Rubio and Toomey Wins With Help From Sarah Palin: 10/18 PCW Extreme Political TV

PCW Extreme Political TV
Anderson Arena
Bowling Green, OH
Monday October 18th
Host: Johnny Suave

PCW Extreme Election Night 2010 Update:

Suave is in the ring and says 15 days to go before PCW’s biggest biannual pay per view show, Extreme Election Night 2010.

Nine matches have been signed.

The card as of now is:

Ohio: Lee Fisher (D) vs. Rob Portman (R)

Florida: Charlie Crist (I) vs. Marco Rubio (R) vs. Kendrick Meek (D)

Pennsylvania: Pat Toomey (R) vs. Joe Sestak (D)

Kentucky: Rand Paul (R) vs. Jack Conway (D)

Connecticut: Richard Blumenthal (D) vs. Linda McMahon (R)

California: Carly Fiorina (R) vs. Barbara Boxer (D)

Nevada: Harry Reid (D) vs. Sharron Angle (R)

PCW Tag Team Title Match: The Kings of Old School: Ricky Michaels/Marty Lane (D) vs. ???????
Will it be the International Hit Squad (I)?  Will it be Escondido and Blackwell (I-American Heartland)?  Will it be the two time PCW Tag Team Champions Jack and Joe Schmidt (I-Libertarian)?  The next three weeks will decide just who faces the Kings of Old School at Extreme Election Night.

PCW Title Match: Jill-Berg (R) vs. PCW Champion Yamamoto Tanaka (D)
If Berg wins, she will become the first woman ever to be the PCW Champion.  But the road will be perilous.  The National Organization of Women want to stop her.  The Axis of Evil want her title shot.  So does the extremely unpredictable Triple R (D).  Will Berg survive the next three weeks to make it to Extreme Election Night?  And if so, does the 95 pound Berg have a sniff of a chance against the 350 pound PCW Champion?

Suave informs everyone that tonight’s Extreme Election Night showcase match will be a three way tag team dance:

Kendrick Meek (FLA) and Joe Sestak (PA)- Democrats
Marco Rubio (FLA) and Pat Toomey (PA)- Republicans
Charlie Crist (FLA) and a mystery partner- Independents

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar of the View…

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar

…came out and demanded that Elisabeth Hasselbeck come out.  Warily, Hasselbeck…

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

…comes out.  Goldberg and Behar start in on the incident that happened last week on the View with Bill O’Reilly.

Behar said that O’Reilly embarrassed them on national TV and since he wasn’t here tonight she was going to take it out on Hasselbeck.  Hasselbeck tries to back away but Goldberg throws a chair in the ring.  Behar drop-toeholds Hasselbeck on it.  She lifts Hasselbeck up for a superplex onto the chair but Hasselbeck headbutts her away.  Goldberg grabs the arm and rocket launches Hasselbeck onto the chair.  Then the crowd roars when…

Bill O’Reilly

…Bill O’Reilly runs down.  O’Reilly brings in a sign from the crowd and KOed Goldberg with it.  O’Reilly unwraps it to reveal a Do Not Enter sign and then takes out Behar with it.  Then…

Markos Moulitsas

Arianna Huffington

Keith Olbermann

‘Hardball’ Chris Matthews

…the Angry Left-Wing Bloggers race down.  Markos in first, O’Reilly DDTs him. Low-blow by Arianna gets his attention.  She blinds O’Reilly with hairspray and…

Sean Hannity

‘The Queen of Political Extreme’ Ann Coulter

Glenn Beck

…the rest of the Right Wing Mean Machine come to the ring.  The Queen of Political Extreme Ann Coulter doesn’t like what Arianna did, so we have a catfight.  Olbermann pulls Coulter away, but she goes low and Beck DDTs him on the sign.


Backstage, Paige McGillicutty…

Paige McGillicutty

…has former Bush White House Press Secretary Dana Perino (R) and New York Times’s columnist Maureen Dowd with her.

Dowd comments about the Republican ‘mean girls.’  She calls it the era of Republican Mean Girls and describes them as ‘grown-up versions of those teenage tormentors who would steal your boyfriend, spray-paint your locker and, just for good measure, spread rumors that you were pregnant.’   Dowd calls them the ‘ideal nihilistic cheerleaders for an angry electorate.’

Perino then responds that her spiel about mean Republican and conservative women is stereotypical and uncalled for.   When asked to identify just who they were, Dowd quickly spat out Jan, Meg, Carly, Sharron, Linda, Michele, Queen Bee Sarah and sweet wannabe Christine.

Perino says Dowd lists the usual suspects — as in, those expected to win.  Perino says she’s fortunate to have met a lot of women from both sides of the aisle — and with few exceptions she likes them all.   Dowd says they co-opted and ratcheted up the disgust with the status quo that originally helped Barack Obama by belittling the president’s manhood, making snide comments about a rival’s hair, or ripping an opponent for spending money on a men’s fashion show.

Perino: “Can women have moments they aren’t proud of?   Sure. But to write all conservative and Republican women off as mean is . . . mean.”

Dowd shoots back that Perino wants to see who’s ‘mean?  Perino tells her to bring it on.  “I handled that cranky old ***** Helen Thomas when I was press secretary, I can handle you.”

McGillicutty wisely steps back as Perino and Dowd attack each other and start rolling around on the ground.  Suave: “CAT-FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!  CAT-FIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!


Kimber Marshall

Kimber Marshall introduces the first match of the night.

MATCH #1- PCW Television Title Match

Ken Worth- The American Trucker (I-American Heartland) (c)
Jordan Metzger (D)

Andy Riley and Paddy O’Kennedy- The Boston Strangler (D) come down to the ring and yell at Worth.  Even with the support, Metzger didn’t get his first offense in until the 3:54 mark after Worth tossed him around the ring.  Worth hits  a neckbreaker, but misses a top rope headbutt at 6:25.  Metzger tries a suplex, but Worth turned it into a DDT followed by the Jake Brake for a three count.

WINNER AND STILL PCW TELEVISION CHAMPION: Ken Worth- The American Trucker @ 6:49

Riley and O’Kennedy tended to Metzger at ringside after the match.


And now, a message from God:


Suave wonders what the hell that was all about?  Then he recaps Charlie Blackwell’s (I-American Heartland) proposal to his girlfriend Kenzie Blair last week…

Replay: Post-Escondido & Blackwell w/Kenzie Blair ringside) and the International Hit Squad match
Post-match, Blackwell cut a great promo saying that Blair, his fiancee, is the greatest person ever to live.  He also said he was tired of living alone and ready to settle down so he proposed to her a second time in the ring and set a date for the wedding- November 2nd at PCW Extreme Election Night 2010.

Suave wonders if that’s a good idea.

MATCH #2 PCW Extreme Election Night Preview Match
Marco Rubio (R-Fla) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa)
Kendrick Meek (D-Fla) and Joe Sestak (D-Pa)
Charlie Crist (I-Fla) and ????

After Kimber Marshall finishes announcing the first five in the match, she announces the sixth…

Lisa Murkowski (I)

Murkowski and Crist storm the ring and wade into Rubio and Meek.  The referee points Murkowski back to the corner and Rubio and Meek lock-up.  The lock-up ends with a Crist go-behind.  Meek with a standing switch but Rubio also makes the switch and applies an armlock.  Back up, Rubio wrenches the arm and drags Meek to the corner where he pounds away at him.  Crist joins in and gets a few shots in.  Meek comes back with some strikes…

…Outside the ring, Sestak goes for a Spear but he hits the barricade as Murkowski moves out of the way.  Charlie Crist over and whips Sestak into the steel steps.  Crist throws him back in the ring and Murkowski makes the cover…1…2…3.

ELIMINATED: Kendrick Meek and Joe Sestak

End Match Summary
…at 10:05…

Joe Miller (R)

…Joe Miller (R-Alaska) ran down and slid a chair into the ring.  Crist and Rubio fight over the chair.  Murkowski tries to help, but the crowd roars when…

‘The Alaskan Pitbull’ Sarah Palin (R)

…Sarah Palin raced to the ring.  Palin climbed up and leaped off the top rope before Charlie Crist could stop her and gave Murkowski a DDT through a table at ringside.  Rubio then dove off the top rope and landed on both Murkowski and Crist.  As Crist staggered back to the ring Pat Toomey gave him a flip knee to the back of his head and scored the three count.

WINNER: Marco Rubio (R-Fla) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa) @ 11:22

Johnny Suave inteviewed Lisa Murkowski from mid-ring.  The fans cheered Palin and Murkowski exploded.  She tells the crowd they weren’t with her before and she didn’t need the “f—in’ inbred morons tonight.”  Murkowski ripped on the fans in the cheap seats and said it’s unfortunate that the Republicans turned their back on her in Alaska to support Joe Miller.  Murkowski challenged Miller to a match at PCW Extreme Election Night.

The crowd didn’t react until Miller actually walked out, but when he did they popped.   Palin tried to stop Miller from confronting Murkowski but he shoved her aside.  Miller stared down Murkowski.


Backstage, the camera follows Triple R (D)…

Road Rage Randy (Triple R)

…who’s followed by the “One Man Hollywood A-List” Stone Chism (D) and Khalid- El (Axis of Evil) as he runs down the halls of Anderson Arena looking for Nancy Pelosi’s office.  They finally locate her deep in the bowels of the building and Triple R barges in.

Nancy Pelosi (D)

Pelosi: “FOR THE LAST TIME, WE ARE NOT LOSING THE LEADERSHIP OF THE  PCW COMPETITION COMMITTEE!”  She sees Triple R, etal in her office and slams down the phone.  Pelosi demands to know why the three are in her office.  Each one tries to talk over the other until Pelosi shouts for them to talk one at a time.  Triple R demands that Pelosi replace Jill Berg (R) in the PCW Title Match at Extreme Election Night with him.  Chism and Khalid-El also make the same request.  Pelosi explains that it’s totally out of her hands but she can do something for them.  Pelosi books Triple R vs. Stone Chism vs. Khalid-El next week in a Number One Contender’s match and the winner will face the winner of the Jill-Berg- Yamamoto Tanaka (D) match for the PCW Title after Extreme Election Night.

Triple R wants to know where Harry Reid (D-Nv) is.

In another part of the backstage area, Reid is carefully walking down the hall, checking both ways as he goes.  Suddenly, Sharron Angle (R-Nv) jumps him and they start brawling down the hallway.


‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido & Charlie Blackwell w/Kenzie Blair (I-American Heartland)

The International Hit Squad: Andy Golatta and Daniel-San w/Mrs. Miyagi (I)
Jack and Joe Schmidt w/Jim Schmidt and Hans Gruber- The Extreme German Schnauzer (Libertarian)

Elimination Rules apply.

…Golatta ducks a springboard moonsault but catches a spinning kick.  Jack Schmidt covers but Golatta powers out at two.  Golatta with a clothesline and some stomps.  Blackwell in for Escondido and hits some forearms.  Escondido snaps Jack’s neck off the mat before he leaves.  Blackwell makes the cover for two.  Blackwell hits a jawbreaker and a bridging suplex for two more.  Golatta goes for a back body drop but Blackwell wheel barrels his way out.  Jack goes for an armbar.  Golatta resists and misses a clothesline.  Blackwell rolls him up for two.  He nails a low dropkick but goes down to a shoulderblock by Jack.  Joe Schmidt tags in and drops Blackwell with a punch.  He ducks a clothesline and monkey flips Blackwell who lands on his feet.  Blackwell comes back with an armdrag but Joe hits a backbreaker.  Blackwell with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Joe. Golatta tags out to Daniel-San.  He attacks with a series of kicks and then rolls him up into the Cattle Mutilation.  Jack Schmidt climbs in and Blackwell drop toe holds him.  Joe Schmidt taps out…

ELIMINATED: Jack and Joe Schmidt (Libertarian)

…Escondido comes in and headbutts Daniel-San.  Escondido sends Daniel-San for the ride and he falls awkwardly through the middle ropes.  Blackwell walks over and sends him back in.  Escondido attacks with a chop.  He gets Daniel-San up into a Muscle Buster position and rams his shoulder into the turnbuckle.  Cover gets two.  Daniel-San comes back with kicks and Matrix’s out of the way out of a springboard kick from Escondido.    Daniel-San with a belly-to-belly.  He heads to the top and hits a missile dropkick.  Blackwell tags in but is hit with a double under-hook suplex for two.  An inverted suplex by Daniel-San gets him two more.  He drives Blackwell down to the mat and attempts a Cattle Mutilation but Escondido runs in and clubs him in the back.  This brings in Golatta.  Facebuster by Golatta on Escondido.  Daniel-San ducks a Blackwell clothesline and hits a bulldog for two more.  Daniel-San dropkicks Kenzie Blair off the apron and then climbs to the top.  Escondido crotches him and climbs up with him.  Daniel-San blocks and comes off the top rope with an over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver.  Suave: ‘HOLY CRAP!’   Daniel-San makes Blackwell tap to the Lebell Lock at the 17:51 mark.

WINNER: The International Hit Squad @ 17:51

Suave reminds everyone that PCW Extreme Election Night now has TEN matches!  He runs down the card again…

Alaska: Joe Miller (R) vs. Scott McAdam (D) vs. Lisa Murkowski (I)

Ohio: Lee Fisher (D) vs. Rob Portman (R)

Florida: Charlie Crist (I) vs. Marco Rubio (R) vs. Kendrick Meek (D)

Pennsylvania: Pat Toomey (R) vs. Joe Sestak (D)

Kentucky: Rand Paul (R) vs. Jack Conway (D)

Connecticut: Richard Blumenthal (D) vs. Linda McMahon (R)

California: Carly Fiorina (R) vs. Barbara Boxer (D)

Nevada: Harry Reid (D) vs. Sharron Angle (R)

PCW Tag Team Title Match: The Kings of Old School: Ricky Michaels/Marty Lane (D) vs. The International Hit Squad: Andy Golatta and Daniel-San (I)

PCW Title Match: Jill-Berg (R) vs. PCW Champion Yamamoto Tanaka (D)

AND Charlie Blackwell (I-American Heartland) gets married.

Crist, Rubio, and Meek in Preview Match Tonight on PCW

With fifteen days before PCW Extreme Election Night 2010, Extreme Political TV returns to the airwaves…

Florida Republican Marco Rubio teams up with Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania (R) to face off against Democrats Kendrick Meek (FLA) and Joe Sestak (PA) and Independent Charlie Crist (FLA) and a mystery contestant.

More fallout from the Bill O’Reilly, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg bru-ha-ha on the View last week.

Paige McGillicutty interviews the New York Times’s Maureen Dowd and former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino.

Independent Ken Worth- the American Trucker puts the PCW Television Title on the line against Democrat Jordan Metzger.

Triple R (D) vs. the Axis of Evil’s Khalid-El to determine the number one contender for the PCW title.

Main Event:
‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido and Charlie Blackwell (I-American Heartland) takes on the International Hit Squad: Andy Golatta and Daniel-San (I) and former two time PCW Tag Team Champions Jack and Joe Schmidt (Libertarian)

Catch all the action tonight on PCW Extreme Political TV

Bill O’Reilly Dust Up with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar at The View

With two and half weeks to go until PCW Extreme Election Night 2010, could we see an O’Reilly vs. Goldberg and Behar match?  Stay posted as both ladies have vowed to be at next Monday’s PCW Extreme Political TV.

Former PCW Wrestler Dr. Annabel Lecktor Debuts on HOW Last Night

(Courtesy of High Octane Wrestling)

Announcer guy: “And now it’s time to return to the Shelly Scott program.”

Shelly Scott, a bubbleheaded beach blonde, shuffles her notes.

Shelly Scott: “And welcome back to the Shelly Scott program.  I am Shelly Scott and next, we have a wrestler who’s about to debut on High Octane Wrestling here in Chicago.  Please welcome to the Shelly Scott program- Dr. Annabel ‘The Cannibal’ Lecktor and her handler FBI Special Agent Charlize Starling!”

Polite applause.  Starling leads Dr. Lecktor, wearing a mask and hands and arms tied up in a straitjacket, to the chairs.  Starling helps Dr. Lecktor down.

Shelly Scott: “Dr. Lecktor!  Welcome to the Shelly Scott program.”

Dr. Lecktor slowly turns and stares at the host.

Starling: “It’s okay, Shelly.  Dr. Lecktor can be very non-verbal at times.”

Shelly Scott: “I see.  This should make for a fascinating interview.

Dr. Lecktor: “Oh, now you’re just being rude.  I don’t like rude people.”

Shelly Scott: “I’m…I’m sorry, Dr. Lecktor.

Dr. Lecktor: “You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste. Good nutrition’s given you some length of bone, but you’re not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you, Shelly Scott? And that accent you’ve tried so desperately to shed: pure West Virginia.  And by the way, what is up with saying Shelly Scott every five seconds.  I know I’m on the Shelly Scott show.  The people watching know they’re watching the Shelly Scott show.  I know you’re Shelly Scott.  They know you’re Shelly Scott.  STOP SAYING SHELLY SCOTT EVERY FIVE SECONDS!”

Scott’s face is frozen in a frightened stare with her eyes wide open.

Charlize: “It’s okay.  She gets like that this time of the month.”

Shelly Scott: “O…okay…um…we’ll be back with Dr. Lecktor on the…um…this show…in a second.”

Tech. Director: “And we’re clear.”

Dr. Lecktor: “Good.  Whew!  Charlize can you pull this mask up?”  

Charlize pulls the mask up like a hockey goalie would. 

Dr. Lecktor: “Thanks.  Hey, can someone get me a drink?  I am parched.  Wow…this straitjacket is really making me sweat.”  She turns to a still stunned Shelly Scott.  “Hey, thanks for having me on the show.  It means a lot for a housewife like me to end up on a big time show like yours.”

Shelly Scott: “Y-you’re…a housewife?”

Dr. Lecktor: “In real life, yes.  I originally just did this wrestling gig as a way to make some extra money.  I actually worked at Political Championship Wrestling in the office and one night…”

Tech. Director: “Twenty seconds.”

Dr. Lecktor: “…they asked me if I wanted to play Dr. Lecktor at one of the shows.  Apparently, I had the right size and build they were looking for.  So I took the gig and made some extra cash on the side.”

Shelly Scott: “So…so now you’re doing this full time?”

Dr. Lecktor: “Yeah.  My husband lost his job and so someone has to bring home the ol’ bacon.  He’s on unemployment and such but that doesn’t remotely make up for the loss of income.  So, I had some contacts in the industry with me working at PCW and…”

Tech. Director: “Ten seconds.”

Dr. Lecktor: “…I called in a couple favors and wall-lah.  Here I am.”

Tech. Director: “Five…four…three…two…one.”  He points at Shelly.

Shelly Scott: “Hello and welcome back to the Shelly Scott show.  I’m Shelly Scott and with me is-”

Dr. Lecktor: “You’re doing it again.”

Shelly Scott: “Ah…doing what?”

Dr. Lecktor: “Saying you’re name every five seconds.  It’s annoying.”

Shelly Scott: “Um…o-kay.  Dr. Lecktor, we were talking off air about how you got into wrestling and you told me this great story about-”

Dr. Lecktor: “After your father’s murder, you were orphaned. You were ten years old. You went to live with cousins in a small village along a small waterway by the Tashkowaski Dam, built in 1931 as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s WPA inititiative to provide jobs to those who were thrown out of work during the Great Depression.”

Shelly Scott: “Yes, Dr. Lecktor, that’s correct.  Now, if we can get back to-”

Dr. Lecktor: “Your cousins lived in a ramshackle cabin made of cheap wood and you could hear everything.  You could hear the water running.  You could hear your cousin snoring.  You could even hear your aunt and uncle doing their reenactment of William T. Sherman’s march through Georgia at two o’clock in the morning.”

Shelly Scott: “Yes…yes…that’s true.  But-”

Dr. Lecktor: “Then one day, a knock developed in two of the dam’s water driven turbines and the loud noise from the engines allowed you to sleep in peace at night without having to hear the water running, your cousin snoring, or your aunt screaming out ‘ravage me,’ ‘pillage me’ at the top of her lungs at two o’clock in the morning.”

Shelly Scott: “Y-yes.  I was finally able to get a good night’s sleep.”  (she whispers out of the side of her mouth)  “Your mask is up.”

Charlize quickly reaches across and puts the mask back down.

Dr. Lecktor: “Sorry.  Now, where was I?  Oh yes.  But then, dear Shelly, engineers repaired the knocking sound coming from the turbines by putting in a new efficient, state of the art turbine engine that made no sound at all.  It was quite a tramautic experience for you, wasn’t it?”

Shelly Scott: “Y-yes…it was.”

Dr. Lecktor: “And what was it, Shelly.  What was it that made your life a living hell for years as you lived with the sound of water running, you cousin snoring, and your aunt crying out “I’m burning, I’m burning,” and your uncle replying “I’ve tried to put on more lubrication dear but it’s not working!”

Shelly appears to be on the verge of tears.

Shelly Scott: “It was…the silence.  The…silence of the dams.”

Tech. Director: “Okay, we’re in commercial.”

Dr. Lecktor: “So anyways, with my husband out of work, he stays home with my three children: Allie, Jenna, and Sam.  He’s not very good at grocery shopping yet even though I try to put together a list of things to buy.  He’s good at making pizza and burgers but the kids shouldn’t eat that every day, right Charlize?”

Charlize: “Absolutely.”

Tech. Director: “Ten seconds!”

Shelly Scott: “Oh, no…”

Dr. Lecktor: “I do call my kids every night I’m in Chicago.  Thankfully, I can drive home on weekends to see my husband so this hasn’t put too much of a strain on our marriage…”

Tech. Director: “Five…four…three…two…one.”

Shelly Scott: “Okay.  We’re back.  I’m Shelly Scott.  This is Shelly Scott show.”

Dr. Lecktor: “Hello Clarice.”

Shelly Scott: “My name is Shelly.”

Dr. Lecktor: “I know because you keep saying it EVERY FIVE SECONDS!”  She starts to sniff as if she smells something.  “Are you…wearing perfume?”

Shelly Scott: “Yes.”

Dr. Lecktor: “May I?”  She takes Shelly’s arm and sniffs it up and down.  “Hmmm, your arm would go nicely with some fava beans and a nice chianti.  I do wish we could chat longer, but…it’s time to have a new friend for dinner.”

Dr. Lecktor leaps on top of Scott who lets out a high-pitched, blood-curdling scream.  Charlize tries to pull her off.


The show cuts away quickly to commercial…

1/29-PCW Newsline: Huge Week for the ‘Innovator of Extreme Broadcast Excellence’ Rush Limbaugh, Post PCW Extreme Political TV Notes, BWE Preview

1/29- PCW NEWSLINE-‘The Innovator of Extreme Broadcast Excellence’ Rush Limbaugh and the ‘Queen of Political Extreme’ Ann Coulter come out to say ‘we told you so.’ They accuse John McCain of destroying the American Patriots and rail against the ‘socialism’ that Barack Obama allegedly wants to bring to PCW. Obama walks out and tells Limbaugh to choose a wrestler and there will be a match on next week’s PCW Extreme Political TV.


-Dave the Mechanic (Joe SixPacks) pins Snott Flemmstein (Jobbers) after whapping him with Tequila Sheila’s blender. After the match, Dr. Bill rolls out with the other PCW jobbers and they all attack Dave. Kevin Scott, Average Joe, American Trucker, and PCW Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl Tessa Martin come to the rescue for Joe SixPacks.

-The Schett Brothers deliver a promo and tell PCW Tag Team Champions Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit (Domination Inc.) that they can run but they can hide.

-Quadruple R (Domination Inc.) annihilates Average Joe (Joe SixPacks) after DDT’g him on a chair. No interference at all from Domination Inc.

-Kalee Jones- The Eskimo Queen with Elisabeth Hasselbeck from ‘The View’ in her corner (American Patriots) quashes an injured Code Pink with Joy Behar (Progressive Alliance), also from ‘The View’, with the Eskimo Pieface. Post match, Hasselbeck and Behar catfight which brings out the Angry Left Wing Bloggers and, in turn, Politically Incorrect. The referee calls for the bell and it’s an impromptu 8 man tag team match

-Politically Incorrect (Al Cahall, Nic Koteen, NRA, and Hunter the Hunter) w/the ‘Queen of Political Incorrectness’ Andrea Doria defeat the Angry Left Wing Bloggers (Daily Kos, Eric Alterman, Media Matters for America, and News Hounds) w/Professor Paul Krugman in a brutal, extreme tag team war when NRA blasts Daily Kos in the head with the butt end of a shotgun.

-Rush Limbaugh chooses Quadruple R from Domination Inc. to be his representative next week against PCW Champion O’Beck Bahama.

-Rush Limbaugh seemed very pleased with how the night went. It is not clear right now if he is officially going to align himself, and quite possibly the American Patriots, with Domination Inc. The word going around is that Limbaugh, for lack of anyone else stepping up, is more or less the de facto leader of the American Patriots right now. Could the American Patriots be headed for conflict between the Limbaugh wing and the McCain wing?

-On the other hand, PCW CEO Barack Obama and the Progressive Alliance are very nervous about the match. Quadruple R probably has the most talent of any wrestler on the PCW roster but his emotions have tended to get the better of him. PCW Champion O’Beck Bahama continues to improve rapidly with the help of former PCW Champion Justin Sufferable but if Quadruple R has his head together and can keep in control, this could be Bahama’s toughest title defense in his short reign as champion.

-The story about how the rest of the PCW Jobbers (Snott Flemmstein, Jimmy from So Cal, signed up with self-help guru Dr. Bill is this: given the success FUBAR (now Kevin Scott) and SNAFU has had under Dr. Bill’s tutelage, the whole lot of them showed up in his office last week and begged him to help them out.

-The Schett Brothers are itching to get their hands on Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit. Several members of the Progressive Alliance had to stop them from crashing Domination Inc’s suite Tuesday night and going after the PCW Tag Team Champions.

-After having her fur coat burned up at the hands of Peta from PETA, ‘The Queen of Political Correctness’ Andrea Doria went coat shopping earlier today. She promises to have a brand new coat on next week on PCW Extreme Political TV.

Check out our good friends over at Blog Wrestling Entertainment for BWE Throwdown.
MAIN EVENT: fragnoli vs mojomike: This is more than just two legendary bloggers going at it. There are stipulations in this match to go along with bragging rights. If fragnoli wins this match, he’ll be back in the BWE Championship picture in a Triple Threat bout involving mojomike and Mo Morrissey at No Recovery! If mojomike wins, fragnoli can never challenge either Mo or Mojomike for the BWE Championship.


PCW WORLD CHAMPION: ‘The New Rookie Sensation’ O’Beck Bahama (Progressive Alliance)

#1- Kevin Scott (Joe Sixpacks)
#2- ‘The Angry Highway Warrior’ Quadruple R (Domination, Inc.)
PCW WOMEN’S CHAMPION: Kathryn Randall Collins (Domination, Inc.)
#1- ‘PCW Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl Tessa Martin (Joe Sixpacks)
#2- Kalee Jones- The Eskimo Queen (American Patriots)
PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit (Domination, Inc.)
#1- Schett Brothers- Jack Schett and Bull Schett (Progressive Alliance)#2- A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb (American Patriots)
PCW TELEVISION CHAMPION: ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido (Progressive Alliance)CONTENDERS:
#1- Dave the Mechanic (Joe Sixpacks)
#2- SNAFU (Independent)
2/2- PCW Newsline
2/3- PCW Extreme Political TV
2/6- PCW Newsline
2/9- PCW Newsline
2/10- PCW Extreme Political TV
2/13- PCW Newsline
2/16- PCW Newsline
2/17- PCW Extreme Political TV

1/27- PCW Extreme Political TV: Rush Limbaugh Challenges PCW CEO Barack Obama, Politically Incorrect vs. The Angry Left Wing Bloggers
1/26- PCW Newsline: Domination Inc. Board Meeting, ‘Hardball’ Chris Matthews and Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter Attack Sarah Palin
1/22- PCW Newsline: PCW Night of Champions Results, Obama Takes Oath of Office Again, Rahm Emanuel Named Progressive Alliance Wrestling Leader
1/20- PCW Night of Champions- Hour 2: Rahm Emanuel aka…Rahmbo Debuts, O’Beck Bahama Retains PCW Title, George W. Leaves For the Final Time
1/20- PCW Night of Champions- Hour 1: Barack Obama Assumes PCW CEO Post, Sarah Palin and the Eskimo Queen vs. Keith Olbermann, Arianna Huffington, and Paul Krugman, Domination Inc. Gives is Given Ultimatum
1/19- PCW Newsline: Keith Olbermann, Arianna Huffington, and Professor Paul Krugman Attack Sarah Palin Yet Again, Politically Incorrect Returns, PCW Night of Champions Preview
1/17- Sarah Palin Models the New PCW Jersey
1/15- PCW Newsline: Recap of PCW Extreme Political TV, PCW Competition Committee to Close Loophole Found by Domination Inc., Looking Back at George W’s Reign Over PCW
1/13- PCW Extreme Political TV: Keith Olbermann and Arianna Huffington Vow to Destroy Sarah Palin, Code Pink Debuts, American Patriots Leadership Candidates Meet with What’s Left of the American Patriots
1/12- PCW Newsline: Keith Olbermann and Professor Paul Krugman Attack Sarah Palin Again at PCW House Show, Domination Inc. Board Meeting, Preview of 1/13- PCW Extreme Political TV
1/8- PCW Newsline: PCW Owners Bubba Jackson and DeWayne Cantrell, Keith Olbermann Attacks Sarah Palin at PCW House Show

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck vs. Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, & Sherri Shepherd-The View Handicap Match-Special Referee Barbara Walters

vs. ELISABETH HASSELBECK (American Patriots)

Suave: “All right then. This is our special added attraction match.” The bell rings. Hasselbeck and Goldberg to begin. Suave: “I also question how ‘fair’ Barbara Walters is going to be in refereeing this match. Hasselbeck starts fast. She slams Goldberg down and lays the boots to her. Side headlock. Shepherd in to help Goldberg escape. Goldberg gets a leg trip and then an arm bar. Tag to Shepherd. Double ax smash and drop toehold. Hasselbeck whipped into the ropes. A shoulder block by Shepherd and then a cover for 2. A very quick 2 count. Hasselbeck momentarily glares at Walters and allows Shepherd to work her arm, tag to Goldberg and she continues works the arm. Hasselbeck reserves, Goldberg kicks her and then stun guns her off the ropes. Whip back into the corner and Hasselbeck gets mugged by both Behar and Shepherd. Spinning kick by Goldberg. She slams Hassebeck’s head to the mat repeatedly and then tags in Behar. Double team elbow drop to Hasselbeck and then Behar slaps a choke hold on her. Goldberg hits with kicks to Hasselbeck. Now Shepherd in and they triple team her. Hasselbeck sent to the corner. Shepherd goes for the splash. Hasselbeck moves. Behar eats a big boot. Hasselbeck throws her through the ropes to the floor. Goldberg and Hasselbeck trade shots. Hasselbeck off the ropes and charges. Shoulder block. Hasselbeck covers. 1…………2…… Shepherd finally pulls Hasselbeck off. Suave: “OH, COME ON!”

Behar back in. She ties Hasselbeck up and then puts her in the STF. Walters asks Hasselbeck if she wants to quit. Hasselbeck screams no. Behar cinches it in even more. Walters asks her again. Same result. Behar releases the hold and Hasselbeck slumps to the canvas. Behar pulls her back up by the hair. Hasselbeck is woozy and wobbly. Suave: “Just end it already.” Pancake slam. Behar covers. Goldberg covers. Shepherd covers. Quick 3 count by Walters. Match over.


Suave: “Well, considering it was three against one…actually…four against one if you count Barbara Walters…I thought Elisabeth held her-…HOLY CRAP! THEY’RE NOT DONE YET!” Goldberg and Shepherd hold Hasselbeck up. Behar slaps her and starts jawing. Behar slaps her again. She puts Hasselbeck back in the STF. Suave: “THAT’S ENOUGH! THAT’S ENOUGH!” Behar releases the hold. Goldberg and Shepherd drape her over the top rope and start choking her out. Suave: “YOU’VE WON THE MATCH. LEAVE HER-” A deafening cheer erupts. Suave: “IT’S SARAH PALIN!” The Alaskan Pitbull charges to the ring with her hockey stick. Immediately, Goldberg and Shepherd bail out of the ring leaving Behar behind. Crowd: “SARAH’S GOING TO KILL YOU! (clap clap clap-clap-clap) SARAH’S GOING TO KILL YOU! (clap clap clap-clap-clap) *THWACK* Suave: “HOLY CRAP! PALIN NAILS BEHAR WITH THE HOCKEY STICK!” Behar’s stunned and stumbles right back into Palin’s wheelhouse. *THWACK* Palin connects a second time and sends Behar over the top rope, pinwheeling to the floor. Suave: “SARAH PALIN CLEANS HOUSE!”

Barbara Walters helps Behar to the back. Palin attends to Hasselbeck.

Dr. Bill: “FUBAR, when I took you in June of this year, I took in a broken man. A man who’d been an abject failure. I took you in and nourished you, gave you the benefit of my vast knowledge and wisdom. How do you repay me? By leaving me out of the MOST IMPORTANT MATCH OF YOUR LIFE! YOU’D BETTER LISTEN TO DR. BILL BECAUSE DR. BILL IS LISTENING TO YOU! AND I HEAR SOMEONE WHO’S UNGRATEFUL. SOMEONE WHO THINKS HE KNOWS THE QUICKEST WAY BETWEEN A AND B. LET ME TELL YOU FUBAR, THE QUICKEST WAY FROM A TO B IS NOT ALWAYS AT THE MOST FEVERISH PACE! I GOT YOU THE PCW TELEVISION TITLE! AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET. (takes deep breath) FUBAR, a wise man once said ‘the most you get is what you ask for,’ actually, I said that. You’ve asked for it, FUBAR. Life’s a marathon; not a sprint. You’ll see soon enough why I did the things I did for you. To protect you and your meager talent…………….and you know that, FUBAR. But as another wise man once said…actually, I’ll admit it- I said that one too, awareness without action is worthless. And failure is no accident.”

Suave: All right, Dr. Bill there venting because PCW Television Champion FUBAR is defending his title for the first time without him in his corner against ‘No Frill’s Chris Escondido.”

9/30- PCW EXTREME POLITICAL TV: After FUBAR defeats Michael Hunt, a swinging neckbreaker by Escondido lays out the TV champ. Again, Escondido runs down FUBAR as a ‘glorified jobber’ and ‘talent enhancement.’ Escondido demands a title shot but Dr. Bill says no. Dean and Escondido then assault Dr. Bill but then the Jobbers aka Talent Enhancement run out. Jimmy from So Cal, the Jim Rome Clone wannabe come to his aid.

10/14- PCW EXTREME POLITICAL TV: FUBAR defeats Halitosis when Dr. Bill directly interferes and helps him win. Escondido tells FUBAR that he can’t beat him without Dr. Bill. Escondido: “You’re nothing without Dr. Bill.” Escondido leaves an anxious FUBAR looking at Dr. Bill.
10/21- PCW EXTREME POLITICAL TV: FUBAR wrestling the Jim Rome Clone wannabe, Jimmy from So Cal. FUBAR in control of match. Dr. Bill, though, still whaps Jimmy in the head with his clipboard. Escondido comes out again and demands his title shot. Dr. Bill tells Escondido ‘there’s no way in hell he’s getting a title match.’
10/28- PCW EXTREME POLITICAL TV: Dr. Bill interferes again in FUBAR’s match against Richard Headd. Escondido gets on the mic but FUBAR snaps and goes off on him. FUBAR accepts Escondido’s challenge and told Dr. Bill that he was going this one alone.”

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