785 followers on Twitter and counting.  Join the New Revolution.

WWR Supershow II- Christmas in the Caribbean- Finale

Suave: “We’ve got a battle of tag team champions coming up next…”

(courtesy of Missouri Valley Wrestling)
Angels of Death (Angel Scott and Angel Casey) vs. The Mercenaries (Dawn McGill and Jackie Daniels)

Scott pulls out two ladders and throws them into the ring.  Fantastic: “McGill’s out.  Scott just threw in two ten foot high ladders.  Davey Keels is trying to regain control of this match.   Scott sets up the ladders about three feet apart.”  Daniels and Casey are locked up.  Keels tries to take down the ladder.  Fantastic: “The referee is trying to take down the ladder…Scott just grabbed him from the back and shoved him down.  Keels calls for the bell.”  (ring, ring, ring)  Fantastic: “Angels of Death is going to get disqualified here but retain the tag team titles and…oh..no.”  Scott grabs Keels by the throat…choke slam.  Keels lays sprawled on the mat, face down.  Fantastic: “Scott with the chair.”  *CLANG*  Chastity: “Daniels never saw it!”  Fantastic: “Daniels is down!  And now they’re dragging her to the ladders.  Scott drapes Daniels over her shoulder and climbs up…oh, no.  They’re not…”  At the top, Scott swings Daniels’s legs over and Casey grabs them.  They lift her into the air.  Fantastic: “Death Spiral Drop…from a ten foot ladder?”  Scott and Casey nod…they jump and spin Daniels…then they press her to the mat.  Fantastic: “OH…MY…GOD…”  Scott and Casey put their boots on Daniels’s back and pose.  Chastity: “Un-freakin’-believable.  Kimber Marshall in the ring.

Suave: “The Egg Bandits have been on quite a roll as Dream’s Tag Team Champions.   This should be an interesting match up.”

Tessa: “Johnny, Angels of Death have not been pinned since they won the MVW Tag Team belts back in July.  Their only loss was by DQ last week.”

Match #6
WWR Tag Team # 6 The Egg Bandits (Cool Cancer Jiles and Doozer)- DWF Tag Team Champions vs.
WWR Tag Team #18 Angels of Death (Angel Casey and Angel Scott)- MVW Tag Team Champions

Introductions already done.  The bell rings.

They trade waistlocks, Casey gets an arm wringer and snaps Doozer to the mat.  She applies a chinlock and grinds her knuckles into Doozer’s temple! Doozer gets out with a single elbow to the gut and applies a side headlock. Casey throws him off and Doozer knocks her down with a shoulder block. A leapfrog sequence leads to a trio of armdrags from Casey, who keeps an armbar locked on. She tags out to Scott, who hits a punch to the gut, but Doozer goes to the eyes and tags Jiles in. He puts Scott in a full nelson so Jiles can hit a punch, and Jiles gets a side headlock. Scott shoves him off and Jiles’ shoulder block doesn’t work, the first or second time. Jiles reminds of his “shoulders like boulders” and distracts Scott long enough to kick her in the gut, and he thrusts his crotch. Scott’s shoulder block works much better, and she lights him up with a chop before tagging Casey in.

Suave: “So far, the Angels have more than hung with the Egg Bandits.”

Tessa: “That last exchange illustrated Angel Scott’s power and she chopped the hell out of Doozer before tagging Angel Casey in.”

Casey pummels Jiles and hits a snapmare, and then gets two off of a dropkick to the skull.  Jiles hits a jawbreaker and tags Doozer in, but Doozer gets armdragged. Casey goes to the corner and hits some strikes, Doozer reverses a corner whip and Casey flips over him and lands awkwardly before hitting a rana. The mule kick follows, but when she goes up top Jiles crotches her on the buckle pervs. Doozer hits a flying enzugiri and gets two.   He tags out to Jiles, who gets two off a grinding suplex. He chokes with his knee and hits a knee drop,  gets two, though.  Casey makes a rally of punches, but Jiles drives her into his corner and drives his shoulder into her midsection. Doozer tags in and jumps in to hit a double-team suplex on Casey, and adds a knip-up and a grind for good measure.

Suave: “I’m sure SOMEONE enjoys all this grinding.”   

The suplex gets two and Doozer puts her in a chinlock. Casey tries to tag out but Doozer pulls her down by his hair. Jiles is back in and hits a kneedrop to the gut as Doozer drills Casey with mounted punches. His follow up cover is cocky (pun definitely intended) and Casey gets a crucifix for a nearfall. Jiles tags out and hits a scoop slam so that Doozer can hit his springboard legdrop, but that only gets two. He sets Casey up for a superplex, but Casey fights him off. Doozer backflips off the second rope but Casey hits a crossbody.  That’s enough to get the tag.

Scott comes in and bulldozes the heels, chops Jiles again and hits a back body drop. Doozer receives a military press and a shoulder tackle from the second rope.  Jiles blocks a corner clothesline with an elbow, gyrates and SLIPS, so Scott hits a Samoan Drop.  Doozer breaks up a cover and eats some chops. He tries a spinning wheel kick but Scott catches him, but Jiles hits a dropkick to save his partner, but an awkward cover only gets two. Jiles knocks Casey off the apron and Doozer hits an impressive swinging uranage backbreaker on Scott. Doozer adds a kneedrop from the top rope, and Scott kicks out of that. Jiles sets up for the powerbomb/blockbuster but Scott shoves Jiles into Doozer to knock him to the floor. Casey takes the opportunity to hit his slingshot moonsault, and Scott hits Doozer with an overhead belly-to-belly.

The Choo-Choo follows and Scott tags out, Casey hits a missile dropkick to the back of Jiles’ head, but Doozer breaks up the pin. He throws Scott to the floor, Casey nails him but Jiles hits a swinging neckbreaker. He tags out to Doozer, who badly messes up what looked to be a Coronation. Casey rolls under both guys and hits a sloppy double rana. Jiles whips Scott to the barricade outside, and Casey hits a dropkick to the knee inside on Doozer. The leapfrog rocker dropper sets up the Ocean Cyclone Suplex, but Jiles trips up Casey and Doozer lands on top of her for the cover.  One…two…Scott makes the save.  Both Angels in the ring.   She throws Doozer out of the ring.  Casey low blows Jiles.  Scott picks him up and Casey takes the legs.


An egg splats against Casey’s face and she lets go of Jiles’s feet. 

Tessa: “That’s Dawn McGill…again!”


Jiles high fives McGill and Doozer.  Casey blasts McGill from behind.  Daniels with a reverse neckbreaker to Casey.  Daniels throws Scott out of the ring.

Suave: “The main event coming up next!”


Dream Wrestling Federation
Season’s Beatings 2009
LIVE from the Cobo Arena in Detroit, Michigan


Daymare vs. Charlie Blackwell

Jimmy Riley vs. Zero

Force vs. Bishop Steele
“You Call It” Championship Number One Contendership
Two of DREAM’s New School Have a Huge Opportunity

chicKEN Chokers vs Brothers of Propechy
Tag Team Match

Mike Polowy vs. Cancer Jiles
“You Call It” Championship
Under Cool Championship Rules

Lupin Cy vs. Doozer
DWF World Championship/DREAM Championship Unification Match
Who will walk out the Unified DREAM Champion?!


(courtesy of Political Championship Wrestling
PCW Tag Team Champions ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and ‘American Citizen’ Kevin Scott vs. Jack and Bull Schett
Suave: “Scott FINALLY tagged in by Escondido.  Bull is nailed with a waistlock suplex from Escondido. Scott has him up…PILEDRIVER!  Escondido now has him up…fallaway slam.  Scott kicks Bull in the groin…Scott now with a headlock… BOOM! DDT!  Kevin Scott is on fire!  Watch out, he’s got a chair.  *CLANG*  HOLY CRAP!  HERE COMES JACK!”  Escondido intercepts Jack and slaps a chokehold on him.  *CLANG* SCOTT NAILS JACK WITH THE CHAIR!..ESCONDIDO GOING UP TOP…DROPKICK!  HE JUST DROPKICKED THE CHAIR INTO JACK’S FACE!  HORST IN THE RING…AND SO IS JUSTIN SUFFERABLE!”  Sufferable opens up a chair….Escondido hooks both arms…Double Arm DDT onto the open chair!  Suave: “HORST UNSUCCESSFUL!  JACK OUT OF THE RING…HE’S LOOKING FOR HANS GRUBER…WAIT!”  The Green World Order (Peta from PETA, ‘Extreme Vegan’ Brock Cole Lee, GreenPete, and PeaceNick walk backwards with Hans Gruber-the Extreme German Schauzer inside a kennel cage.  Suave: “WHAT THE HELL?  THEY’VE KIDNAPPED HANS GRUBER!  JACK IS LIVID!”  In the ring, Sufferable puts the chair on Bull’s body…Scott climbs up top…Splash onto the chair!! Suave: “SPLASH ON THE CHAIR!  SCOTT COVERS…1 …2 …3!  THAT’S IT!  WHAT A MATCH!”

(courtesy of Fans Wrestling Organization)
The Entourage (Spike Saunders and Callie Urban) vs. Mega-Job (Beef and El Janito) for the FWO Tag Team Title
In the ring the LoD double teamed K-Wolf and double booted her out of the ring with a sliding dropkick, while Saunders slammed Xander Scott into Alias causing the two to fall to the outside. Impulse and Callie fought head to head in the ring, reversing and countering each other’s maneuvers, but as Callie finally got a upper hand with pele kick, egg NOG clocked her with the chair from behind, lifted her into the air and cHEESE bounced off the ropes towards her.

Dairytown Death Drop! on the steel chair

Her partner rushed towards the two and clotheslined double speared them through the ring ropes. But lying in wait was K-Wolf who smacked a chair across his face, and as his body hung over the rope she climbed the stairs and drove her leg down across the back of his neck, toppling the giant to the outside.

Finally some order is restored as a legion of referees and security rush down to the ring and ringside areas insisting and pressuring the superstars not involved in the match back to the backstage area. The teams are held at bay from one another finally…

As the referee of the match used the bottom rope on the opposite side as leverage and he pulled himself into the ring. His vision still a bit blury he spotted Urban non moving, and nobody else in the ring. Then a head popped up in the opposite corner, looking around to the left and right slowly before crawling into the ring. Slowly he commando crawled across the ring, stopping every moment to check around before finally reaching Callie Urban. He cautiously laid his arm across her body.


Saunders recognized the sound and popped to his knees before lurching forward to the ring.


He slid his body halfway in, reaching out at Callie’s and Beef’s bodies just slightly out of reach.


It couldn’t be.
Was it over?

Did… Megajob just win?

 Ding ding ding

The bell rung and the referee was handed the tag titles. He held them out to Beef and raised his arm in victory as the fans cheered. Saunders finally in the ring rushed Beef with a big boot, but Beef dropped down and rolled out of the ring where his partner awaited.

Suave: “The FWO versus PCW in our Main Event.  Escondido and Scott went to the number one spot in the WWR Tag Team Rankings after defeating Jack and Bull Schett last week at Night of Champions.  Saunders and Urban lost their titles to Mega-Job in early November and the #1 spot in the WWR Tag Team rankings.”

Tessa: “Escondido and Scott are master technical wrestlers who aren’t afraid to mix it up when needed.  Spike has the decades of experience in the ring while Callie has an overall athletic/submission approach.  Should be a very interesting match.”

Suave: “Indeed.  And there’s the bell.”

Match #7
WWR Tag Team #5 The Entourage- FWO Tag Team Champions vs.
WWR Tag Team #1 ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido/’American Citizen’ Kevin Scott- PCW Tag Team Champions

Escondido and Saunders to start. Escondido rolls out of a headscissors and tags Scott. Snap mare by Scott and a kick to the spine. Saunders returns the favour. Escondido tags back in and Saunders grabs a side headlock on the mat. Escondido gets to his feet and gets a snap mare and kick of his own. They exchange blows and Saunders goes to the leg of Escondido. Escondido escapes and goes to the arm. Both men up and Callie and Scott tag in. Front facelock by Callie, Escondido tags in and goes on the offense but Saunders puts an end to that and they get the double shoulder block. The PCW Tag Team Champions head to the floor to recover. Escondido back in with some kicks but Saunders levels him with a dropkick. Scott gets nailed with a head and arm suplex and a big boot by Callie. Basement dropkick to Scott gets 1 for Callie. Tag to Saunders who comes in with a senton off the top for 2. Saunders gets another 2 count off a suplex. He applies a figure four headscissors but Scott escapes, Escondido and Scott get Saunders caught in their corner and Escondido hits a dragon screw in the ropes! Escondido tags in and stamps on the bad leg. Scott is in now and hits a running dropkick to the knee in the corner. Suplex attempts, Saunders gets out the back and hits a cutter! Tag to Callie who comes in with forearms to Scott, Escondido tries a blindside but gets superkicked. Spinebuster to Scott gets 2.  On the outside Escondido whips Saunders into the barricade and nailed with a Yakuza kick, sending him to the crowd. Escondido and Callie slug it out but Scott is up with the forearms!!! Superkick-German combo by Escondido and Scott! 1…2…NO!!! Scott played some good possum there. Escondido takes Callie to the floor and goes to work, whipping her to the barricade and choking her. She’s rolled back in and Scott gets a 2 count.  Scott uses his wrist tape to choke Callie.  Whip by Escondido, he hits a charging forearm and a charging boot. Northern Lights suplex gets 2.  Tag to Scott, he hits a snap mare and applies a chinlock. Callie fights out of it and gets a Death Valley Driver! Hot tag! Saunders in with chops to Escondido and a leg lariat.  Kneelift for Escondido and a kick to the back of the head. Springboard forearm to Scott and a Northern Lights on Escondido gets 2. Saunders whips Scott, Escondido grabs his foot and drags him out to safety…SOMERSAULT SENTON BY SAUNDERS to both on the floor! Escondido is rolled in and covered for 2. Saunders puts Escondido on the top, he pushes Saunders down but Saunders nails a palm strike and the Iconoclasm for 2. Scott is back in but Callie Flatlines him into the turnbuckle and Saunders hits a flying sidekick off the top rope! SIDEWINDER to Escondido! 2 count only.  Driller is countered and Scott tags in with a big boot. Scott with a combination to take Callie down, and hits the backpack chinbreaker for 2. Callie is positioned up top again, Scott goes up but is knocked down. Escondido comes over to try and he gets knocked down. Scott tries again and hits a super rana off the top rope! Kick to the chest by Escondido…

Suave: “DOCTOR DRIVER!  Cover by Escondido 1…2…no!”   

Tessa: ‘Non-stop action, Johnny.”

Half Crab by Scott, clover leaf by Escondido! Both Entourage members counter to small packages for 2! double team alarm clock to Saunders!  They have Callie…powerbomb/lungblower combo! Half crab by Scott, Callie makes the ropes. Escondido and Scott set for a Doomsday Device, Saunders is back in and hits a T-Bone off the top! German by Callie! SICK clothesline on Scott! 1…2…No!  Shining Wizard time…blocked! They exchange an enziguiri and a superkick, DOUBLE superkick by the Entourage!  1…2…Escondido breaks it up! Escondido and Saunders to the floor, Step Up Shining Wizard! 1…2…NO!!!

Suave: “Callie almost had him this time!  Again, incredible action here.”

Scott tags back in with a stiff chop. Back body drop by Scott gets 2. Scott bites Callie then tags Escondido. Callie ducks under the clothesline and hits a standing Shiranui. Saunders is in and knocks Scott to the floor then hits a DDT off the second rope to Escondido. Armbar-hammerlock combo by Saunders, Escondido gets to the ropes. Tag to Callie who comes off the top with a double stomp to the arm. 2 count only. Hard whip by Callie and a pair of covers for 2. tag to Saunders now and he fights hard to keep Escondido from tagging. Double team hiptoss followed by a double basement dropkick for 2. Escondido escapes out the back of a back suplex and gets the tag! Scott is in, he gets the hiptoss/double basement dropkick but no-sells it and clotheslines both Bucks! He backdrops a charging Saunders who lands on the apron, then DDTs him back in! 1…2…no. Scott gets tripped by Callie but ESCONDIDO SOARS off the back of Scott and onto Callie on the floor! Neckbreaker over the knee by Scott, but he hurt his knee! The delay allows Saunders to recover, Trouble in Paradise! Tag to Callie, they hit a double knee/top rope double stomp into a reverse DDT for 2. Callie tires to whip Scott, it’s reversed and Scott hits the lungblower. Tag to Escondido who comes in with a top rope crossbody for 2. Escondido tries the half-nelson suplex but Callie runs him to the corner and Saunders hits a STIFF kick to the head!!! Scott grabs Saunders and powerbombs him on the apron!!! T-bone suplex into the turnbuckle by Escondido! He sets for the Yakuza, COUNTERED with a big boot! Superkick to Scott! Callie tries a wheelbarrow, Escondido holds on.


Tessa: “Ummm…wow. Fast stuff happens.”

Suave: “YAKUZA KICK by Escondido! FROG SPLASH by Scott! 1…2…NO!” 

Escondido tags in Scott who tries the package piledriver, Saunders escapes! Forearm to Escondido, Scott tries a suplex but Saunders blocks Powerbomb by Scott into the Sharpshooter! Callie kicks him in the face but Scott shrugs it off! Escondido takes Callie to the floor and Scott drags Saunders to the middle of the ring!  Superkick by Callie… Superkick! Superkick! Superkick!


Tessa: “He’s got a microphone, Johnny.”

Chism: “Escondido and Scott.  There is only ONE person who is #1 and that is ME, Stone Chism, PCW Champion.”


Chism: “The fact that you are #1 in the WWR Tag Team Rankings while me and my incredibly immense talent are nowhere to found is an in-”

Callie grabs Chism and throws him off the ring apron to the floor.


The Skanky Rich Bimbos Hilton and Lohan slip into the ring.   Both Scott and Saunders are distracted by the SRB.  Hilton and Lohan suddenly rip off their tops, further distracting both men.


Callie rolls her eyes and leaped back into the ring.

Tessa: “Callie’s back in the ring.  Roll up.”


Spike snaps out of it and raises his hands.


WWR Supershow II- Christmas in the Caribbean- Part 2

Suave: “Welcome back to the WWR Supershow II.  I am Johnny Suave along with the ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin.  The last WWR Supershow featured a main event with MPlow Mike Polowy going up against Dawn McGill.  This time, MPlow isn’t main eventing the Supershow but he continues to raise holy hell all over e-wrestling.”

(courtesy of Dream Wrestling Federation)
From behind the curtain, a gigantic box appears. It’s wrapped in bright green paper, with an intricately placed red bow on the very top. On the front, there is a huge gift tag reading “TO: The eGG Bandits, FROM: The WfWA”. Instinctively dropping out of the holiday spirit, Doozer and Jiles tense themselves, ready for a potential ambush, but quickly lower their guard again as the entire arena erupts into cheers and laughter. Pushing the box, which is on a set of well oiled wheels, are four “elves” dressed in matching green outfits. They look less than pleased to be midgets once again typecast into a fantastical Christmas role. Doozer is nearly beside himself with an “Oh man oh man midgets!” sort of glee. They roll the present all the way down the ramp, letting it come to rest nearby the ring.

“Well don’t just stand there, little ones!” St. Nick chuckles, his belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly. “Go, open it! Open it!”

Cancer starts off at almost a dead sprint toward the box, but Doozer stops him, putting a hand on his shoulder. He steps toward Santa Clause, politely borrowing his microphone.

“Hold on, hold on.” Doozer begins, laughing despite himself. “Seriously? No offense Santy Clause, but you roll a person sized package down the ring and expect us to just open it? Why, so that some guy can hit me over the head with a steel chair all in the name of Jesus’ birthday? I was born at night, Mr. Clause, but not LAST night. Elves, why don’t you go ahead and open that bad boy up. We’ll stay in the ring, thank you.”

Doozer and Jiles step to the edge of the ring, looking over the ropes as the elves chatter amongst themselves, in a comically tiny little huddle. After a moment, they break it up, nodding as they begin to unravel the wrapping on the gift. As the four sides of the box fall outward, what is left is truly beautiful in a strange way. It’s a full sized Christmas tree, complete with lights and ornaments, with a big “DREAM” star at the top. However, on closer inspection, the ornaments around the tree aren’t really ornaments at all… but eggs! Even Doozer has to let out a legitimate smile at this, and the fans in the arena go bananas.

“Alright, Santa.” Doozer begins, a bit of embarrassment in his voice. “No chairs, no angry man in the box. I misjudged you. This is great, seriously, that’s pretty awesome. Maybe we can go out for a beer and come cookies or someth–”


Doozer drops like a ton of candy canes, slumping into the turnbuckle, as he is struck in the face with a medium sized, wrapped box! The wielder of the box sends the crowd into a fit of boos and jeers, as it sets in exactly what as just happened. While Doozer was making his amends with St. Nick, who had crawled out of his parcel bag wearing a big fluffy Santa hat? None other than Mike Polowy! Doozer hits the mat with a thump, as Polowy drops the loaded present and begins his assault on Cancer Jiles, trading punches back and forth with an intensity not seen in a long time from the DWF’s resident super heel. Cancer hits the mat after a big right hand, but pops right back up and continues the brawl, but quickly finds himself at a disadvantage as he’s grabbed from the outside by two of the elves! Their tiny hands try to trip at his feet, throwing off his balance, giving Polowy enough time to boot Cancer in the stomach! The crowd escalates to a new level of Bah-Humbuggery as they boo the former DREAM Champion, who tucks Cancer’s head between his legs and lifts him up for The Mike Effect! Santa and Polowy commence stomping the two eGG Bandits as they lie ambushed on the canvas, before Polowy reaches down and picks up Doozer’s fallen microphone.

“Merry Christmas, douchebags.” He smirks, basking in the hatred of the crowd. “St. Mikey is back!”

Suave: ”And then the next night at High Octane Wrestling’s ICONIC Pay Per View…”

(courtesy of High Octane Wrestling)
Back live and we cut backstage where we see the beautiful Missy Andrews catching up to Aceldama who now has the High Octane Championship firmly around his waist.

Missy Andrews: “Ace…..a quick word please?”

Aceldama stops and turns and smiles at Missy who is looking so hot that he just got a mental picture of her topless…

Aceldama: “What’s up Ms. Andrews?”

Before she can ask a question she begins screaming and Aceldama turns around just in time to be met with ……a loaded present?

Joe Hoffman: “What the heck???”

The HOW Champ falls like a lump of coal as none other than Santa Clause is seen standing over him and he is holding a present that he promptly drops and when it hits the ground it makes a serious thud.

Joe Hoffman: “What was in that package…and who the heck is in the suit??”

Benny Newell: ”Santa dipshit…drink..”

Back to the action we see Missy take off running as Santa kneels down besides the fallen Aceldama and taps on the faceplate of the HOW Championship belt.

Santa then pulls down his beard and reveals himself…

Joe Hoffman: “Is that……no that cant be….”

Mike Polowy: “You might not know who I am…but I know who you are..Mr. Bad Ticker Aceldama. My name is Mike Polowy, soon to be the next “You Call It” Champion of DREAM Wrestling….I heard your little rant and as soon as I heard you calling out for challengers I left my little Alliance suite that Mike Best rented for some of the guys and figured I would come down here and  pay you a visit…..Champ.”

Mike smacks Aceldama across the face but the champ remains out cold.

Polowy: “Maybe I will enter this Invitational and win it and then proceed to take the title off you and walk back to DREAM with it while you and your little fellow jobbers from HOW watch me…..but right now I gotta jet….”

Mike stands up and takes off running out of view of the camera and a few seconds later we see why as several HOW security members are quickly chasing after him.

Match #4
“The Grim Reaper Of Hostility” Steve Harrison
- Hostility vs.
Mike Polowy- DWF

*Yes, Please by Muse plays*

Suave: “MPlow, Mike Polowy making his way down to the ring.  Kimber Marshall is there to make the ring announcements.” 

Yes please, haha
I cannot sleep
There’s too much noise in my head
I cannot sleep
I want it here instead

I never thought that this could come to this
I just wanna look at your face in peace now
You’ll never miss
But I can

Kimber: “Our next match is a one fall, sixty minute time limit, and will be wrestled under PCW Rules.” 

Suave: “PCW and rules.  Isn’t that an oxymoron?”

Kimber: “Making his way to the ring.  From Atlantic City, New Jersey,  former DWF World Champion, he is MPlow!  MIKE POLOWY!”


Kimber: “His opponent, coming down to the ring, he is Hostility’s Extreme Champion, from Alexandria, VA, ‘The Grim Reaper of Hostility, STEVE HARRISON!”



Harrison gets the better of the exchange.  Polowy goes right to the floor. 

Crowd: “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!   **** PALOOOEY (clap, clap clap-clap-clap)  **** PALOOOEY (clap, clap clap-clap-clap)

Polowy grabs the microphone from Kimber Marshall.


Polowy finally gets back in the ring and gets stomped down by Harrison.  He bails again.


Suave: “Not that Mike cares, but he’s really not ingratiating himself with the crowd.”

Tessa: “He doesn’t care, Johnny.”

Again Harrison jumps him as soon as he gets in the ring, and again Polowy bails. Harrison chases this time and Polowy catches him as HE gets in the ring. Headlock takedown, Harrison counters with a headscissors. Polowy escapes and bails AGAIN. Again Harrison chases and Polowy catches him coming in. Harrison gets thrown out but stops on the apron and hits a springboard leg lariat. Polowy lays in some chops, Harrison fights back with rights. Headlock takedown by Polowy, Harrison escapes and hits some chops. Whip, Polowy holds on and avoids a dropkick but Harrison lands on his feet. They exchange holds, Polowy gets a headscissors and Harrison escapes!  To the floor again and AGAIN Polowy catches Harrison coming in. Harrison throws Polowy to the floor, Polowy skins the cat but Harrison hits the baseball slide to the face of Polowy! Chops on the floor and Polowy goes into the crowd! Harrison hits an atomic drop onto the apron!   Harrison rolls Polowy in and Polowy bails again. Harrison chases again and this time doesn’t get caught coming in. Polowy bails again though.

Suave: “Harrison has spent more time chasing Mike Polowy than he has wrestling him.  Polowy’s smart and he knows what he’s doing.”

Back inside, Polowy charges and gets backdropped over the top!!! Harrison arranges some furniture on the floor and hits an Asai moonsault off the barricade! Polowy is back inside, Polowy catches him on the apron but Harrison fires back. He misses the springboard clothesline and Polowy goes to the floor again! Wow this is annoying. Harrison goes after him and reverses a whip sending Polowy to the barricade. He rolls Polowy in and goes up top…Polowy is up and knocks Harrison off the top! He tries to suplex Harrison into the ring but it is blocked, Polowy settles for a neckbreaker over the top rope instead. He throws Harrison to the floor and comes off the top with an axehandle. Polowy punishes Harrison on the floor and rolls him in.  Polowy goes back to the floor and hits a running knee to Harrison’s head, hanging over the edge of the apron. Cover by Polowy gets 2. He starts kicking at the knees of Harrison who tries to fight back until Polowy goes back to the knee. Harrison reverses a whip but charges into turnbuckles as Polowy moves. He ties up Harrison’s leg in the ropes and dropkicks it. 2 count for Polowy. He does more work on the leg and locks in a single-leg crab, Harrison makes the ropes. Harrison tries to fight back but gets his back and chest raked before being nailed with a clothesline for 2. Harrison misses an enziguiri, so Polowy stomps on his knee. Again Harrison mounts a comeback and again it is thwarted by Polowy attacking the knee. Figure four time! Harrison kicks his way free before it’s applied but Polowy hits an STO. Polowy takes his sweet time about a pendulum elbow, allowing Harrison to kick him in the back of the head and hit a neckbreaker.

Back body drop by Harrison. Polowy goes to the top but gets dropkicked! Twisting corkscrew plancha by Harrison to the floor onto Polowy! Back inside Harrison reverses the shinbreaker/back suplex into a rollup for 2! SHINING WIZARD gets 2! Polowy avoids a quebrada so Harrison hits a standing SSP for 2. Polowy gets out the back of a Paroxysm and hits the shinbreaker/back suplex combo. Polowy charges but Harrison gets a boot up. He puts Polowy up top and tries to follow but geets shoved down. Harrison goes back up But Polowy blocks the attempt…TOP ROPE DDT!!! 1…2…no! Last Chancery applied! Harrison manages to break the hold but gets beaten down by the champ. Polowy measures for the IED but Harrison hits one of his own! LAST CHANCERY by Harrison! Polowy escapes with elbows to the head. Scoop slam by Harrison, he goes up top but Polowy shoves him off and to the floor! Heatseeking missile by Polowy! He rolls Harrison in and hits the twisting body press for 2. Polowy puts Harrison on the top and goes up with him…Harrison fights it and tries a sunset bomb! Polowy counters to a rana! Polowy charges INTO A SUPLES TO THE TURNBUCKLE! Phoenix slpash…MISSES!!! Dropkick to the knee by Polowy, a shinbreaker and then the figure four! Harrison fights and struggles and reverses the hold! Polowy goes straight to the ropes. He’s on the apron and headbutting Harrison who is inside. The exchange rights and Harrison takes Polowy’ head to the turnbuckle. A kick by Harrison, he hauls Polowy to the top and goes for a superplex but Polowy fights him off and throws him into the ring face first. Polowy is still sitting on the top.


Polowy goes through the timekeeper’s table!! Polowy is taking his time outside so Harrison chases and gets a knee to the cut for his troubles. Harrison reverses the whip and sends Polowy to the barricade. Polowy rolls in then rolls out. They are finally back in the ring and Harrison blocks a charge but gets some back elbows from Polowy in the corner. Polowy wants the brainbuster but Harrison fights it and hits the face-first drop. Harrison measures the superkick but Polowy bails. Again they are fighting on the apron, Polowy connects with the DVD on the apron!!!

Harrison is down on the floor while Polowy just rests. Harrison barely makes it back in, only to be locked into the Last Chancery.  It’s fairly sloppy though and Harrison is able to make the ropes. Polowy stomps on Harrison some more then throws him outside. Polowy is resting again.

Duelling chants: “This is awesome!” “This is bullshit!”

Harrison manages to get back in and is even landing some shots, so Polowy flees again. Back inside and Harrison is going nuts whit chops and kicks! He gets ready to charge but Polowy has gone to the floor again. HARRISON FLIES over the top and levels Polowy! Polowy tires to escape through the crowd so Harrison attacks him there with a double axehandle. He brings Polowy back to ringside and beats on him, Polowy rolls back in and then rolls out the other side and goes up the ramp! Harrison follows and a large section of the crowd don’t want them to come back. Harrison emerges through the curtain with Polowy on his shoulder! TKO ON THE RAMP!   Harrison carries him back to the ring. Polowy is bleeding hard. He hits a forearm but Harrison locks in the End Time!  Polowy flips over into a cover! 1…2…no!  Polowy is bleeding all over the place. Harrison punches away in the corner, Polowy tries a powerbomb but Harrison counters.

Suave: “35 minutes gone now. Harrison wants the buckle bbom but Polowy blocks. This is crazy, Harrison isn’t even trying to put him away. If you’re trying for psychology then you can’t selectively ignore it. He climbs the corner again and pounds on Polowy, Polowy dumps him to the floor. Polowy tries to escape into the crowd again, Harrison retrieves him…NO! BUCKLE BOMB INTO THE CHAIR IN THE CORNER OF THE BARRICADE!!! Superkick! He rolls Polowy in…1…2…2.887!


Tessa: “Give the devil his due, Johnny.  Polowy is one tough customer.”

Suave: “Scoop slam by Harrison and he’s going up top…”

PHOENIX SPLASH gets nothing but canvas! Both men are staggering, Polowy flees AGAIN! Harrison chases him up the ramp and Polowy gets the brainbuster on the ramp!!!! Polowy makes it back to the ring and Harrison is bleeding.   He makes it to the ring but Polowy gets the kneestrikes to the head, then the Last Chancery!   Harrison breaks the hold, Polowy chokes him in the corner and will not break on 5, trying to get disqualified. 

Tessa: “Nice try, Mike.  The referee is not falling for that one.  PCW rules, remember?” 

Harrison fights back with some rights but Polowy hits a low blow!   Polowy exposes the turnbuckle and runs Harrison into it.  Polowy tries the IED again but Harrison catches him! Polowy slips off his shoulders and hits a Russian leg sweep into the turnbuckle! Polowy up top…450 SPLASH! 1…2…2.907!! Polowy thinks about nailing Sinclair, but instead locks in Last Chancery AGAIN. Harrison elbows free and Polowy goes to the floor to get his belt. He thinks about using it but Harrison kicks it out of his hands! SCHOOLBOY BY HARRISON! 1…2…NO!!! Kick to the head! Both men are down now. Slugfest on their knees!

Suave: “50 minutes in and they’re still slugging away.”

Polowy tries a headbutt and both men go down like a deflated balloon. Polowy with an uppercut and some strong lefts, off the ropes and a roaring forearm! ENZIGUIRI by Harrison! Kick to the head by Polowy! Brainbuster COUNTERED TO CATTLE MUTILATION!!! Polowy rolls it over, Harrison gets the MMA elbows then back to Cattle Mutilation! Polowy with a GREAT escpae into the brainbuster!!! 1…2…2.9899!!! 

Crowd: “THIS MATCH RULES! (clap, clap clap-clap-clap), THIS MATCH RULES! (clap, clap clap-clap-clap)

Wild punches by both men, Polowy tries a brainbuster but Harrison escapes! GOD’S LAST GIFT! 1…2…NO!


Dream Wrestling Federation owner William Peters is out to the ring.  He’s looking right at Steve Harrison.


Tessa: “Johnny, Steve Harrison has been the subject of some controversy at Hostility because of his alleged ties with Dream.   Apparently, Hostility thinks he’s a hired gun from DREAM, working for Peters.In fact, I know for a fact that management wants to get the Extreme Belt off Harrison because they’re afraid he’s going to turn up on DWF TV with it.”

Suave: “So what is Peters out here…now…after 55 minutes?”

Peters, still staring right at Harrison, gives him a thumbs up….and then gradually turns it to a thumbs down.

Suave: “What does that mean?”

Harrison takes a deep breath.  Polowy lifts him up…



Peters smiles.  Polowy covers.  Harrison makes no attempt to escape.  Match over.



Polowy revels in the ceremonial tossing of the debris into the ring. 



Aceldama runs down.  MPlow sees him and immediately takes off in the opposite direction.  He runs right through the front door and heads for the lobby.  Aceldama chases after him.

Suave: “High Octane Wrestling’s Aceldama looking for a little payback.  More action after this.”

Suave: “And we’re back.  This took place while we were away.”

Outside in the hotel parking lot.  Mike Polowy sprints to his rental car and jumps in.  The tires squeal as Mike backs out and takes off.

Aceldama reaches the parking lot and sees Mike driving off.  A car just happens to pull up.  Ace stops the vehicle and commandeers it.  The driver is summarily dismissed from the vehicle and Aceldama takes off after Polowy.

Suave: “Wow.  This is starting to resemble a High Octane Wrestling match.  And speaking of…”

(courtesy of High Octane Wrestling)
Kirsta Lewis vs. Erites Kallisten
Finding a roll of razor wire near the opposite corner, Kirsta retrieves it and brings her attention back to Erities, who is still crumpled in a heap on the other side.

Joe Hoffman: She’s going to slice her in half!  You’ve got to stop this Matt!

Benny Newell: Like hell you will, Boettcher!  Let ‘em fight!  It’s not like we haven’t seen worse, Joe… you fucking wuss.  Here… have a drink.  Loosen up a bit, will ya?

Joe ignores the shot that Benny puts in front of him while Kirsta stands over Erities with the razor wire.  The Hellcat is about to attack when Erities spins around and cracks her in the face with a Bamboo stick, cracking it into 2 pieces.

Joe Hoffman: Hard shot by Erities sends Kirsta Lewis down!

Kirsta drops the razor wire upon impact and Erities finds herself with the weapon to use at her disposal.  Erities stomps at her opponent several times before placing the leg of Kirsta Lewis through the roll of razor wire.

Benny Newell: Holy fuck… I smell disaster about to happen.

Joe Hoffman: I think you may be right Benny, because Erities Kallisten, for which the Best Arena will be renamed after come Saturday, has Kirsta Lewis in a bad spot, threading her leg through the hole of that roll of razor wire!

Erities knocks a garbage can aside, which sends a variety of weapons scattered across the ring.  This grabs her attention and she empties it completely, using the garbage can itself to strike Kirsta on the leg wrapped in razor wire!

Joe Hoffman: No!  This is too much!  This is TOO MUCH!!

Benny Newell: ::YAWWWWWWN!::  Shit… I need an Amp from Scottywood to go with my Jack.  I wonder how well it mixes together?

Kirsta exerts a blood-curling scream as Erities heaves the garbage can over her head, repeatedly striking the leg in razor wire!  The crowd counts along with each successive shot and the garbage can gets more and more dented to the point where Erities can no longer use it.

Crowd: …SIX!  SEVEN!  EIGHT!…

Kirsta tends to her leg as Erities eases up on the assault, her hands becoming a bloody mess as she tries to put pressure on the massive wound that resulted from the attack.  Erities even seems a bit disgusted by what she just did and stands in amazement as Kirsta convulses on the mat below her.

Benny Newell: Hmm… I wonder Kirsta’s doing after the show…

Joe Hoffman: You’re out of your mind!  Have you even been paying attention to this match?!?

Benny just shrugs as Joe looks horrified at what’s going on in the ring.  Finally, Erities snaps out of it and goes for a cover on Kirsta, hooking the “good” leg.  Boettcher has to clear aside some weapons to get in position and administers the pin fall.



Joe Hoffman: She kicked out!  How in God’s name…?

Benny Newell: Yeah!  Come on K!  Get up!  Get up!

Joe Hoffman: Get up?

Not quite as easy as Benny thinks.  Despite getting her shoulder up, Kirsta is losing a lot of blood from her leg wound and is unable to stand, her leg still caught inside the razor wire.  Thankfully, Erities relieves her from the razor wire, but doesn’t ease up in the least bit, stomping away at the wound with the intention to injure her permanently.

Kirsta’s screams resound throughout the arena and even Erities’ hometown fans have gone silent due to the amount of blood lost from the Hellcat’s leg.

Finally, Boettcher intervenes and instructs Erities to back off a bit so that he can check on Kirsta.  Erities is reluctant to do so at first, but Boettcher steps between the two and kneels down to attend to the #1 Ranked Female Wrestler in the world.  He gives the “X” signal to call for the High Octane Medics and a team quickly rushes down the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, Kirsta Lewis could be looking at a potential career threatening injury here…

Benny Newell: What a dumb-ass!  How are they gonna get in the ring?  It’s an electrified cage!

One of the medical staff members overlooks this fact and proceeds for the cage door, despite several warnings from the security member tending to it.  He reaches out and…


Joe Hoffman: We need a High Octane medic for the High Octane medic!!!

Several members of his team rush to his aid as Boettcher turns his attention back to Kirsta Lewis, who is the recipient of several face stomps from Erities Kallisten.

Satisfied with the damage she’s done on Kirsta Lewis, Erities calls out to the crowd and sizes up her opponent from across the ring, clearing a pathway in the process.

Benny Newell: Rolling Thunder!

Joe Hoffman: NO!  Kirsta sat up!  Kirsta sat up!  By God, the determination and heart shown from the #1 Female Wrestler in the world… its awe inspiring!

Erities clenches her back in pain after landing on a strand of the left-over razor wire, which produces a trickle of blood from the pink-haired vixen.

Careful as to not come in contact with the electrified cage, Kirsta uses the ropes and her upper body to pull herself to her feet.  Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Erities coming to her feet.

Joe Hoffman: There’s no way…

Back on her feet, Erities spins around, but walks right into a Hell’s Bitch Kick from Kirsta Lewis… bad leg and all!

Crowd: Holy shit!  Holy shit!  Holy shit!

Joe Hoffman: She did!  Kirsta hit the Hell’s Bitch Kick using her injured leg!

Benny Newell: Yeah, but it appears as if she’s in more pain that Erities!

Kirsta stumbles to the mat, severely hampered by her injured leg while Erities lies on her back, out of commission for the time being.

Joe Hoffman: All she needs to do is make the cover!

Benny Newell: Yeah, I don’t think she’s getting up anytime soon after that…  (shrugs) DRINK!

Even Joe is tempted to down the shot that still sits in front of him, but he thinks better of it while Kirsta and Erities attempt to recover in the middle of the ring.  With the severity of Kirsta’s leg injury, Erities is actually the first one to her feet after taking what probably was a much less-impactful Hell’s Bitch Kick.

Joe Hoffman: Erities is on her feet!

With her hands covered in her own blood, Kirsta has her back to Erities as she shakes off the dust from Kirsta’s finisher.  Erities eyes the handsaw that Kirsta brought to the ring and picks it up, admiring it for several moments before deciding to opt for the barbed-wire steel chair instead.

Suave: “Back to the ring.”

Match #5
WWR Women’s #6 Miss USA- MVW Champion vs.
WWR Women’s #1 Kirsta Lewis- VWF Lt. Heavyweight Champion, HOW

Kimber Marshall ready to announce the next match.

Music to Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” begins*

My daddy served in the army
Where he lost his right eye
But he flew a flag out in our yard
Until the day that he died
He wanted my mother, my brother, my sister and me
To grow up and live happy
In the land of the free.

The crowd explodes when Miss USA appears with Dawn McGill.

Hey Uncle Sam
Put your name at the top of his list
And the statue of liberty
Started shakin her fist
And the eagle will fly
Man, its gonna be hell
When you hear mother freedom
Start ringin her bell
And it feels like the whole wide world is raining down on you
Brought to you courtesy of the red white and blue

Kimber: “In the ring already, weighing in at 117 pounds from Haines City, FL, she is the Missouri Valley Wrestling Champion and accompanied by Dawn McGill, she is ranked #6 by the WWR in the Women’s division, Miss U-S-A!!!”


Kimber: “And her opponent…”

*’Animals’ by Nickelback begins to play*

I, I’m driving black on black
Just got my license back
I got this feeling in my veins this train is coming off the track
I’ll ask polite if the devil needs a ride
Because the angel on my right ain’t hanging out with me tonight
I’m driving past your house while you were sneaking out
I got the car door opened up so you can jump in on the run
Your mom don’t know that you were missing
She’d be pissed if she could see the parts of you that I’ve been kissing

Kirsta Lewis appears riding a motorcycle into the Grand Ballroom of the Super 8 Motel.  She circles the ring three times and comes to a stop.

No, we’re never gonna quit
Ain’t nothing wrong with it
Just acting like we’re animals
No, no matter where we go
‘Cause everybody knows
We’re just a couple of animals

Kimber: “Her opponent, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she wrestles exclusively now for High Octane Wrestling, she is the Hellcat and the #1 ranked woman wrestler according to the WWR- KIRSTA LEWIS!”

Kirsta limps into the ring, still favoring the injured leg.

Tessa: “I am amazed that she’s even trying to wrestle tonight.”

Suave: “Here we go.  There’s the bell.  Miss USA and Lewis come out…HELL’S BITCH KICK!”

Out of nowhere, Kirsta nails the Hell’s Bitch Kick on a totally surprised Miss USA.


Tessa: “The referee got knocked out in the process, too.  Oh, no.  Figure four, Johnny.”

Erites grabs Kirsta’s bad leg and spins, locking in a figure four.  Kirsta screams and covers her face.


Kirsta pounds the mat with both arms.  Dawn tends to Miss USA who starts to stir in the ring.


Kirsta desperately tries to sit up and reach for Kallisten.  Erites merely cinches the hold in even more.


Kirsta’s eyes roll up and she falls back to the mat unconscious.


Erites does break the hold.  She goes over and drags Miss USA over to Kirsta and drapes her on top.  Erites revives the referee.


McGill out and pulls Miss USA off Kirsta.

Tessa: “I think she just told Miss USA ‘we’re not winning like that.’”

Kallisten and McGill then get into a heated exchange.  Kallisten swings. McGill ducks and whips Kallisten over the top rope.  Miss USA looks down at Kirsta, and then at McGill.  Dawn goes over and checks on Kirsta.  Miss USA climbs the top turnbuckle.


Miss USA leaps and connects with a Patriot Missile drop kick to the back of McGill’s head.

Suave: “WHAT?”

Tessa: “I don’t believe it.”

Miss USA hooks the leg and tells the referee to make the count.


Jackie Daniels out and pulls Miss USA off Kirsta at the very last second.  The referee stands and calls for the bell.  Miss USA is pissed and pushes Daniels.  Daniels clocks her and sends her flying across the ring.

Suave: “Kimber Marshall in the ring with the referee’s decision.”

Kimber: “The referee has declared this match a no contest.”


Suave: “It’s about the only thing he probably could do at this point.  Next, the Egg Bandits from Dream Wrestling Federation versus Angels of Death from the Missouri Valley Wrestling Association.  Stay tuned.”

WWR Supershow II- Christmas in the Caribbean- Part 1

Suave’s voice: “August 23rd, 2009.  The first WWR Supershow. 


Escondido suddenly snaps off a spinning back kick that breaks the brick into small pieces.  


He flies and splashes Bull.   


Suave’s voice: “They said it couldn’t be done. 

Charlene Ann: “In this corner, seconded tonight by the Dream Wrestling Federation Champion and Wednesday Wrestling Rag’s #1 rated Men’s wrestler, Level-One, and the co-holder of the DWF Tag Team belts Jak Nemesis,  he is also one half of the DWF Tag Team Champions and the DWF Women’s-” 


Suave: “I didn’t think the crowd would go along with that…” 

Charlene Ann: “From Atlantic City, New Jersey, MICHAEL POLOWY!” 

Another wave of loud dissonance emitted from the crowd.

Suave’s voice: “They said you couldn’t bring together wrestlers from different federations to perform in one independent wrestling card.”

Charlene Ann: “In the other corner, seconded by the WWR’s #1 ranked woman wrestler, The Hellcat, Kirsta Lewis…” 

 A another loud ovation greets the visiting Hellcat with the PCW regulars in the front row genuflecting to her chanting ‘we’re not worthy…we’re not worthy.’ 

Charlene Ann: …the WWR’s #8 ranked woman wrestler, the new Queen of Extreme, Wrestling Midwest’s Hardcore Champion, Valora Salinas!”   


Charlene Ann: “Also seconding, the Missouri Valley Wrestling Champion and WWR’s #10 ranked woman wrestler, Miss USA!” 

Crowd: “USA…USA…USA…” 

Charlene Ann: “From Morenci, Michigan, the Six Foot Demolition Machine in a Short Skirt and owner of the most lethal 4” stilettos there is- DAWN McGILL!

Suave’s voice: “They were wrong!”


German flags flew on the monitor.  Kirsta and L-1 turn and can’t believe what they see.  Bastian von Bismarck and Hans Wilhelm aka… Blitzkrieg Funk walking down the aisle towards the ring.   


A referee slides into the ring and calls for the bell. 


Blitzkrieg Funk bolted across the ring and it was on.  Hans with a double axe-handle down across Level One’s back.  Bastian sparring with the Hellcat. 

Suave’s voice: “Tonight…

Suave appears on screen and turns to the camera.

Suave: “We’re going to do it again!”

WWR Supershow II- Christmas in the Caribbean
Grand Ballroom of the Puerto de Macoris Super 8 Motel
The Island of Puerto de Macoris
Sunday December 20th
Hosts: Johnny Suave and the “Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl” Tessa Martin



Suave: “…and this hot piece of cardboard next to me is my life-size cardboard cut-out of Shania Twain.  And the even hotter piece…

Tessa Martin: “Watch it, Johnny.”

Suave: “Of course, ‘The Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ herself, Tessa Martin.  Nice Christmas photo by the way.”

Tessa: “Thanks Johnny.  It would have been better had I not had the full length cast on my leg.”

Suave: “And how is it now?”

Tessa: “Much, much better.  The surgery to remove the steel rods from my femur was successful and I finally got the cast off on Tuesday.”

Suave: “Getting ready to get back into the ring?”

Tessa: “No.  I’m think I’m done, Johnny. 

Suave: “For those of you who don’t know, Tessa had an unfortunate accident as part of an angle on Dream Wrestling Federation with Dawn McGill.”

Tessa: “Yeah, Dawn powerbombed me and the sheer force caused me to bounce up off the mat and right into the steel ringpost.  Total accident but I think that was the final sign for me that I needed to get out of the ring for good.”

Suave: “All right.  Tonight, seven matches on hand.  But first, opening remarks from the Duly Elected Dictator of the Island of Puerto de Macoris, Generalissimo Tomas!”

Generalissimo Tomas

He’s wearing a blue denim shirt and crotch hugging shorts.

Genealissimo Tomas: “Good evening. I am Generalissimo Tomas. You can call me…Generalissimo Tomas. I am the duly elected dictator of the island of Puerto De Macoris and I welcome each and every one of you to our lovely island…of Puerto De Macoris.  This all began when I, Generalissimo Tomas, ’secured’ the services of one, Dawn McGill aka the ’6 Foot Demolition Machine in a Short Skirt,’ McGillah Gorilla, the Jolly Pink Giant, for the NFW Bunkhouse Brawl match that has yet to air yet, and I’m contractually prohibited from discussing anything else about the match.  You see, like the United States imperialist machine oppressors, due to the imperialist oppressing wrestling federations such as the FWO, ACW, LoC, and the NFW, or e-interfeds such as the “Experts”, E-Fed Knights, WfWA, or F-Wrestling who spew their propaganda about their superiority over other, how you say, lesser wrestling federations- such as the Puerto De Macoris Wrestling Federation, my personal favorite, I concorted an elaborate and downright brilliant plan to infiltrate the infidel, oppressing machine by bringing in someone with the ability to not only hold their own with the other, so-called champions in the NFW Bunkhouse Brawl, but win it as a tribute to those other federations, but especially the Puerto De Macoris Wrestling Federation, downtrodden, held down, and stepped upon by the imperialist pig elitists of the Experts, E-Fed Knights, WfWA, F-Wrestling, FWO, ACW, LoC, and the NFW.  But I digress.”

Generalissimo Tomas looks down at his hands.  He then pulls a bottle of sanitizer out of his pocket.

Generalissimo Tomas: “Just a second.”

He vigorously wipes his hands with the sanitizer.  The Generalissimo then pulls out a tooth flossing ’sword’ off the bench and runs it through his teeth.

Generalissimo Tomas: “There.  Much better.  So, sit back.  Enjoy your time down here in Puerto De Macoris.  And let’s get the wrestling underway!”

A huge roar comes from the crowd.

Suave:  “Here is tonight’s card.”

Match #1
The Drunken Luchadors (Dan and Don Martini)-
Puerto de Macoris Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions vs.
The Goatbusters (Ray Scantz and Peter Jenkman)- Political Championship Wrestling

Match #2
Aquina la Amazon de Amiga
- PMWF Women’s Champion vs.
Jill-Berg- Missouri Valley Wrestling

Match #3
Charlie Blackwell
- Dream Wrestling Federation vs.
Yamamoto Tanaka- PMWF Champion

Match #4
“The Grim Reaper Of Hostility” Steve Harrison
- Hostility vs.
Mike Polowy- DWF

Match #5
WWR Tag Team # 6 The Egg Bandits (Cool Cancer Jiles and Doozer)- DWF Tag Team Champions vs.
WWR Tag Team #18 Angels of Death (Angel Casey and Angel Scott)- MVW Tag Team Champions

Match #6
WWR Women’s #6 Miss USA- MVW Champion vs.
WWR Women’s #1 Kirsta Lewis- VWF Lt. Heavyweight Champion, HOW

Match #7
WWR Tag Team #5 The Entourage- FWO Tag Team Champions vs.
WWR Tag Team #1 ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido/’American Citizen’ Kevin Scott- PCW Tag Team Champions

Tessa: “It’s hard to believe that Escondido and Scott have made it all the way up to the #1 spot, Johnny.”

Suave: “They’ve benefitted from Blitzkrieg Funk leaving the country and the fact another tag team hasn’t really fill their void yet.  But Escondido and Scott have a stiff test tonight in Spike Saunders and Callie Urban aka The Entourage- the former tag team champions from Fans Wrestling Organization.”

Match #1
The Drunken Luchadors (Dan and Don Martini)-
Puerto de Macoris Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions vs.
The Goatbusters (Ray Scantz and Peter Jenkman)- Political Championship Wrestling

*Spooky music begins followed by a funky beat*

If there’s something grazing
In your neighborhood
Who you gonna call
If you see a herd
And it don’t look good
Who you gonna call

I ain’t afraid of no Goat
I ain’t afraid of no Goat

If you’re seeing horns
Running through your yard
Who can you call
If you have a goat
Sleeping in your bed
Oh, who you gonna call

I ain’t afraid of no Goat
I ain’t afraid of no Goat

Who you gonna call
If you’re all alone
Pick up the phone
And call

I ain’t afraid of no Goat
I hear it likes the girls
I ain’t afraid of no Goat
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna call
If you’ve had a dose
Of a freaky Goat
Maybe you’d better call

Let me tell you something
Bustin’ makes me feel good

I ain’t afraid of no Goat
I ain’t afraid of no Goat

Don’t get caught alone, oh no
When it comes through your door
Unless you just want some more
I think you better call

Who you gonna call
Who you gonna call
Ah, I think you better call

The Goatbusters, Peter Jenkman and Ray Scantz climb into the ring along with their manager, Argon.  The ring announcer for the evening, PCW’s Kimber Marshall climbs into the ring.

Tessa: “Stop drooling, Johnny.”

Suave: “Sorry.”

Kimber: “Ladies and gentlemen, our first match is a one fall, thirty minute time limit.  Already in the ring, from Political Championship Wrestling, Ray Scantz and Peter Jenkman- they are the GOATBUSTERS!”

The crowd politely claps. 

Kimber: “Their opponents-”

The crowd roars and stands up.

Kimber: “They are the Puerto De Macoris Tag Team Champions.  Don Martini.  Dan Martini.  THE DRUNKEN LUCHADORS!”

Don and Dan Martini stagger out from the back.  Each has a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and an extremely glazed, but happy, look on their face.  The Martinis hit the ring and bounce right off.  Then they carefully climb into the ring.  Both Martini Brothers chug down their bottle of Jack Daniels and then break the bottle over their heads.

Suave: “Yes, it’s a little unorthodox.   But hell, they’re the champions. They can do whatever the hell they want.”

(the bell rings)

Scantz and Don Martini to begin. Crowd chants for the Drunken Luchadors. A brief lock up and an attempted knee by Scantz that whiffs because Don staggers out of the way. Scantz tries rights now, and then the boots…and misses again.

Suave: “Here we go again.”

Argon yells at Don Martini to stand still.

Suave: “Yeah, easier said than done.”

Scantz gets frustrated and rushes at Don. He clips the Drunken Luchador and sends him to the canvas. The Felchers cheer at the announcer’s table. Scantz goes for a leg drop but Dan Martini pulls Don out of the way.

Suave: “Apparently Dan is the more sober one tonight.”

A tag is made and Dan Martini gets into the ring. Scantz again tries to bull over Dan. Dan topples to the canvas and Scantz rams into the corner ringpost.

Suave:  “Of course, I could be wrong.”

Scantz staggers back to his corner and tags in Jenkman.  Dan Martini climbs to the top rope.

Suave: “Well, this can’t be a good thing.”

Jenkman simply waits. Dan leaps off the top rope and misses Jenkman completely.

Suave: “Definitely, not a good thing.”

Jenkman goes for the cover but somehow Dan kicks out.   Jenkman slams Dan into the announce table.  Scantz tries to slap Don sober… an impossibility metaphorically speaking.  The Goatbusters doubleteam Don and then Dan.  They set up a table, but Dan avoids it. Oh, but he turns right into an exploder into the opposite corner.  Jenkman hits a double crossbody off the top. MICHINOKU DRIVER ON DAN! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Jenkman gets an awkward Tornado DDT. Scantz powerbombs Don on the table. Senton/Splash combo, but Dan makes the last-second save. The champs set up a double-decker of tables, and Jenkman hits his spiffy suicide dive through the corner into the Tornado DDT.  Jenkman puts him on a table and puts him through with a splash off the top! Scantz slaps the Sharpshooter on Don.  

Don slips out of Scantz’s grasp.  Scantz drops him on his head.  Don staggers up; Scantz superkicks him.  He puts him on a table and goes up.  Jenkman climbs up the opposite turnbuckle. 

Suave: “Holy crap!  They’re going to Cross the Streams!”

Tessa: “I was always told that was bad.”

Suave: “I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, “bad”?”

Tessa: “Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.”

Suave: “Total protonic reversal.  Right.  That’s bad.”

Both Scantz and Jenkman jump.  Dan falls off the table, because he loses his balance and, well, he’s smashed.  First Scantz and then Jenkman break the table in half.  

Suave: “See?  I told you Crossing the Streams was bad.”

The crowd starts singing drinking ditties.  Scantz tries to lock up with Dan but it’s nearly impossible given the shape Martini’s in. Dan can barely stand up. Scantz gets an armbar but Dan tumbles to the canvas and accidently launches the Goatbuster into the corner turnbuckle. They attempt a series of mat wrestling maneuvers and reversals that totally break down because Dan can’t stand up. Finally, Jenkman goes ballistic and stomps a mudhole in Dan. Don Martini staggers in and attempts to lock in an armbar. Jenkman lifts him up and walks around with Don on his shoulders before slamming him down. Jenkman goes for a cover but he’s not the legal man in the ring. Scantz tags in Jenkman as Dan Martini tags in Don.

Jenkman fires off some lightning kicks and then locks in an armbar.  Don flops to the canvas and accidently crotches Jenkman when his feet fly up after hitting the canvas. Jenkman reaches for the ropes to hold himself up. Don tries a single leg crab, but can’t co-ordinate his hands and legs allowing Scantz to charge in and break what hold there was. Scantz flips Dan into the ring and he and Jenkman set up a double tree of woe. Argon tosses in a couple of chairs and the Goatbusters place them in front of both Martinis. They attempt to finish off the Drunken Luchadors with a killer baseball slide drop kick! But both Goatbusters fall off the turnbuckle, flipping the chair up in the air into the face of both Goatbusters.  

Suave: “WHAT A MOVE!”

The Goatbusters try to regroup. Don attempts an insane Asai Moonsault to the outside of the ring onto the Goatbusters.  Except he misses. Badly. The Goatbusters just watch as Don lands hard on the floor a few feet away. Dan gets back in the ring but gets hung up in the ropes and falls out. Jenkman tries to lift Dan Martini back in the ring but the Drunken Luchador is dead weight. Instead, Jenkman sets up Dan in a camel clutch and tells Scantz to finish him off with a drop kick to the face. Scantz lines him up and charges. Dan somehow slips through Jenkman’s hands and Scantz drop kicks him in the groin.

Suave: “HOLY CRAP!”

Tessa: “That can’t feel good.”

Scantz stumbles backwards and accidently hits Dan in the stomach.  Dan begins to wretch.  Scantz tries to get away…can’t…and Dan spews green mist…no too chunky…projectile vomits all over Scantz.

“WOW!” Suave exclaims. “He must have ate a lot for supper tonight!”

Dan passes out and headbutts Scantz.  Scantz down and covered by Drunken Luchador Dan. 1-2-3. Match over.

WINNER: Drunken Luchadors- Dan and Don Martini

Suave: “So, the Drunken Luchadors take the first match of the night with a win over PCW’s The Goatbusters.  Back with more action right after this.

Dream Wrestling Federation
Live from the EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah
Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009


Zero vs Michael Byrd

Marshall vs. Johnny Legend

eGG Bandits vs. chicKEN Chokers
Tag Team Championship

Match #2
Aquina la Amazon de Amiga
- PMWF Women’s Champion vs.
Jill-Berg- Missouri Valley Wrestling

Kimber in the ring.  Kimber: “Our second match is a one fall, thirty-minute time limit.  Coming out first… weighing in at 95 pounds, from Financial District of New York City, she is the phenomenon known as- Jill-Berg!” 







The video screen goes to just outside a dressing room in the back. A police escort is waiting at the door. One of the policemen knocks on the door.

Policeman: “Ms. Berg. It’s time.”

The door opens and four large male bodybuilding types walk out of the dressing room surrounding a petite woman and her male assistant in the middle.  Jill-Berg is busy talking on her cell phone while Jerry, the male assistant, furiously scribbles down notes as the group makes their way towards the ring.




The procession emerges from the back and starts their way down the ramp.

Her assistant has a microphone and a portable tape recorder. He flips it on.


The group then continues towards the ring leaving the police escort behind.


The bodyguards assist Ms. Berg into the ring. She, Jerry, and two bodyguards immediately go to a corner.


Berg continues to talk on her cell phone.


Kimber: “And her opponent is the Women’s Champion from the Puerto de Macoris Wrestling Federation!   AQUINA LA AMAZON DE AMIGA!”

Aquina strides to the ring.  She’s considerably taller than the petite Jill Berg.

Tessa: “Holy cow.  She’s taller than McGill.”

Suave: “Six foot four, two hundred pounds of Aquina la Amazon de Amiga versus the phoenomenon known as Jill-Berg.”

(Bell sounds)

Aquina smiles and walks forward.  She’s met by two of Berg’s bodyguards.  She chops one and sends him flying out of the ring.  She chops the second one and whip him over the top rope.  Aquina continues forward.

Suave: “Aquina rolled right over Berg’s first wave of bodyguards as if they were nothing more than a speed bump.” 

Berg peeks up and sees Aquina advancing.  She waves the second group of bodyguards forward.  They charge…Aquina sticks her big boot up and knocks out one.  Karate chop to the second one sends him reeling up and over the top rope.  Berg peeks up a second time.  She waves Jerry, her personal assistant forward. 

Suave: “Jerry seems a little surprised at the request.  Aquina grabs him from behind…OOOH!  Chokeslam.  Now there’s no one in between-…WAIT!  REIKA!” 

Rieka Kisuargi, Berg’s latest corporate acquisition, runs in from behind and leaps on Aquina’s back. 


Berg calmly puts her phone away and then hits a spinning kick to Aquina’s left knee.   Then she whips to the right and kicks the right knee.  Aquina drops to her knees.  Spinning heel kick to the chin by Berg.  Aquina topples forward.  Rieka puts the Aquina in an inverted facelock, and hooks her near arm with his free arm.  She pulls backwards and up and wrenches Aquina’s neck. 


Tessa: “I hate to admit it, but Berg’s plan has been brutally efficient.” 

Berg delivers a second spinning heel kick that finishes the job.  Rieka and Berg push Aquina over.  Berg covers.  1…2…3.

WINNER: Jill-Berg

Suave: “Brutally efficient is right.  Jill-Berg destroys the Puerto de Macoris Women’s champion and the crowd ain’t the least bit happy about it.”

The crowd, enraged at Berg’s tactics, begins to throw debris into the ring.

Charlie Blackwell sits in his dressing room reviewing tape of his opponent with his fiancee Kenzie Blair.  Both Kenzie and Charlie’s face looks white as a ghost.  Dawn McGill enters.

Dawn: “Charlie?  What’s wrong?

Charlie: “Have you seen this?”

Dawn: “No, not really.  Why?”

Charlie: “Look!”

Blackwell’s opponent, Yamamoto Tanaka, is on the tape.  Tanaka clobbers his opponent with a forearm and then takes him to the top turnbuckle.  He then hits a top rope Canadian Destroyer and pins his man.  Then paramedics hit the ring and defibrillate his opponent.

Charlie: “DAWN?”

Dawn: “Don’t worry, Charlie.  That’s just one match.”

Another Tanaka match comes on.  Same result.  Top rope Canadian Destroyer.   Pin.  Paramedics.  The match following has the same sequence of events.

Dawn: “Well, at least no one’s died from one his matches.”

Charlie: “That’s not the point!  Dawn…”

Dawn: “Dude, do you want to be a wrestler or not?”

Charlie: “But-”

Dawn: “But nothing.  You figure it out.”

Dawn leaves.  Kenzie comforts Charlie.

Match #3
Charlie Blackwell
- Dream Wrestling Federation vs.
Yamamoto Tanaka- PMWF Champion

*Opening notes to Charlie Robison’s ‘My Hometown’ play*

Charlie walks down to the ring with his valet/girlfriend Kenzie Blair.

Suave: “And here comes Dream Wrestling Federation’s Charlie Blackwell.  He’s a very young wrestler and owns an upset win over Upton Osgood in his brief career.”

Well, I had a buddy back in eighty-one
And we made ourselves a pact
We were heading for the new pipeline
And we were never coming back
We worked eighty hours working time and a half
But LaGrange was too damn hot
We drove back home at the end that week
And we spent it all on shots…”

Charlie holds the ring ropes open for Kenzie to slide through.

So I’ll see you Houston
If I ever get out that way
I’ll see you in Dallas
But I won’t have long to stay
If you’re ever out west son
And you’re feeling like slowin’ down
I’ll see you around
Around my hometown

Kimber Marshall in the ring. 

Kimber: “Our next match is a one fall, thirty minute time limit.  Already in the ring with his valet Kenzie Blair, from Homer, Michigan, Charlie Blackwell!”

Muted applause for young Blackwell.

Kimber: “And his opponent…”

The ballroom goes black. 

Kimber: “Weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds.  He is the Japanese Destruction Machine and the Puerto de Macoris Heavyweight Champion!  YAMAMOTO…TANAKA!”

A spotlight illuminates a small area in the back of the ball room where Tanaka makes his entrance followed by paramedics and a portable defibrillator.  He stops and glares at Blackwell who seems geniunely worried in the ring.

Suave: “Oh my…”

Tessa: “Run Charlie, run!”

Tanaka stomps to the ring.  Kenzie quickly bails.  Charlie has a deer in the headlights expression.  Tanaka charges.  Charlie ducks just in time as Tanaka’s arm whizzes by above.  Charlie scrambles between Tanaka’s legs and rolls to the other side of the ring.  He gets up and charges Tanaka before he can get turned around and begins flailing away at him. 

Suave: “I’m not sure that’s a very good idea.”

Tanaka lifts Blackwell up by the throat with two hands and slams him to the mat. 

Suave: “And I was right.”

Tanaka drags Blackwell to the corner.  One chop.  Two chop.  The third sends Charlie up and over the top turnbuckle.  Tanaka climbs to the top turnbuckle.  Flying elbow nearly snaps Blackwell in half.   Stomps by Tanaka.  Kenzie comes up and shoves Tanaka from behind. 

Tessa: “What the hell does she think she’s doing?”

Tanaka, amused, begins to chase Kenzie around the ring.  Blackwell is still doubled up and rolling on the floor.  Kenzie grabs her purse and leaps onto the ring apron and rolls under the ropes into the ring.  Tanaka slides underneath the ropes and corners Kenzie. 

Suave: “Oh, no.”

Tanaka grabs Kenzie by the throat.  Kenzie desperately whips her purse around and clocks Tanaka in the head.  Surprisingly, Tanaka releases her and staggers back. 



Kenzie winds up again and connects with a second purse shot that spins Tanaka around.



Now super confident, Kenzie winds up a third time and swings the purse towards Tanaka.  He ducks.  The purse misses.  Tanaka leaps forward and tackles Kenzie, crushing her below him. 



A pissed off Tanaka grabs Kenzie by the hair and takes her up to the top turnbuckle.  The paramedics at ringside power up the defibrillator.  Tanaka puts Kenzie in position for the Destroyer.



McGill and her Singapore cane run in from behind Tanaka.  She swings as hard as she can and connects on Tanaka’s scrotum.  His eyes suddenly bulge and he drops Kenzie. 


Tanaka stays frozen in place on the top turnbuckle.  McGill climbs up quickly and turns Tanaka around.  She begins to lift as if to do a powerbomb and then slams Tanaka to the ground, digging her shoulder into his stomach. 

Suave: “BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA!  McGill climbs out and pulls Blackwell back into the ring.  I don’t believe it!  McGill puts Blackwell on top of Tanaka.  Cover.  One.  Two.  THREE!”

Tessa: “I don’t believe it.”


Dawn pulls Kenzie out of the ring.  Tanaka begins to come around. 

Dawn: “RUN!”

Charlie takes one look at the stirring Tanaka and sprints to the back.  Kenzie has to be drug back by McGill.


Paige McGillicutty

Paige: “Paige McGillicutty here.  One of our featured performers here tonight, ‘The Hellcat’ Kirsta Lewis, spent a couple weeks at Missouri Valley Wrestling working with the younger workers a few weeks back.  The time she spent at MVW was short.  but the impact is still being felt.”

MVW wrestlers Sabrina James and Alicia Rowe aka…’The Pinups’ appear on screen.

Sabrina: “Oh yeah.  I think I learned, we learned more in those two weeks working with Kirsta than we did in the previous year.  She was very easy to work with.”

Cut to a quick shot of Kirsta working with James and Rowe.

Alicia: “Very easy.”

Sabrina: “Oh yes.  Her reputation tends to precede herself but she was nothing but gracious and personable while she was here.”

Paige: “MVW CEO Jason Carmondy also has nothing but high praise for Lewis.”

Carmondy: “Yeah, I had heard through some channels that Kirsta was looking to take a couple weeks off her extremely busy schedule.  We reached out to her and I was very pleasantly surprised when she took us up on our offer.  Kirsta was a very positive influence on several of our younger wrestlers here and the time they got to spend with someone who’s at the top of her profession you cannot even begin to put a value to.”

Paige: “In the end, it was in the ring where Kirsta’s influence shone through.

Replay: The Pinups (Sabrina James and Alicia Rowe) vs. The Inconvenient Truth (NoCal Mal and Bettina Schultz w/Totally Gore Bryan Horg)
…Off the ropes, hip toss by NoCal Mal. A clothesline follows and then rights. Off the ropes, kick by NoCal Mal, knee buster and then a neck breaker gets 2. Tag to Schultz, rights to James, off the ropes and a boot by NoCal Mal, neck breaker by Schultz and a cover for 2. James pokes Schultz in the eyes, Rowe tags in and slams Schultz to the corner. Chops by Rowe, right to NoCal Mal and then more chops to Schultz. Schultz fires back, eye rake by Rowe and then a shoulder block. Schultz with the elbows, knee drop and a cover for 2. Tag to NoCal Mal, DOUBLE SUPLEX! They toss James.   Baseball slide by NoCal Mal, Schultz out as well and they brawl ringside.   NoCal Mal and Rowe back in the ring, James trips up NoCal Mal and pulls her to the floor. Slams her to the barricade, and rolls her back in. Belly to belly by Rowe, and a cover for 2……

……Carbon Footprint try stopped, James tosses NoCal Mal, flatliner to Schultz by Rowe and she covers for a close 2. Rowe recliner on Schultz, she fights out, pulls Rowe into James, roll up by Schultz gets 2. NoCal Mal spits red mist into Rowe’s eyes, ref down, Carbon Footprint on Rowe! The ref is clearing his eyes, and then covers for 2 as James pulls her to the floor. James says NoCal Mal did it. The ref takes NoCal Mal to her corner, Ax kick to Schultz, Rowe rolls her up and they win.

Suave: “Thanks Paige.  More WWR Supershow II right after this.”


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